When and How To Use Window Candles With Timers In Your Home

Window sills often go ignored when it comes to décor, and they continue to remain bare. But with just a little bit of creativity, you can transform your window sill into a gorgeous focal point. This article covers window candles with timers as the primary way to decorate your window spaces and then gives other ideas to help you decorate this often forgotten spot!

Here are some ideas that will hopefully inspire your creative side:

Decor Ideas and Tips For Using Window Candles With Timers

We often don’t decorate our window sills, but for those with big displays and who want to add a little coziness and class, window candles and timers might be the perfect place to start. Read on for some of our tips to help make your windows look beautiful, both inside and out!

Window Candles With Timers

People love the vibe candles give to a room, but they are a fire hazard, and forgetting to blow them out or placing them near curtains can result in such disaster that you would never want to risk it. However, you can add window candles with timers to your window sills that have a flame just like a real candle, and they will turn off automatically, courtesy of the timer installed. At Battery Operated Candles, they have a huge display of window candles that you will love:

Reading Corner

If your window has a wall on one side, you could extend the window sill, add extended seating, a few cushions, and a throw. Then, in the end, you have the perfect space to settle in and read while sipping your hot chocolate at night or take a breather with your hot coffee in the morning and take in nature before starting a busy day.


Depending upon the season, if your window sill is wide enough, you can add flowers in a vase or pine tree branches in a wicker basket. The sight of flowers on a window sill looks heavenly to passers-by.


If you don’t want to constantly get new flowers for vases and don’t have a green thumb to keep other plants available, you can get a cactus. They are such amazing ones available out there that look gorgeous and require so much less maintenance. Just be careful if you have kids in the house; you don’t want them getting pricked.

Family Treasure

Window sills can simply be used as shelves to display the achievements and prized possessions of your family. It could be new art and craft that your child created or a new trophy they won, or framed pictures of your family. You could finish the look with a miniature plant on the side and add a pop of color and life to the decor.


During fall, pumpkins, cinnamon rocks, and leaves are a perfect addition to a window sill to add that pop of color and festivity.


For the window in your child’s room or playroom, you can decorate it with toys. Lego figured or train sets or soft toys; it’s a view children love to wake up to.


You could add fresh fruits right in the middle of your kitchen window sill, so you don’t forget to eat them and stick to your healthy diet.


You could add lanterns of different colors and sizes to a window sill and even place a battery-operated candle to give the room an iridescent glow after sunset.

Decorating your window doesn’t need to be extravagant and expensive. You can do easy DIY décor with plants or lanterns or even window candles with timers. No matter which décor you choose, it will add elegance to your room. Start with BatteryOperatedCandles.com. They have plenty of excellent window display ideas and decor products that will help you spruce up every room in the house, including your outdoor spaces. 

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