5 Reasons To Love Solar Candles

Candles have the ability to make any setting more lovely. For example, they may make your house seem cozier and add a beautiful touch to outdoor areas. For thousands of years, wick-based candles have been popular. On the other hand, solar and battery-operated candles are quickly gaining popularity.

Let’s look at some reasons why you need to buy solar candles this year.

Solar Candles — Are They Worth The Hype?

Solar candles may be the ideal answer if you’re tired of replacing batteries or purchasing new candles because they burn down. Let’s go through all the benefits of buying solar candles from Battery Operated Candles.

Solar Candles Are Safer

The first and most important benefit of solar candles is their safety. Solar candles operate on solar power, so they do not require to be relit numerous times as traditional candles do. In addition, these candles don’t even include wicks. Gone are the days when you have to worry about the candle melting and wax getting all over your home.

Solar candles are also safer than regular ones. Solar candles do not produce a flame, so they can be left unattended or overnight without the risk of igniting. Because candles are one of the leading causes of house fires, this is a very important feature.

They Keep Smoke Out Of The Air

Although it may not appear like it at first, ordinary candles produce a considerable quantity of soot while they are burning. Over time, this soot can coat your home’s walls and furniture, leaving them unsightly. In addition, the smoke from candles can damage your air quality. This might be an issue if you have infants or people with asthma living with you.

Decorative candles are often kept on top of tables at parties or used as centerpiece decorations. These are an excellent alternative because they provide a simple light source that does not produce soot. You may use them as frequently as you like without worrying about soot getting all over your home.

Solar Candles Are Highly Durable

When you charge the lithium battery in sunlight for 6 hours, it will last up to seven hours. Solar candles are not only waterproof but they’re also made of durable plastic. Solar candles may be charged daily and have a lifespan of more than four years if charged regularly.

You may leave your candles outside during parties, and if you forget to return them in, it’s no big deal. We make our candles intending to last for years and work for you.

They Are An Eco-Friendly Lighting Option

A traditional, flame-based candle generates 10 to 16 grams of carbon dioxide every hour while burning. For example, a paraffin lamp that operates for four hours each day will produce 100 kg of carbon dioxide over the course of a year, whereas a burning wax candle creates 25 kilograms per year.

On the other hand, solar candles produce or release no carbon dioxide. They are a green alternative. You’ll never have to worry about plugging in your solar candles or how much power they’re using. They get their energy from the sun!

Solar Candles Are Inexpensive

Another benefit of solar candles that entices consumers to switch is that they are cost-effective. It’s not simply the initial price. The benefits you get from them might be incredible.

You can have your rooms lit for more than 1000 hours on a single set of batteries. Furthermore, you won’t need a lighter or matches, there are no cleaning requirements for the holders or glasses, and you don’t have to worry about any mess after the candle burns down. All of this adds up to significant cost savings for solar candle users.

They last for years, and they come in various designs, so you won’t have to go out and purchase new candles every time there’s a unique occasion. In addition, their traditional appearance fits with most themes, so you won’t need to go out more often to obtain more décor alternatives.

When To Use Solar Candles

When it comes to decorating your outdoor environment, there are several compelling reasons to utilize solar candles or battery-operated candles. Hanging lanterns provide a feeling of warmth that makes any outside gathering or dinner an occasion. Additionally, a few lights installed outside of your control might spruce up your backyard or outdoor patio without worrying about turning them on and off.

At Battery Operated Candles, we carry an extensive range of fantastic lighting alternatives that run during the day and give a warm glow to your home or yard as night falls. But, of course, the best time to use solar candles is when you want to add ambiance to any outdoor event, including weddings, dinner parties, anniversary parties, and so much more.

Solar candles, in particular, are a great addition to any theme or style. So don’t let the warm weather months pass without adding solar candles to your outdoor decor collection. Our lighting choices are not only safe but also inexpensive and elegant, making them ideal for virtually any occasion.

Get Solar Candles From Battery Operated Candles

Solar candles will become available in a variety of forms and sizes, so you’ll be set this year. This implies that you should be able to discover solar candles to match every scenario or setting. Check out Battery Operated Candles if you’re looking for high-quality solar candles to brighten your house for a party.

We have everything you need for your deck or patio, from flameless candles to stunning LED trees and centerpieces. We also provide bulk discounts on many items. So we know we’ll be able to offer something you like no matter what event you’re planning.

We provide an excellent variety of solar candles that will undoubtedly make every occasion feel unique. Please have a look at our website to view some of the different solar candles we have available. Also, do you have any queries regarding our candles or need assistance placing an order? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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