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We are the Flameless Candle Experts, pioneering the space in 2006. You will find the largest selection of quality Battery Operated Candles anywhere. Whether you need a few candles for your home or 100's for your business or event, we are your trusted source.

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Our True Flicker® Battery Operated Candles capture the elegance of wax candles in a flameless, everlasting battery candle. Flameless LED battery candles come in all popular shapes, sizes, and fragrances Exclusive to us True Flicker® Technology promises you beautiful battery candles with wicks which continuously vary their random fluctuations mimicking the behavior of fire burning candles. True Flicker® bulbs utilize state of the art microchips which mimic the playful flickering of fire- creating dips and surges of brightening intensity just like the behavior seen in fire flaming wicks. True Flicker® bulbs are rated over 100,000 hours of usage. Calming and fragrant our everlasting battery candles come in a wide assortment of scents, colors, shapes and styles. Our battery candles are expertly crafted of 100% real wax. Choose from pillars; both round and square in popular sizes, colors and fragrances. We also carry battery powered tapers, candles with timers and unique hand-fashioned geometrics. A wide assortment of flameless tea lights and LED votives are also available. Many of our customers have already discovered how stunningly a pair of battery lit candle sconces can transform any room or lend interest and character to the wall of a stairwell. Flameless everlasting battery candles can be placed anywhere you choose without the natural concerns about children and pets.

Candles in your windows make a wonderful welcome and what could be smarter for patios and decks than the wind-proof addition of battery candles? With your favorite fragrances, romantic illumination and the wonderful ambience of 100% wax candles you can turn any room into a cozy retreat. And, when you're struggling to catch a few restful moments, there's little to equal a candlelight bath. Everlasting battery wax candles look every bit as elegant as wick burning candles, and, because they leave no soot or wax fumes behind they're healthy for everyone. Freed from the spirals of soot and the irritation of fumes you can enjoy True Flicker® battery candles hour after hour, night every night for only pennies a day. Decorate with style, with freedom from fire there's no need to worry about damage to materials and cherished designs.

Everlasting battery powered candles offer unparalleled safety and they're money savers too. Take advantage of our Wholesale Quantity Discounts and you'll save even more. And you won't need to worry about burning up your investment either. Even after several hundred hours your battery candle will only need a fresh battery or two.Votives and tea lights work on smaller batteries and need changing a little more often.(See product pages for specifics) As you look through our site you'll find oodles and oodles of interesting candles. Some candles have timers, others surprise with color changing patterns, majestic luminaries, towering cathedral pillars and our always low prices on the ever useful tealights. We offer battery candles to match any need, something just perfect for every occasion, and, the greatest idea in candles since wax- Fire-safe True Flicker® LED Battery Candles.