Unique Flameless Taper Candles That Will Spruce Up Your Home Or Event

Wick candles have been popular for thousands of years. However, these are quickly being replaced with flameless alternatives like flameless taper candles. These candles are safer than ordinary ones with a wick and require less effort to use. However, many people are reluctant to purchase them because they believe they will not offer the same qualities as a real candle.

Let’s look at some great flameless taper candles that can outdo ordinary candles and make your home or next event look special.

Flameless Taper Candles That You Will Love

You already know that tapered candles look amazing on the windowsill, on the dining table, and even on the mantle. So if you want the classic and elegant look of flameless tapered candles but don’t want the dripping wax, danger, or smoke, you’ve come to the right place. We sell a wide range of battery-operated tapered candles that include timers, so you don’t have to worry about anything, including turning them off at the end of the night!

Read on as we describe some of our most popular flameless taper candles.

Battery Operated Red Taper Candle

Many people avoid colored candles because the melted wax often stains the surfaces it drips onto. However, you may still be interested in getting candles in bold colors. These battery-operated red taper candles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for candles with a striking red color.

These candles would be perfect for an intimate indoor dinner with your loved one or to simply add a bit more color to your home.

12 Inch Battery Operated Ivory Taper

If you are looking for a battery-operated candle where the electric “flame” isn’t directly visible, these 12 Inch Battery Operated Ivory Taper candles are for you. They come with a melted edge look to give them a more realistic appearance. They also feature a 6-hour timer so that you can leave them on before going to bed at night.

These candles would be perfect for a dresser or a bathroom shelf. They add a nice touch of warmth to any indoor setting.

Color Select Plus Color Changing Hand Held 6 Inch LED Candle

If you want to add a bit of color to your home or next event, these Color Select Plus Color Changing Hand Held 6 Inch LED candles are perfect for you. Their LED morphs between 7 colors and also offer the option of a steady color. 

These candles are great for your child’s birthday, concerts, or just a simple cocktail party at home. 

Clip-On Christmas Tree Taper Candles

Are you thinking of making your next holiday season a bit more special? Then these Clip On Christmas Tree Taper Candles are perfect for you. These candles feature clips for easy attachment to your Christmas tree branches. They also come with a handy remote that allows you to control their brightness and flicker rate.

The light from these candles can add a cozy feel to your home’s Christmas setting. So make your next Christmas party a hit with these amazing candles.

Where Can I Buy Flameless Taper Candles?

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