Great Holiday Gifts From Battery Operated Candles For Your Family And Friends

At Battery Operated Candles, we share the love of Christmas with the help of our decorations, ornaments, and candles. We have many products for our Christmas customers that make the best gifts for friends and family. If you are looking for holiday gifts from battery operated candles, have a look at some of our best offerings.

Best Christmas Holiday Gifts From Battery Operated Candles

Christmas is a time of celebration, where we enjoy good conversations and food with our family and friends. To express our affection to our loved ones during the holiday season and show them how much we care, we give them gifts that express our love. 

Those gifts become even more meaningful when they are filled with the Christmas spirit. Here are the holiday gifts from Battery Operated Candles that your family and friends will love:

Animated Christmas Decorations

If your friends have kids who love holiday decorations, then here is a present that they will love. You can gift animated Christmas decor to your family or friends as a way to kick off the holiday season. 

At Battery Operated Candles, we have a fantastic collection of animated Christmas decor, and some of them are so stunning that you’ll buy them for yourself too! Some of our best-selling animated Christmas decorations are musical winter ski village, sugar plum ballerina with white water lantern, and holiday snow village with Santa and his reindeer. 

Lighted Wall Art

While a traditional canvas piece makes an excellent Christmas gift, we take it up a notch at Battery Operated Candles and light our canvas prints with LEDs. A perfect blend of light and art that you can give as a gift to a loved one for Christmas.

Lighted canvas art pieces are among the most popular holiday gifts from Battery Operated Candles. Our customers mostly buy snowy canvas art of different sizes ranging from a 6-inch art piece of dogs watching Santa to a 24-inch Christmas tree orchard canvas print. 

Christmas Figurines and LED Trees

Let’s agree on the fact that Christmas decorations do make the best Christmas gifts! You have so many options to choose from that you won’t have to buy the same gift for your family members and friends. With our holiday product collection at Battery Operated Candles, you can keep them unique with various Christmas decorations. 

From the many holiday products we offer, we recommend Christmas figurines and LED trees for gifts. Our collection of figures is genuinely unique. We have red plaid deers, shelf-sitter gnomes, and scarf-wearing polar bears in different sizes. Explore our page to check out more figurines for your family and friends, and maybe for yourself too! 

As for the LED trees, they are a great addition to any house’s Christmas decorations. As if adding a bit more light to the festive season! Our collection includes varying LED tree sizes and shapes. Some of our best-sellers are a 3-foot pinecone tree, a 6-foot maple tree, and an 8-foot birch tree. 

Visit the Battery Operated Candles website and pick the best gift for your family and friends before the holiday season. Happy shopping! 

Why People Love Battery Operated Candles For Christmas

There are so many reasons why people turn to Battery Operated Candles during the holidays. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to browse through some of our most popular Christmas decorations and assorted items for the holiday season, but besides being adorable, there are plenty of reasons why they become a go-to this time of year.

Battery Operated Means No Fire Hazard

Do you have a big family with lots of small children and pets running around? Then you’ll likely want to avoid lighting candles during a big family celebration. Instead, with battery operated options, simply turn them on and enjoy the warm ambiance that comes with candles, but without the risk of anyone knocking them over or lighting a fire. 

If these fall over, you simply pick them up! 

Lasts For A Lifetime

With proper care, the items you purchase from us this season can last a lifetime. Everything on our site is made to be durable and long-lasting. Simply replace the batteries when they run out, and you’re good to go! 

We also make plenty of items that are made to last outdoor too, so you can rest assured your items won’t fade in the sun or get damaged due to inclement weather.

Many Items Come With A Timer

Do you often forget to unplug or blow out candles or your lighting sources? Wake up in the morning annoyed that your candle burned down too low? 

With some of our fantastic holiday decorations and battery-operated candle options, you can set a timer so that your candles and lit decorations turn off whenever you’re ready. Plus, we even have remotes that go with many of the display sets, so you can quickly and easily turn them on and off with little to no hassle.


Now that you’ve seen our list of some of our holiday gifts from battery-operated candles, we hope you’ll be inspired to browse through our site and make a list of your favorite items. 

Check out our holiday sale options first, and then branch out til you find the perfect gift idea – whether it’s for yourself or your friends and family. The possibilities are nearly endless, and we’re confident you’ll find something for everyone!

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