Battery Operated Christmas Candles and Decor Ideas

If you want to spice up your Christmas decorations from last year or just want to add something new to your Christmas decorations, we offer some amazing DIY decoration ideas.

These Christmas decoration ideas use our battery-operated Christmas candles and other decorations. They are easy to use, fun, and quite festive for the holiday season. Of course, our ideas will allow you to create your own unique decorations as well. 

Use our lighting ideas as intended, or let your imagination run wild with battery-operated Christmas candles and decoration ideas of your own. 

The Best Battery-Operated Christmas Candles For 2021

Out of all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas is one of the best times of the year to let your creativity and festive spirit show. Are you obsessed with finding the perfect holiday lights and getting into the holiday spirit with baking and crafts? There are so many ways you can decorate for the season and give your home a fresh new look for a month or two. 

From table decorations to candles you can place on the mantle to the front porch knick-knacks that stand out, Battery Operated Candles has everything you need to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home. Read on for some simple ideas to help you get started or at least help you stock up for the upcoming holidays.

Simplux LED Designer Candle

These are beautiful candle-shaped lights that perfectly capture the essence of regular candles. The body is cylindrical in shape and contains a battery pack. The light is an open flame-shaped LED light that rests at the top of the candle.

It flickers and twinkles bright, giving the perfect impression of candlelight. Unlike standard lights that have a risk of fire, these lights are completely safe and convenient to use.

Uyuni Gold Christmas Tree Candle

The Uyuni Christmas Tree Candles will bring the real Christmas spirit into your home. The Christmas tree shape makes these candles a beautiful attraction that your guests will love and admire. You can place them on the counter or hang them from the ceiling in any way that you like.

The natural wax surface gives them an added ambiance and a touch of authenticity.

22.5-inch Flickering Flame Candle

If you are looking for large, noticeable lights, then the 22.5-inch flickering flame candles will do the trick. You can put them on the counter or even on the floor next to the Christmas tree. Turn the lights off and enjoy the cool ambiance offered by these massive candles.

They are completely safe and come in multiple colors red, white and Candycane stripes.

The Glowing Wick Candles

The entire candle has a bright flaming bulb at the top that creates a magical glow for your Christmas tree decorations. These candles come in a set of 12, and they are only 2 inches tall, making them ideal for placement anywhere you want.

The candles come in multiple colors, including red, green, yellow, white, and blue.

Mini Square Wax Gift Boxes Candles

These battery-operated candles are versatile. The flame-style light is packed inside the box. You can easily tie them on the Christmas tree with the other decorations. They will light up the tree with small gift boxes hanging all around for a spectacular display. 

High-Quality Christmas Lights

At Battery-Operated Candles, we have a plethora of fantastic string lights that are perfect for the holiday season. So ditch the generic and cheap lights at your local retail store and opt for Christmas string lights that will last whether you use them outside your home or as internal decorations. 

We have light-up garland options too to add a little extra something to your home or office, or holiday event. Browse through some of our popular and affordable lighting options here.


The flameless, battery-operated Christmas candles have become very popular for decorations during the holiday seasons. They are completely safe, very stylish, and provide an unmatched ambiance to light up your Christmas tree. 

You can find them at our store and order for home delivery right now. No matter your personality style, there is something for everyone is on our extensive collection of battery-operated Christmas Candles and decor.

Browse through some of our most popular Christmas collections here:

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