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10 Best Lantern Candle Decorating Ideas For The Summer

Looking to redecorate your space this summer? Lanterns are a great home decor staple that you should absolutely be utilizing in your home. Whether you’re actually using them as lanterns to brighten the space, or simply using them as decorations throughout your home, lanterns are a great way to both figuratively and literally bring light into your home.

At Battery Operated Candles, lanterns are some of our favorite accessories to decorate with. There are so many different things you can use them for, and they look great all year round. With a few easy adjustments, you can display them with every season and holiday. Plus, we have lantern options in all shapes and sizes so you can fit them in any style of decor. 

Read on for a few ideas on how to use lanterns to spruce up your home decoration.

Top 10 Lantern Candle Decorating Ideas You Will Love

Want to use lantern candles but aren’t sure how? We have some lantern candle decorating ideas that you’ll want to start using today!

Lanterns As Sconces

The first idea that we love when it comes to using lanterns in your everyday decor is to transform our battery operated lanterns into sconces. It’s easy to install classy hooks in your hallway, or on either side of a door or painting to hang lanterns on. 

Since our lanterns are battery operated, and most of them have a timer you can set, you don’t have to worry about homely cords or have the stress of real candles burning in your home.

Hanging Lanterns On Your Front Porch

If you love the hanging lantern idea, try them outside! We have dozens of outdoor lantern styles to choose from, and hanging them on your porch gives a soft warm light. Whether you’re watching the sunset on a porch swing or just need better lighting, hanging two or three lanterns on your front porch adds the perfect ambiance.

Doorway Decoration

Sticking with the outdoor theme, another one of our lantern candle decorating ideas is to spruce up your front door. Using different sized lanterns, sit a couple of them on either side of your door and add some plant life and colorful candles, and you increase your curb appeal tenfold. 

Front door decorating is hugely popular right now, and our lantern candles add a sophistication and ambiance you won’t find just anywhere.

Shine A Light On The Stairwell

We’ve found that our smaller and more decorative lanterns look great on large staircases. Stack three on different steps and turn the lights on at night to light the way at night. You’ll love how simply they spruce up the space, and your family will love not having to turn on a full light when going up or down the stairs in the night.

Table Setting

Of course, a simple but impactful way to use our battery operated candle lanterns is to use them as a centerpiece at your table. Especially if you have a large table that doesn’t get used often, decorating the table with lanterns that match your style will make the space feel more complete. You also have a large variety of candles to choose from that look like real candlelight, without the worry about anything catching on fire.

Window Display

Another idea is to use lanterns as a window display. With our soft lighting, the view from the outside can be warm and inviting and add a special touch to your window.

Add a little bit of greenery and some white candles to any of our antique style candles for a farmhouse look that everyone will swoon over.

Outdoor Party Lights

Summer is a great time to host outdoor barbecues and get togethers. Add a special touch with a series of outdoor lanterns that are durable, bright, and gorgeous. Spread them out in your yard or keep them in a cluster and watch how they make the space feel more magical. 

Light Up Your Mantlepiece 

Does your mantlepiece feel a little empty or bland? Spruce it up with a couple colorful lanterns with our timer operated candles all year long. Coupled with your favorite art pieces or photographs, your mantlepiece can once again become a showstopper in your home.

Balcony/Patio Decorating

Do you spend lots of time on your balcony or patio? Make the space even more comfortable and inviting with a few lanterns to give the space a dreamy feeling. Add a couple pillows to your seating, a couple easy and beautiful plants, and your balcony or patio can become a relaxing oasis you never want to leave.

Decorate With The Seasons

Our last idea is to use lanterns to help you decorate throughout the seasons. Whether you’re adding red and green plants and colors with your lanterns, or maybe adding bright tulips and flowers, our battery operated lanterns are a perfect staple piece that can be transformed with just a couple added elements. 

We have lots of different holiday decorating and seasonal options at Battery Operated Candles and they go on sale throughout the year, so feel free to browse all of our decor options today.

Find More Lantern Candles Decorating Ideas At Battery Operated Candles

Lantern candle decorating is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to your office space or home decorations. Hopefully we’ve given you a few creative ideas to help you decorate this summer with battery operated lanterns. When you want to make your space feel a little more cozy and add a warm element, then let the experts at Battery Operated Candles find the perfect lantern to match your current style. 

Now is the perfect time to get a little creative and revamp your home, office, or outdoor decor, and what better way than a beautiful lantern that matches your personal aesthetic. Browse through all of our lanterns and contact us if you have any questions on how to order.

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