Choosing the Right Outdoor Candles

Whether you are celebrating a holiday or want to create a warm and inviting ambiance around your home, outdoor candles will help make that happen.

There are different outdoor candle styles to choose from, each having its own distinct appeal.

In this post, we will discuss some of the different outdoor candles options to choose from to help you make an educated decision when selecting your outdoor set.

Only Choose Electric Candles

Regardless of the outdoor candle style you choose make sure it is an electric candle.

Flame candles start nearly half of all household fires when they are placed indoors. If a flame candle stands outdoors it has a much higher risk of being blown off its stand and onto your lawn.

Battery operated electric candles have no flame but rather replicate the motion of a real flame with an advanced flickering bulb.

You do not need to worry about compromising for aesthetics when settling with an electric candle many high-quality electric candles are indistinguishable from real candles.

When choosing an electric candle make sure it has an LED bulb.

Not only will this be more energy efficient but the bulb will also not heat up like conventional glass bulbs.

This superior heat resistance will eliminate the risk of any fires if the LED bulb comes into contact with any grassy material.

With safety now taken care of, let’s discuss come of the different outdoor candle styles to choose from:

Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns create a sense of childlike wonder within all that gaze upon them. There is just something so magical and ancient about a lantern.

Outdoor lanterns can either be hung off a tree or placed on tables to liven up outdoor events.

Lanterns also create a sense of formality so they are a great choice for outdoor weddings!

Because electric lanterns do not have a naked flame, they can be placed alongside flower decorations without any worry.

Outdoor lanterns with intricate patterns create a Mediterranean aurora, which creates a stunning ambiance for outdoor dinner parties.

Our white metal lantern creates a similar magical lighting display.

What a relaxing way to celebrate the conclusion of a beautiful summers day.

Electric lanterns can be hung off just about anything thanks to their safe electric LED lights.

If you want to make your outdoor affair as memorable as possible, consider illuminating your guest’s with lanterns hanging from an umbrella.

Weatherproof Candles

If you like to keep things as traditional as possible, standard electric candles will do just that.

These candles can be placed along a window sill with some pine branches to create a fantastic Christmas ambiance.

Even though these candles are not encased in a container you do not need to worry about them being affected by rain or snow, our superior outdoor candles are built to withstand the outdoor elements.

The great thing about standard outdoor candles is that you can do so much with them!

You can create your own unique outdoor decorations and then place these outdoor candles within them.

Here are some examples.

You could create rope style lanterns with only a few supplies that can readily be sourced at your local hardware store:

You could create your own wax paper lanterns. Just simply trace (or stick) your own decorations onto some wax paper, connect them onto wooden supports, place a weatherproof electric candle inside and you’re done!

Wax paper lanterns create such a loving and personalized atmosphere. Your guests will not stop talking about them.

Here is another great DIY idea for outdoor candles. Purchase some small aluminum buckets from your hardware store and in the side of the bucket punch in a word, or a name (great idea for a birthday party).

Now place an outdoor weatherproof candle inside and stand back and watch the word come to life:

Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights are a great way of illuminating a large area. These work really well if you are hosting an outdoor party and you want to create a memorable ambiance.

String lights come in two different styles, the larger bulb option (as pictured above) and a smaller bulb version:

You can use both bulbs (or a combination of both) for your outdoor Christmas decorations, although they are not limited to just seasonal celebrations.

Here are some ideas of how you can liven up your outdoor area with string lights:

Liven up your hedges

Use string lights to make certain elements of your outdoor area stand out, such your hedges.

Simply thread a string of outdoor electric lights through the dense areas of your hedges and you’re done!

Liven Up Your Trees

If have any trees growing outdoors you can turn them into sources of illumination with a set of string lights.

Just wrap a set of string lights around the trunk and you have a natural 360-degree lamp!

The great thing about using electric string lights for such an application is that you do not need to worry about any harm being caused to the flora that comes into contact with these lights.

No residue is left behind and no hazardous heat is being transferred.

Bottle Lights

If you decide to build upon the theme of customization, you can place some string lights into a bottle and create some magical bottle lights.

Because electric string lights are battery operated and do not require an electrical output, these bottle lights are free to be placed anywhere without limitations!


There are so many things you can do with a high quality electric outdoor candle.

Whether you want to simply place candles around your backyard or be creative and customize your own decorations, we have the right candles for you.

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