Where Can I Buy Electric Window Candles

Recent technological advancements now permit us to enjoy the calming ambiance of candles even in windy conditions.

Electric candles are growing in popularity in restaurants as well as households.

But what exactly is an electric candle and where can I buy the best electric window candles?

In this post, we will discuss some of the common uses of electric candles and tips on purchasing the absolutely best electric candles that will stand the test of time.

What Is An Electric Candle?

Electric candles (or flameless candles as they are sometimes called) are a safer alternative to conventional wick burning candles.

These look exactly like conventional candles except they are battery powered.

battery candles

The cylindrical wax-like body houses the battery pack that supplies the energy required to light the tear-shaped led globe that replaces a candle wick.

The led light is programmed to have the same flickering effect of conventional candles which results in the same candlelight ambiance that makes candles so appealing.

There are different methods of turning on an electric candle.

Manual Switch

Some electric candles have a manual switch, meaning you will have to physically flick the switch on in order to turn the candle on.

The switch can either be a binary ‘flick type’ located at the base or a more elegant twist type.
For twist-type switches, the base of the candle is slightly twisted to turn the candle on and off.

Though they may have a manual switch, some electric candles of this type operate automatically.

Highly specialized electric candles have an inbuilt cyclic timer that turns the candle on for a specific period of time (about 6 hours) and then off for the remaining hours of the day.

The benefit of such candles is that you only really need to turn them on once, and the intelligent program within the electric candle will take care of all the other times for you.

This is a much-welcomed luxury to homeowners with multiple electric windows candles.

Light Sensor Switch

The alternative to a manual switch is to have a light sensor switch.

Electric candles with a light sensor automatically turn on if the light falls below a certain luminance threshold.

These candles are also a set-once-and-leave-it type; after you have placed them in their designated position in your home, the automatic switch will keep them illuminated when required.

Light sensor electric candles are great to keep in your room; they will stay on at night to provide you with enough lighting to navigate through your room without bumping into anything.

Light sensor candles have a battery pack located in their base, they are not solar powered so you need not worry about having to charge them in the sun.

Manual switch or Light Sensor?

The choice of a candle with a manual switch or light sensor comes down to personal preference.

As mentioned, the internal programming mechanism of advanced manual switch electric candles work in a similar manner to light sensor candles – you just turn it on once and the candle takes care of the rest.

If, however, your electric candle will be placed in a room that remains dark for long periods of time, such as a shed, bedroom or an attic, a light sensor candle would be a better choice as it will stay illuminated as long as it remains dark.

What Are The Best Electric Window Candles?

Window candles are placed up against a window in order to create a relaxing candlelit ambiance within the home and also to make a household look warm and welcoming when viewed from the outside.

The benefit of using electric window candles is the fact that you can use them even if the windows are open.

They are also a much safer alternative to real candles because there is no risk of them causing a fire if they happen to be bumped off the window sill.

There are many features that separate the best electric window candles from the common generic types.

The Best Electric Window Candles Look Real

If you are replacing a conventional flame lit candle with an electrical one, it needs to look as real as possible otherwise it will look more like a gimmick than a respectable household item.

The realistic elements of an electric candle are not only limited to the led flicker style or the wax-like appearance of the body, but also the base of the candle.

Just look at the stunning realistic looking brass base of one of our 3D Flame Dynamic Flicker Window Candles:

The Best Electric Windows Candles Have Flame Style Options

The best electric window candles offer multiple flame display options to suit all tastes.

The two very basic flame options are either still flame or flickering flame.

The still flame option keeps the candle lit at one static intensity level – like a common household light.

Dynamic flames are designed to mimic the dynamic flickering of flame lit candles.

The best electric window candles, however, offer these illumination options as a basic feature, they also boast more advanced candlelight option.

3D Flame Dynamic Flicker Technology

3D flame dynamic flicker is the most accurate at recreating the movements of a real flame.

No matter where you position yourself in relation to the candle, the flame will always appear to be flickering in a very realistic state.

Observers will need to physically handle such candles in order to convince themselves that it is not, in fact, a real candle!

Dual Sided Bulb Technology

Another feature of some of the best electric window candles is having a different flame appearance depending on the perspective of the observer.

This is a great feature to have if you want your window candles to shine more intensely to outside observers without having to also turn up the indoor intensity.

Advanced dual sided bulb technology is utilized in one of our stunning classical looking models shown below:

Having a dual-sided bulb will add to the curbside appeal of your home at night when all other features are blanketed in darkness.

Where Can I Buy Electric Window Candles?

We tick all of the necessary criteria of a reputable electric window candles supplier – our candles look real, we offer multiple switch options as well as advanced flame flicker technology.

So it’s no wonder why many of our customers are referred to us when they ask – where can I buy electric window candles?

Contact us today to create a calming and safe candlelit ambiance you will yearn to come home to.

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