The 3 Best Ways to Use Holiday Candles For Your Home Decor All Year Long

Now that the holidays are over, we’re all reminiscing about that special time. The time when the entire family gathers around the Christmas tree in the living room with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands, a crackling fire keeping the living room nice and cozy, just conversing and enjoying the ambiance and being present in the moment. However, there are more factors than just the fire and the hot chocolate that make a cozy Christmas vibe.

Christmas decorations play a large part in cozying up the living room and granting it that Christmassy ambiance. The Christmas tree, the red and white striped socks, and the ornaments all play a vital role. But one type of decorative piece, the importance of which is often overlooked, is holiday candles. 

Holiday candles are crucial for Christmas decorations; many people don’t even realize just how big a part they have in it. The candlelight warms up the living room space, casting a soothing and calming hue in the space. These decorative pieces have been an integral part of Christmas decorations and traditions for centuries; this signifies just how important they are. We think you can use holiday candles in your home all year long. Here are a few ways to do it:

Holiday Candles That Look Great In Your Home All Year Long

Do you get really sad when it’s time to take down the Christmas tree? Is it true that when you’ve taken down all of the decor, the house feels lonely? We’ve got you covered if you’re a die-hard holiday décor lover.

These tips will last you well beyond Christmas Day. They’re festive enough for the holidays yet neutral enough to use all year. You’ll also save money by not having to purchase more décor for every changing season!

Window Candles

A home decorated for Christmas should look just as welcoming and cozy on the outside as it is on the inside. Your guests should feel welcomed just at the sight of your home; window candles are a brilliant way of achieving that. Candles with a soft glow placed on your windows will extend the warmth of your home to your guests and neighbors. According to some old traditions, candles on your windows are a sign of good news.

Modern-day battery-operated candles have made it even safer for you to put candles on your window. This is because the battery-operated candles don’t have a live flame and therefore do not pose a fire hazard.

Candle Displays

At Battery Operated Candles, we have so many different ways to display your candles. These candle displays serve as excellent décor pieces for both indoors and outdoors. Wherever they’re placed, they fill the space with warmth. 

A less common yet well-suited place for these displays would be just before the door threshold on your porch. This again feels welcoming and warming to the people who pass by your home or the guests visiting you. Moreover, if you purchase battery-operated candles, you won’t have to worry about the flame going out.

Candles on Your Fireplace Mantle

This is the most commonplace for your candle decorations. Placing holiday candles on your fireplace mantle is a necessary part of the holiday and everyday decorations, without which your decorations would remain incomplete.

These candles cast a warm and cozy hue in your living room space, giving off a relaxing ambiance. If you buy battery-operated candles, you won’t even have to worry about fires as these candles have no live flame; therefore are safe to use all the while just as beautiful as actual candles.

Final Thoughts

The absence of candles would make a noticeable impact on the ambiance and warmth of any room. However, there are many decorative settings that can be created using holiday candles. Candles are most definitely an essential part of your home’s decorations because not only do they add a cozy vibe, but they are quite versatile as a design element. 

It’s thrilling at the start of the holiday season when you’re moving things around and looking for new holiday decorations or purchasing new ones. The joy of seeing your home decorated continues into the new year, but it isn’t always as thrilling when it’s time to take down those same decorations. So rather than removing your holiday décor, here are a few ideas for making it work all year long, even after the holidays are over.

Use Colors That Will Match Or Accentuate Your Home Décor 

Although many of us prefer the traditional Christmas colors, it is now easier than ever to discover and select from a number of hues and choices. From candles, wreaths, garland, lights, and tree ornaments to even wrapping paper, you may match your décor with colors that go well with your overall house’s color scheme.

As a result, your holiday decorations will seem to belong naturally in the house instead of competing with your existing decor.

Use White Lights

Adding beautiful lights around your home is a great way to express your gratitude for the holidays. Instead of utilizing a multi-colored set, this year, use white or another monochrome string of lights.

White or solid lights may be used in almost any color scheme. Plus, by keeping them up for the rest of the year, you will get the most bang for your buck while also getting a lot more use out of the lights.

Utilize An Assortment Of Colors For The Holiday Wreaths And Decor

Wreaths are frequently employed inside the house, both during the holiday season and all year, in various settings. Consider using natural and neutral hues. If that’s too bland for you, you may add some extras to the wreath as the season’s progress to enhance the entire appearance.

There are several different styles, colors, and themes to select from if you decide to purchase a wreath from a local store or build your own as a DIY project. As a result, it’s easy to create the right holiday wreath that complements your house décor so it can stay up all year.

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