How To Decorate Using Seasonal Decor From Battery Operated Candles

Doesn’t it seem like there is always a new holiday sneaking up on us? Be prepared with holiday decor that you can pull out year after year and never miss out on the fun. At Battery Operated Candles, we have a plethora of seasonal and holiday lines that include everything you need for holiday parties, lighting options, table decorations, wall, and mantle decor, and so much more. 

Check out our Halloween line, our fall-themed decorations, and of course, our Christmas decorations. Battery-operated candles are the ideal choice for every occasion, and with our variety of decorations, you’ll have no problem incorporating our items into your personal collection. Our candles flicker like traditional wax candles, without the danger or the mess. From pre-lit wreaths to window displays, LED trees, and pumpkin candles, there are so many ways you can include these durable and long-lasting decor items to help add a little spark to your home.

Stock Up On Seasonal Decor From Battery Operated Candles 

Here are some ideas to bring holiday cheer to every room in the house and get you into the holiday spirit if you aren’t already. So read on and click through our seasonal decor from Battery Operated Candles.

Christmas Cards

Every year, you must receive lots of Christmas cards from loved ones. So, grab the ones closest to your heart and the prettiest ones and display them on a feature wall. Then, arrange them in a Christmas tree shape for more festivity.

Chalkboard Sign

When Santa and Rudolph swing by for milk and cookies, they would appreciate a handwritten chalkboard sign especially for them.

Your Artwork

If you have artwork around the house, add garlands, ribbons, and ornaments in festive colors around them for a subtle touch of Christmas. You could also order some Christmas-themed artwork from Battery Operated Candles.

Tree in a Planter

Instead of placing the Christmas tree on the floor like you do every year, put it in a planter for an innovative look, additional height, and simultaneously, create more space for Santa’s presents.


Instead of the usual stockings hanging off the mantel, you could deck out your fireplace with Christmas figurines. These are something fun to collect every year, and in a few years, you would have an entire Christmas village on display.

Wrapping Paper

While wrapping your presents, choose wrapping paper that goes with your living room decor. Use similar colors for ornaments to bring around a cohesive look this Christmas. If you have a theme for Christmas, you can choose wrapping paper based on that too.


If you are someone who likes the classic Christmas look, then don’t shy away from it. Decorate your Christmas tree with red ribbons, traditional ornaments, an angel topper, and cluster lights or Santa string lights


The ambiance of candles placed in the center of the coffee table and between garlands makes for a classic Christmas vibe. However, with kids around the house, candles can be a huge fire hazard. With seasonal decor from battery-operated candles, you won’t even need to worry about the tree catching fire or people hurting themselves.

Advent Calendar

You could create your own advent calendar for some fun with the kids. For example, attach a ribbon across a kitchen garland and hang little containers, tin or plastic, from the ribbon. You could fill these tiny containers with treats for different days of the month.


What do kids love most about Christmas? The presents and candy, of course! You could place a smaller tree inside a planter in the kitchen and decorate it with different treats like popcorn, cranberries, jellies, candy cane, cookies, and anything else your kids enjoy. 


We have got you covered if you have a fireplace that you never light up because of your fear of fire hazards. Grab some battery-operated candles or string lights and place them in a cluster inside your fireplace for a subtle glow around the room.

Our LED trees also make great additions to a mantle or fireplace, as we have several options you can choose from to make your home great.


We hope you are able to implement some of the fun seasonal decor from battery-operated candles around your house to get into the holiday spirit this Christmas. But Christmas isn’t the only holiday coming up! Halloween, Thanksgiving – these holidays are a great time to decorate and express your personality. 

Plus, don’t forget about occasions in the spring and summer too! We have collections for Easter, Mother’s Day, weddings, and more. So even if you’re just looking to spruce up your house for a new season, or want to redecorate and change your current style, our line of battery-operated candles make the perfect addition. Shop our full selection and view every collection, and we bet you’ll find something for every day of the year.

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