Flameless Candle Decorations Ideas For Every Home Decor Style

What if we let you in on a little secret? We found some flameless candles by Battery Operated Candles for you that flicker just like a real flame. They are clean, elegant and you don’t need to worry about wax dripping onto tables or burning the curtains. You are free to place them in bathrooms and on coffee tables and anywhere else you like.

Here are some flameless candle decoration ideas for you to put into use around the house:

Flameless Candle Decoration Ideas For The Whole House

There are so many great reasons for choose flameless candle decorations over traditional candles. First, get rid of those dripping wax, and over-scented candles that you’ll have to replace have just a few uses. Instead, choose a more economical option that goes with almost any decor style. 

This article covers some simple ideas on incorporating battery-operated flameless candles into nearly every room of your house! Hopefully, we’ll leave you with some inspiration on transforming your home and providing you and your family a new level of comfort.

The Living Room

  • You could place them on side tables for a subtle glow throughout the room.
  • You could place it on the mantel amidst other decorations, making them shine. A set of three candles in various heights look grand and regal.
  • If your fireplace isn’t operational, you could place a few candles together inside it.
  • A candle as the coffee table’s centerpiece is the perfect addition for post-dinner drinks or a night in.
  • Are you placing a candle near a book? It seems like a recipe for disaster, but not with flameless candles. Instead, add candles on bookshelves and illuminate the room.
  • Add flameless candles under your Christmas tree or the holiday-themed candles and decor around your house for some holiday cheer.
  • After working the entire week, the perfect night is lying in the living room under cozy throws and pillows, and candles add the perfect ambiance for a chill evening. 

The Dining Room

  • The centerpiece that completes your dining table is a candle – a candle that will never blow out or cause a fire in the middle of a family dinner.
  • Sideboards are commonly placed along a wall, and the walls help reflect light, thus illuminating the entire room.
  • Have you ever seen candles on a window sill while walking past a house and wondered how they risk it? Well, they use battery-operated flameless candles, and you can too!

The Bedroom

  • You could place them on the nightstand while you unwind for the night.
  • Clear all the clutter on the dresser and light up the room with a candle.
  • Window candles also make for a cost atmosphere, especially when you want a more romantic feeling in your bedroom.

The Bathroom

  • A subtle glow in the bathroom is hard to achieve. Pairing water with candles can be impossible, but not anymore. 
  • A toilet tank is usually empty, but you can change that with some candles and plants.

The Stairway

  • Adding candles to the steps outdoors makes it seem like a ball right out of a fairytale.
  • You can add candles on the stairs indoors for a cozy family dinner, alternating between the steps. You won’t even need to worry about them toppling over and harming anyone!


  • Consider adding flameless candles to your outside patio set to keep the fun going even after the sun goes down.
  • Battery Operated Candles offers many lanterns and weather-resistant candles to add ambiance and class to any backyard event you host this year.

Final Thoughts

We hope you use some of these flameless candle decoration ideas around your house. You can even be creative and decorate however you like to add some holiday cheer within your home! Start by browsing through this list of some of the most popular flameless candles offered by Battery Operated Candles:

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