How To Pick The Perfect Window Candles

Placing a candle in a window is not a modern trend, though it seems to be increasing in popularity. The practice dates back to the 1700s, when Catholics in Ireland would position a candle in the window to inform traveling priests that their home was safe. The tradition was brought to the US by Irish immigrants. Today, it has become a popular way to celebrate the holiday season and other special occasions with friends and family. 

The only significant change is that users have switched to LED or battery-operated window candles, which are a lot safer than the traditional, flame-based candles.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to pick the perfect window candles for your home.

3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Window Candles

Window candles are a lovely way to add a little flair to your windows. Whether you’re making the outside more appealing or simply creating a themed oasis inside, battery-operated window candles are a great value. Let’s discuss some things to consider when you’re picking the best candles for your window display.

Consider the Battery Life and Durability

The most popular window candles available on the market are LED-based, which run on battery power. Therefore, battery life is one of the most significant factors when choosing a window candle. Consider choosing candles with AAA or AA batteries, which tend to be larger than watch batteries. Larger batteries last longer and are easy to replace.

Also, be sure to consider the durability of LEDs. While most bulbs will claim to last for up to 50,000 hours, most are too fragile and will take a lot of abuse and fall short of delivering that claim. Thus, you should pay attention to the LED housing and the quality of its design. 

Aesthetic Value 

At the end of the day, your window candles should create an attractive look from the outside. If it fails to deliver that value, there’s no point in investing in window candles. When it comes to aesthetics, however, different people have different preferences. Some users prefer very bright LED candles. Others would go for an understated one that provides a warm glow around the window. 

Also, are you more into the realism of a flickering flame, or are you the kind of person who gets physically sick when exposed to flickering light? Your answer will determine whether you need flashing lights or not. 


All battery-operated LED candles are more convenient than traditional candles because the former doesn’t need to be manually lit or extinguished, nor do they need to be replaced too often. However, you still need to consider two factors when picking a battery-operated window candle:

  1. Are the batteries easy to replace? Make sure you don’t choose fully enclosed candles. When their batteries run dry, you’ll need to discard the candle altogether. Instead, go for LED candles with replaceable batteries.
  2. Are the candles easy to mount? If not, you’ll probably be wasting a lot of time with tape. 

Additionally, many of the window candles available at Battery Operated Candles have a timer, so you never have to worry about turning them off late at night. We even have remote-ready options so that you don’t have to disturb your display to run your candles on or off. When we say convenient – we mean it!


Hopefully, we’ve given you a couple of easy tips to help you choose suitable window candles for decoration purposes. This guide should hopefully assist you in making an informed purchase decision. When it comes to quality, however, the seller you choose makes a huge difference. If you don’t want your window candles to disappoint you through their useful life, Battery Operated Candles.Net is the right company for you.

We have many window candles to choose from to match your style and current decor, plus a host of accessories and replacement parts to complement your display.

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