5 Reasons Solar Candles Are So Popular

For decades, candles have been used to set a pleasant and warm ambiance in internal spaces for religious purposes, emergency lighting during power failures, and their aesthetic value and scent. For fire-safety concerns, however, the traditional flame-based candles are being replaced by solar candles. This guide will discuss some of the reasons why solar candles have recently become so popular.

Why You Need To Add Solar Candles To Your Collection

If you’re tired of buying batteries or new candles altogether when they burn down, then solar candles might be the ideal solution. Let’s discuss all the benefits that come from purchasing solar candles from Battery Operated Candles.

1. Safety

Open flames from conventional candles or paraffin lamps are among the biggest causes of shack fires. From 2014 to 2018, around 7,610 house fires were started by candles, on average, according to NFPA. The incidences caused 91 deaths, 677 injuries, and $278 million in property loss.

No matter how cautious you are with flame-based candles, there’s always a risk of the candle being tipped, the spilling of the hot wax on the tablecloth, or your child or pet engaging with it.

Since solar candles are powered by solar batteries, they pose no fire hazard and are a perfect alternative to traditional candles. Because they’re flameless, there’s no risk of blowouts of the flame, nor is there a need to re-ignite the wick to light the candle.

2. Highly Durable

When you charge the lithium battery in sunlight for 6 six hours, it will last for up to seven hours. Not only do solar candles have a durable plastic body, but they’re also water-resistant. If charged daily, solar candles offer a lifespan of more than four years. 

Feel free to leave your candles outside during events, and if you forget to bring them back in, it’s no big deal. We build our candles so that they can withstand the elements a little bit and work for you for years to come.

3. Eco-Friendly Lighting Option

A traditional, flame-based candle generates 10 to 16 grams of carbon dioxide an hour while burning. In a year, a paraffin lamp that runs for four hours each day will emit 100 kg of carbon dioxide, while a burning wax candle leads to a production of 25 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually. Impressively, solar candles produce or release no carbon dioxide in the air. They are an environment-friendly choice. 

You’ll never have to plug in your solar candles or worry about the amount of energy going into them. They get their juice from the sun!

4. Inexpensive

Another enticing reason why users are increasingly switching to solar candles is that they’re cost-effective. It’s not just the upfront price. The value you derive from them can be remarkable. On a few batteries only, you could have your spaces lit for over 1000 hours. Plus, you don’t need a lighter or matches, nor do you have to clean the holders or glasses or deal with other mess after the candle dies. All this leads to massive savings for solar candle users.

Like we mentioned above, they last for years and come in many styles so that you don’t have to keep going out and buying new candles to match the next event. Their classic style goes with most themes, so you won’t have to keep going out to buy more decor options.

5. Come in a Variety of Scents

There’s a common myth about solar candles that they don’t have a scent. That no longer holds true. The latest solar candles come in a variety of relaxing and light fragrances. Some common variants include vanilla, mandarin spice, breeze, honeysuckle, or cinnamon, which are integrated into solar candles using natural substances.

Or if you prefer no scent, there’s that option too!


Now that you have a fair idea about why solar candles are becoming highly popular, it’s time to make the switch. Connect with Battery Operated Candles for high-quality solar candles. Here’s a collection of the best solar candles on offer: 

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