5 Great Reasons To Love Window Candles

The purpose of lighting a candle may have been lost by many over the years, a large number of families around the world still follow the tradition. While its significance can differ from one family to another, people light window candles for festive decoration, remembrance of loved ones, religious reasons, and other traditions. 

Many of these users place candles on their windows, giving rise to the concept of window candles. Typically powered by electricity instead of real flames, window candles are aligned to the wiring of homes. 

This guide will discuss why window candles are becoming popular with each passing year.

Why Window Candles Are So Popular 

When you need up your window game, the best way to do that is with durable and long-lasting window candles from Battery Operated Candles. 

1. Strengthen Religious Beliefs

Brightly lit window candles symbolize various religious faiths. For those of Christian faith, a lighted candle represents the Star of Bethlehem. Similarly, for Jews, it signifies the menorah in the window, a Jewish custom representing the Chanukah miracle. It’s used to motivate Jews not to abandon their faith.

Change up your window display with every passing holiday to create a fresh window look for you and everyone else to enjoy.

2. Remembrance of Lost Family Members

Many people use window candles in memory of a family member who has died or been away for a long time. It’s also often seen as a silent prayer for the safe return of a family member serving the nation at war or someone who’s lost. Some people even believe that the window candle lets them know that they’ve missed.

Battery-operated candles are great for window displays because they never burn out like traditional wax candles. Check out some of our best window candles here and pick your favorites.

3. Celebrations

By far, the most common reason to use window candles today is to celebrate special occasions, and express gratefulness for the blessings received. Those who’ve had a baby may use them to give out an emotional message into the darkness. 

However, the vast majority of users use window candles during the holiday season to lighten up their homes and make them more festive. For most of us, nothing is more pleasant than the week-long holidays at the end of the year. People host parties and take the opportunity to celebrate the New Year. Window candles are an incredible way to spread love and holiday cheer through the windows out into the world.

4. Fire Safety

Regardless of the season, it’s important to keep your home and loved ones safe at all times. Traditional candles with real flames always posed a fire threat for everyone around. It only takes one small accident for a candle to get knocked down and potentially light your home on fire.

When placed on windows, traditional candles had to be kept away from curtains and other flammable objects. Even if you use them with caution, keeping them out of reach of children and pets can potentially be a considerable challenge. 

Battery-operated window candles are a tremendous alternative to flame-based candles. These flameless candles are a safe way to practice and practice your traditions, not having to worry about knocking it off, keeping objects, pets, and children away from them. Even if you forget to blow them off before leaving the room, there won’t be anything to stress you out. 


With Battery Operated Candles, you can experience the ambiance and glow that comes with a room full of lit candles without the fear that comes with flames. When you choose some of our best window candles, you get all the benefits you love without the hassle. Our candles use an LED light source and mimic the look of flame-burning candles. Many of our candle options even feature a flicker-like flame that will look so much like a real frame you and everyone in your home will be shocked.

No matter your style, our flameless candles come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and scents – so you still get the same vibes you’re looking for with traditional candles without any of the safety hazards. Or, if you’re sensitive to smells that are infused into wax candles, we also have unscented varieties that look great and warm your house considerably.

Maybe you’re an interior designer or window display coordinator. If open flames are prohibited, and you need a warm glow that lasts for hours, then battery-operated candles are the perfect choice. Create an award-winning display that will invite new clients or customers in, and you’ll never have to worry about smoke or fire. With remote control and timer options, what are you waiting for?

Now that you know why window candles are so popular, it’s time to act. For unique window candle options, contact Battery Operated Candles. Net today! 

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