Wine Glass Decorating Ideas

David Tutera Wine Glass Shade

David Tutera Wine Glass Shade

Wine Glass Decorating Ideas begin with clever lamp shades made just for wine glasses!

Take an ordinary wine glass… place a flameless, battery operated tea light inside it… then cover the glass with a decorative lamp shade – voila! Instant table decoration.

Illustrated at left are David Tutera Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shades.  Sold 12 shades to a set (wine glasses not included), the Vellum shades measure 4.75-inches high to fit most wine glasses.

These wine glass lamp shades are easy to assemble and size to a wine or champagne glass.

Also in the David Tutera line are white shades of lace lattice.

Or select translucent wine glass lamp shades in yellow (Nantucket Design), black (Manhattan Design), and green (Barcelona Design), all 4.75-inches high.

Add any of our flameless tea lights as a finishing touch, and your guests will be asking you how you did it!

Wine Glass Decorating Ideas are part of our our Wedding Event Planners category of products.  Whether you’re a professional event planner or creating a do-it-yourself wedding from scratch, we can help you build your table decorations:  select from table runners, lighted floral arrangements, LED tea lights, votives and votive holders, elegant flameless tapers… entire battery operated candelabra!

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