When The Lights Go Out: Battery Powered Tea Lights To The Rescue

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Did you know battery powered tea lights are a great back-up lighting system when your lights go out?

From time to time, customers tell us how they use our battery operated candles, and quite a few mention using small, inexpensive tea lights as the perfect alternative light source.

When you lose power, are you left scurrying around, looking for real candles (dangerous!) to light throughout your home?  Or do you wind up carrying a flashlight with you from room to room?  If there aren’t enough flashlights to go around, it’s a tug of war to see who gets one next.  Been there, done that!

Our flameless, battery powered tea lights provide cheerful lighting, when grouped together for reading, or when placed in singles to light the way inside your home.

No dangerous flames and no smoke.  If you have children and pets, that’s reason enough.  Battery powered tea lights provide a continuous, reassuring glow… when it’s scary and stormy outside, flameless tea lights help keep things rosey inside.

You can purchase battery powered tea lights in economical sets.  For example, these Candle Impressions LED tea lights come in a set of ten. Their brightly burning LED creates an amber glow.  Small 1.5-inch diameter and 1.75-inches tall; each comes with a battery that lasts about 60 hours.