Votive Candle Holders

Styles and designs of votive candle holders are as diverse as votive candles themselves.  From simple to ornate, votive candle holders find themselves at home in serious ceremonies as well as joyful occasions.

Votive candle holders, and votive candles, go hand-in-hand:

Historically, votive candles are small candles – about 2-inches in height – used in religious ceremonies (a vow, or fulfillment of a vow).  These candles are typically placed into a container – the votive holder – and while burning, melt into the shape of the container.

Today, the description of a votive candle is commonly used to identify its size and shape, as votive candles are often used beyond religious ceremonies.

Likewise, votive candle holders come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, from utilitarian to ornate designs.

And, when combined with flameless, battery operated candles, you can use votive candle holders for ceremonies in churches and schools (where lighted candles are not allowed), as table-top decorations, and for decor around your home.

You can use either a flameless tea light (smaller than votive candles), or any one of our many battery operated votive candles.  Place the flameless candle into the votive candle holder, and you’ve got a beautiful, reusable lighting effect.

We have votive candle holders in glass, metal, table-top and hanging styles… and the flameless candles to match.

Mercury Votive Candle Holder

Mercury Votive Candle Holder

Pictured here is our Silver Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder.  Sold in sets of 12, these are ideal for weddings, dinner parties and other special occasions.  Unlike other mercury glass holders, these are waterproof, so you can use them with floral arrangements, or with our submersible tea lights.  Or select any of our battery operated votive candles, just be sure to match the sizes to ensure a good fit! (This votive holder is 1.75-inches wide at the bottom and 2.25-inches wide at the top). Since each one of these mercury votive holders is made by hand, individual pieces may vary – a nice touch beyond production line products!