The Brightest LED Window Candles

Battery Powered LED Window Candle

Battery Powered LED Window Candle

We’ve just added the brightest LED Window Candles you’ll find anywhere to our selection of battery powered LED Window Candles.

These battery operated LED window candles feature unique dual-sided LED’s:  Each candle has two high-intensity LED’s inside the clear bulb, and each LED has two light effects – Super Bright and Warm Glow.

Place the super bright side facing outward into the night – street-side –  and the warm glow side automatically faces inward, filling the room with pleasing, flameless candlelight.

Pictured is the Williamsburg battery operated window candle.  Fashioned after candle holders from Colonial days,  the white taper LED candle fits into a brass base.  Overall dimensions 11.5-inches tall and 4-inches wide.  The cleverly designed base (2.75-inch depth) is oval shaped to fit most windowsills without hanging off the edge.  Unscented candle.  A convenient six-hour timer turns the LED window candles on/off.  LED’s last thousands of hours and the candle uses 4 AA batteries for up to 30 days of run-time.

As part of our line of Ultra Bright LED Window Candles, you can choose from brass, pewter and bronze finish candle holders.  For flexible height, select our Ultra Bright Cordless Window Candle with adjustable base, which lets you raise or lower the candle to fit window panes.  Or, select a candle and holder with an included window bracket.  Plastic windowsill clips are included.

Decorate your windows, mantels, bookshelves and more with Ultra Bright LED Window Candles.  They’re the perfect Christmas decoration, and ideal for year-round decor.

These battery powered, LED window candles are so bright, you can use them for emergency lighting.  Use them like flashlights, and, if the lights go out, turn the high-intensity beam inward and use it as a reading light – it’s that bright.

Ultra Bright LED Window Candles are completely cordless, so no messy cords dangling from windows and no searching for the nearest outlet.  And, their flameless LED’s mean no live flame, no wax, no smoke, no soot.