The Amazing Flameless Color Capture Candle

Flameless Color Capture Candle

Flameless Color Capture Candle

Designer candles are all the rage.  Flameless, battery operated designer candles are unique both on the outside and inside.  Utilizing wax and resin materials, just like real candles, allows for intricate carvings and designs; and the bonus is, on the inside flameless technology has opened the door to myriad effects.   One of the most innovative candles we’ve seen is this amazing, flameless Color Capture candle.

What’s unique about the Color Capture candle is its color capture technology, which allows you to coordinate the candle color with just about any decor you come up with.

Here’s how it works:

When you first turn on the candle, it cycles through its available color palette.  lt continues to do so until you press a button to select your preferred color.  What’s really neat, the candle can also be placed over most colors… it scans that color… and that’s the color the candle illuminates! (Some dark colors like earth tones, black, brown, navy cannot be scanned).  The end result:  you can make the candle illuminate the same color as table decorations, a wedding or prom dress, or holiday decor!

The Color Capture flameless candle comes with on/off, or 4-hour or 8-hour timer modes.

Sold in sets of two, our Color Capture pillars measure 3-inches X 6-inches.  They’re made of white resin.

The Color Capture candle is part of our designer collection of flameless candles.  You’ll find all sorts of shapes and sizes, with intricate carvings and details, in real wax and resin materials.