The Amazing Flameless Candle… With Remote!

Yes!  We carry a wide selection of The Amazing Flameless Candle… and offer a unique remote control accessory as well.

The Amazing Flameless Candle, made of real wax, features a realistic flicker and glow from its battery operated LED candle lighting.  These candles are offered in scented and unscented styles, and feature technological innovations to make your life easier!

Start with easy on/off switches, or utilize multiple hour timers. You can even adjust the flicker of the Amazing Flameless Candle.

Remote Control For The Amazing Flameless Candle

Remote Control For The Amazing Flameless Candle

And best of all, you can use one remote control (sold separately) to operate every Amazing Flameless Candle in your home.  If you’re a restaurant owner, or an event planner with a lot of candles to light all at once – check out this line of battery operated candles with remote!

This remote control, for Amazing Flameless Candles, has On/Off function, 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer functions, flicker or steady “on”, and dim or bright light.  Uses one CR2032 battery (replacements always available from us).

A lovely Amazing Flameless Candle to start with is the remote ready, Birch Bark Candle, made from real wax.  Carved with a unique distressed texture, this battery operated, flameless candle is a welcome addition to any home – modern or rustic – as well as restaurants, and bar & grills.  Unscented.

The candle features On/Off, as well as a 4, 6 and 8 hour timer.  Amber flickering flame.  Purchase the remote control for total convenience.  Available in 3-inch diameters and 4 and 6-inch heights, or 4-inches diameter x 8-inches tall.

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