Outdoor Candle Lighting A Better Idea For Dad Than A Tie!

Outdoor Flameless Candle

Outdoor Flameless Candle

Father’s Day is almost here.  Face it – Dad probably doesn’t want a tie, and even if he needs socks… why not get creative with Outdoor Candle Lighting!

Battery powered, outdoor flameless candles make a versatile gift Dad can use time and again.

Battery operated candles made expressly for outdoor use feature a more rugged construction – usually plastic or resin – so they won’t melt in the hot sun or crack in cold weather.  Their internal LEDs’ are waterproof, and some (in our Luminara line) have mini drain holes for moisture.

Pictured is a red outdoor pillar candle, with a white LED that flickers just like a real candle. From Candle Impressions, it’s part of a group of outdoor candle lighting, available in red, blue, purple, orange and green.  Three-inch diameter and five-inch heights, unscented.

These candles feature a five hour timer as well as manual on/off.  

This set of outdoor candle lighting looks great on patios, around the bbq grill, pools and decks.  Take these candles to the lake and put them on your boat dock – at night, they look fantastic from the water!  And, they won’t ever blow out in the wind.

We offer many sizes of flameless candles suitable for outdoor use.  Tea lights, votives and pillars are the most popular, for placement as free-standing decorations or inside durable and charming candle lanterns.

A great place to start is on our website under Outdoor Candles.


Outdoor Battery Powered Candles For Your Deck and Patio

It’s time to sweep off the deck and patio, put out the furniture, and fire up the grill!  There’s nothing like our outdoor battery powered candles and their glowing flameless candlelight when the sun goes down.

You can leave our flameless candles outdoors all season without fear of melting.  That’s because Battery Operated Candles outdoor candles are made of plastic and resin materials that will not melt in the hot sun.  And they’ll even stay “lit” in wind and rain!

Remote controls and timers allow for ease of use.

Weatherproof, Flameless Outdoor Battery Powered Candles

Weatherproof, Flameless Outdoor Battery Powered Candles

A great place to start is with our set of five flameless outdoor candles, molded in pleasing ivory color resin.

These indoor/outdoor flameless candles come in a set of two 3-inch x 4-1/2-inch candles, two 3-inch x 6-inch candles, and one 3-inch x 8-inch candle.  Arrange them together or separately – the choice is yours.

The candles come with a manual on/off switch, as well as a timer.  By using the timer, the flameless candles will turn on at the same time each day, and run for five hours.