Battery Tea Lights Wholesale Pricing!

If you need a large quantity of battery tea lights, we’ve got them, along with wholesale pricing that will make you smile.

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Featured now are our Color Changing Battery Tea Lights, offered in wholesale bulk packaging:  36 blister packs each with four color changing battery tea lights – total 144 pieces.

Everlasting  BatteryTea Lights have a flame shaped LED bulb, which flickers and rotates through seven fun colors. Comes in standard tealight size – 1.5 x 2 inches – and features vivid color changes such as blue, green, red and yellow.

These battery tea lights have a powerful flicker, which creates a wonderful effect as the LED’s sequence through their colors.

Battery Tea Lights are the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.  The LED bulb has no smoke or flame so it’s safe near decorations and kids.  Cool to the touch.

Our top-quality battery tea lights feature a sturdy three leg platform, for perfect placement even in difficult spots. One click on/off switch and long-lasting lithium batteries yield over 72 hours of continuous use. And, LED bulbs last about twelve times longer than standard bulbs with very low battery consumption.

Also offered at wholesale prices are our white battery tea lights, with beautiful yellow/orange LED flame.  Packaged the same as our color changing tea lights, these tea lights are 1.5 x 2-inches and are powered by a supplied lithium battery.  Replacement batteries are always available from us, at economical discount prices.  Read about our replacement batteries by clicking on the link.

Our battery tea lights, with waxless LED wicks, can be used with votive holders, or placed in floral arrangements and other decorations.  Ideal for catering halls, outdoor concerts (won’t blow out), church socials, weddings, high school dances and more!  Halloween is just around the corner, and these battery tea lights are perfect for pumpkins and other decorations.  Tired of using a live flame candle in your pumpkin and having the wind blow it out?  That won’t happen with our battery tea lights!  Order today.

David Tutera Decorations For Weddings and Events

Accent your wedding or special event with David Tutera Decorations.

David Tutera – author, TV host and designer of countless wedding dresses and accessories – is one of today’s best known wedding planners and designers.

We’ve selected numerous David Tutera Decorations that complement our lines of battery operated candles, in addition to our extensive offerings of DIY wedding supplies.  If it’s David Tutera Decorations you want, it’s David Tutera you’ll get – for example:

David Tutera Lace Lattice Lamp Shade

David Tutera Lace Lattice Lamp Shade

Pictured Are David Tutera Lace Lattice Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shades.

Turn any ordinary  wine or champagne glass into a centerpiece. Place a tea light – white, amber, colored – inside the wine glass, and you’ve got a lovely accessory for tables, bars, cocktail tables and more.

Sold in sets of twelve shades.  4.75-inches high with two lines of closure tabs to adjust size. Assembly is easy.

Laser Cut Favor Boxes are also a lovely centerpiece addition.  These 3-inch x 3-inch boxes are perfect for weddings, receptions, showers and make great gifts at the end of the evening.  Place a flameless, battery operated tea light or votive candle inside, and watch the box light up with a charming glow.

And if it’s tea lights you want, David Tutera offers water activated floating tea lights, perfect for vases and water displays.  In operation, two metal contacts on the bottom of the tea light turn on when wet.  Set of three with amber, flickering flame.

Battery powered string lights, flameless taper candles, even paper cones (perfect for rice, confetti, flower petals) round out David Tutera Decorations from Battery Operated Candles.

As always, our volume pricing allows you to mix and match products, and still get a great price.  If you’re planning your own wedding or special event, we have the the supplies for do-it-yourselfers and event planners alike.  To find all our David Tutera products in one place, enter “David Tutera” in the search box.

Mercury Glass Votives

Mint Julep Mercury Glass Votive

Mint Julep Mercury Glass Votive

Mercury Glass Votives are a popular complement to tea light and votive-size flameless candles.  In any style – festive, simple, elegant –  mercury glass votives add that certain touch to  centerpieces and household decor.

Mercury Glass is also known as Silvered Glass, thanks to its silvery appearance (Mercury Glass actually contains no mercury).  Its origins date to Germany in the 1800’s, and was used to make candlesticks, goblets, vases, tumblers and other objects.

In modern production, most Mercury Glass is mold-blown and then coated on the inside with a liquid silver nitrate solution.

Through the years, Mercury (or Silvered) Glass has become popular in Europe and the United States.  Various pieces of Mercury Glass are valued by antique collectors, and it remains a popular manufacturing technique today.

Mercury Glass Votives can come with silver, or colored appearances.  Pictured is our Silver colored Mercury Glass Mint Julep Votive Holder.  Like many of our Mercury Glass Votives, it’s waterproof, so you can use it with floral arrangements or one of our floating or submersible battery operated tea lights.  The Mint Julep Votive Holder is 4.5-inches tall, 2.5-inches wide at bottom and 3-inches wide at top.

We recommend 1.5-inch tea lights, or similar diameter votive size  flameless candles.

Our mercury glass holders are handmade so there may be slight variations in each individual piece.

We also have Mercury Glass Votives in colored glass – red, green, purple, gold and turquoise – as well as Shabby Chic design.

Hanging Mercury Glass Votive Holders come in various sizes, and are perfect for tea lights hanging in outdoor settings.

Attention wedding and event planners:  Our Mercury Glass Votives are perfect for your reception table decorations, and most come in sets for easy purchase.  Quantity pricing and discounts make them an economical choice, too.


Decorative Mason Jars For Weddings And Entertaining

Mason Jars Decorated With Ribbon

Mason Jars Decorated With Ribbon

Decorative Mason Jars are a creative table top addition whenever you’re entertaining.

Our clear glass mason jars with satin lid are a great place to start.

Sold in sets of 12, these decorative mason jars are an affordable way to put a clever touch on your table decorations.

Depending on how you decorate them, mason jars can evoke vintage, rustic and even contemporary looks.

These 16-ounce jars measure 2-inches in diameter and are 5-inches tall.

We have everything you need to design your own unique jar:

Start with our burlap ribbon or jute, offered in rolls of 2.5-inch and 4-inch widths, in natural or a variety of colors.  Then add some ribbon –  Deco Poly Mesh is a good choice for durability and reuse, or take a look at our faux burlap ribbon with wire.

Add some sand or pebbles to the interior of the jar, or place one of our battery operated, flameless tea lights inside for an enchanting night-time effect.

For wedding receptions and anniversary parties, placing photos of the honored couple inside the jars is a nice touch.

A perfect complement to the dozen mason jars are our LED tea lights sold in dozen quantities as well.  These tall –  1.5-inch x 1.5-inch – tea lights are available in purple, amber, blue, green, pink, teal, red and multi-color.  Choose from flickering or no-flicker LED lights.

The Fourth of July is right around the corner – take a mason jar, wrap it in our Deco Poly Mesh red, white & blue ribbon, and insert some small American flags in the jar!

And of course, fresh flowers always look great!

Chocolate LED Tea Lights A Mothers Day Delight!

Chocolate Looking LED Tea Light

Chocolate Looking LED Tea Light

We’ll bet your wife and/or mother love chocolate!  Here’s the ultimate guiltless pleasure:  our battery operated, flameless Chocolate LED Tea Lights.  These LED tea lights are so real looking they can fool anyone – but of course, they’re for decoration only and not your stomach.

And they make a clever, clever gift for Mothers Day!

Just like real chocolates, the flickering LED tea lights pictured come in a box of 16 assorted tea lights.  Three styles of “candies”, wrapped in brown paper, with the batteries installed and ready to go.  These flameless tea lights measure 1.25-inches wide x 1.25-inches tall.  They’re brown and cream color, unscented.

We also have Rustic Dipped LED Tea Lights that look just like real chocolate.  Sold in sets of two, these tea lights are coated in rich, brown wax and feature an LED flame that glows and flickers.  Battery included.  1.5-inches wide x 1.4-inches tall, unscented.

Either style of these LED tea lights make a great Mothers Day gift, and are ideal table decorations.  Use them as host/hostess gifts and table prizes at the end of charity events.

And remember, our chocolate LED tea lights look so real, you need to be careful around children and pets!

You’ll find a huge selection of battery operated tea lights on our website, listed in the Tea Lights category at the top of this page.

Votive Candle Holders

Styles and designs of votive candle holders are as diverse as votive candles themselves.  From simple to ornate, votive candle holders find themselves at home in serious ceremonies as well as joyful occasions.

Votive candle holders, and votive candles, go hand-in-hand:

Historically, votive candles are small candles – about 2-inches in height – used in religious ceremonies (a vow, or fulfillment of a vow).  These candles are typically placed into a container – the votive holder – and while burning, melt into the shape of the container.

Today, the description of a votive candle is commonly used to identify its size and shape, as votive candles are often used beyond religious ceremonies.

Likewise, votive candle holders come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, from utilitarian to ornate designs.

And, when combined with flameless, battery operated candles, you can use votive candle holders for ceremonies in churches and schools (where lighted candles are not allowed), as table-top decorations, and for decor around your home.

You can use either a flameless tea light (smaller than votive candles), or any one of our many battery operated votive candles.  Place the flameless candle into the votive candle holder, and you’ve got a beautiful, reusable lighting effect.

We have votive candle holders in glass, metal, table-top and hanging styles… and the flameless candles to match.

Mercury Votive Candle Holder

Mercury Votive Candle Holder

Pictured here is our Silver Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder.  Sold in sets of 12, these are ideal for weddings, dinner parties and other special occasions.  Unlike other mercury glass holders, these are waterproof, so you can use them with floral arrangements, or with our submersible tea lights.  Or select any of our battery operated votive candles, just be sure to match the sizes to ensure a good fit! (This votive holder is 1.75-inches wide at the bottom and 2.25-inches wide at the top). Since each one of these mercury votive holders is made by hand, individual pieces may vary – a nice touch beyond production line products!






When The Lights Go Out: Battery Powered Tea Lights To The Rescue

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Did you know battery powered tea lights are a great back-up lighting system when your lights go out?

From time to time, customers tell us how they use our battery operated candles, and quite a few mention using small, inexpensive tea lights as the perfect alternative light source.

When you lose power, are you left scurrying around, looking for real candles (dangerous!) to light throughout your home?  Or do you wind up carrying a flashlight with you from room to room?  If there aren’t enough flashlights to go around, it’s a tug of war to see who gets one next.  Been there, done that!

Our flameless, battery powered tea lights provide cheerful lighting, when grouped together for reading, or when placed in singles to light the way inside your home.

No dangerous flames and no smoke.  If you have children and pets, that’s reason enough.  Battery powered tea lights provide a continuous, reassuring glow… when it’s scary and stormy outside, flameless tea lights help keep things rosey inside.

You can purchase battery powered tea lights in economical sets.  For example, these Candle Impressions LED tea lights come in a set of ten. Their brightly burning LED creates an amber glow.  Small 1.5-inch diameter and 1.75-inches tall; each comes with a battery that lasts about 60 hours.





Submersible Tea Lights Are Flameless And Waterproof

Event and party planners love our Acolyte submersible tea lights!

These battery operated, flameless LED candles are perfect for water displays.  The tea light housing is waterproof and designed to sink to the bottom of the container, where they’ll stay put without floating or drifting.

Submersible tea lights come in a rainbow of colors:  pink, green, blue, red, purple, teal, amber, orange … white… and even color changing LED.  They come in boxes of ten tea lights, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Submersible Tea Light

Submersible Tea Light

Tea lights are small!  Our submersible tea lights measure about 1-inch high and a little over 1-inch in diameter.  They run on two replaceable button batteries (included), and additional batteries are readily available.  LED life is over 60,000 hours for a lifetime of use.

Waterproof, submersible tea lights are so versatile they find their way into floral arrangements, water-filled vases, indoor and outdoor water displays, centerpieces.  Combine them with our colorful water gel beads for a memorable effect!

We sell our battery operated tea light candles in bulk, which makes them the perfect choice for wedding and event planners.  You can save as much as 15 percent on your order when purchasing 24 or more items.