Outdoor Candles And Decor On Pinterest

Outdoor Candles And Decor galore, on the Battery Operated Candles Pinterest page!

Pinterest:  “A tool for collecting and organizing things you love…”  is used and viewed by millions for work and leisure.

This summer, we’re using Pinterest to display safe, flameless outdoor lighting – from lanterns to patio lights. (It’s our headliner page but be sure to view all our Pinterest pages for deals and decorating ideas).

Battery Operated Wicker Tiki Torch

Battery Operated Wicker Tiki Torch

Take a look at our Pinterest page to see wood and metal candle lanterns in numerous sizes and shapes, all on display for easy viewing and comparing.  You can place candle lanterns on tables or hang from trees, arbors, pergolas and more.  They look great indoors, too.

You’ll also find battery operated candles, specifically made of plastic and resin for year-round outdoor use.

And of course solar, electric and battery operated LED string lights and lanterns.

Very popular right now are our LED trees. From 9-foot cherry trees to tiny table-top bonsai trees, we have just the LED tree to enchant and illuminate!

We have the appropriate size tea light, votive, pillar or taper flameless candle to fit inside candle lanterns and free-standing candelabra.

Start your shopping on Pinterest, and when you see something you like, just click on the link and it will take you right to the Battery Operated Candles website.  It’s fun and easy!

Battery String Lights For Decks And Patios

100 White Battery Powered LED String Lights

100 White Battery Powered LED String Lights

Spring has sprung in the Heartland, and that means it’s time for backyard, outdoor fun.  And this year, why not add some sparkle to your backyard, deck and patio with easy-to-install battery string lights.

Battery operated, LED string lights allow easy installation anywhere – no outdoor plug, no messy extension cords needed!  Our battery string lights run on 3 “D” cell batteries, and under normal use should give you six to eight weeks of shining LED’s before needing to replace batteries.

The 100 White LED indoor – outdoor lights have a heavy waterproof battery pack for outside use. Included is a six-hour timer for your convenience, as well as on/off switch.  Additional features:

  • Twinkle Mode
  • Twinkle Mode with 6 Hour Timer
  • Steady On
  • Steady on with 6 Hour Timer
  • Steady Off
  • Up to 25,000 Hours of Bulb Life
  • Break Resistant Bulbs with Locking feature
  • Total Length 35 Feet
  • 4 Inch Bulb Spacing
  • 16 Inch Lead To Battery Pack

Install our battery string lights around railings on your deck, in trees, arbors, pergolas and patios.  Bars and restaurants learned a long time ago that bright string lights attract customers.  You can create a similar festive atmosphere for parties – graduation is just around the corner! – and when having friends over for a casual summer evening.


Battery Powered LED Lights For Weddings and Special Events

     Looking for battery powered LED lights for weddings and other special events?  A smorgasbord of flameless candles is just a click away.  They’re perfect for churches and reception halls that don’t allow live flames.  And why wouldn’t you use flamess candles – no smoke, no flame, no wax mess!

Silver Garland with 60 warm LEDs

Silver Garland with 60 warm LEDs

  • Tea Lights – Traditionally very small, round candles, tea lights are ideal for creative centerpieces and table decorations.  Our tealights range in sizes such as  3/4-inch to 2-inches high, and typical 1-1/2-inch diameters.  Select from indoor/outdoor, color changing and even submersible styles!
  • Votives – A step-up in size, votive flameless candles come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.  If you’re looking for a somewhat wider diameter, and taller candle, our votives category is a good place to start.
  • And of course, tea lights and votive flameless candles look great in votive holders.  Battery Operated Candles offers a wide selection of decorative glass and acrylic votive holders, for indoor and outdoor use.
  •  Elegant Tapers and Pillars are larger yet, ideal for mantels, centerpieces and bridal parties walking down the aisle.
  • Battery powered LED mini-lights accentuate floral arrangements and tables, and are a classy touch for decorating church pews.  Let your imagination run wild!

Attention wedding planners:  Be sure to check our quantity discounts when ordering for your wedding or special event!