Hanging Patio Lights

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

It’s time to spruce up the patio, and hanging patio lights are a great place to start!

Battery operated, weather-resistant lighting makes installation and maintenance a snap.

Pictured is our Flameless Outdoor Lantern with crossbars and hinged doors.  This good looking, six-sided lantern comes complete with a battery operated, three-inch, melted-look pillar candle, installed and ready to turn on.  The flameless LED candle runs on three “AAA” batteries, and has a five hour timer for convenient on/off operation.

The lantern dimensions are 6.5-inches wide x 9-inches tall, with an overall height of 13-inches.

You can use this candle lantern indoors or outdoors, hanging or resting on a post or table.

Hanging patio lights, hung from shepherd’s hooks, tree limbs, arbors and pergolas turn an ordinary backyard patio into a glowing wonderland!

We have a wide selection of hanging patio lights to choose from, including many styles of flameless candle lanterns.

Or, decorate with colorful solar powered lanterns, made of weather-proof and wind-resistant nylon.

For a more traditional look, consider hanging votive candle holders.  Add flameless, battery operated votive candles to complete the design; hang or place on table tops.

Hanging Patio Lights are just a place to start when designing your ideal backyard paradise. Check out our Pinterest page to spark your creative juices.  Plenty of outdoor candle lanterns and other backyard decor featured!

Flameless, Remote Control Candles Allow Ease Of Use

Flameless, battery operated candles are the safe, easy way to add candles to your decor. Take the technology a step further with Remote Control Candles – the convenient way to place candles throughout your home, office or retail establishment.

By utilizing a remote control with your battery operated candle, you can place the candle inside candle holders and containers, in hard to reach places like tall bookshelves, atop cabinets, vaulted window sills and ledges.  And, if you’re having an event and want to turn on all the candles at the same time, flameless candles with remote control are the way to go.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles of Remote Control Candles.

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Pictured is our Remote Control set of three flameless LED candles.  These candles are 3.25-inches in diameter and 4.5-, 5.5- and 6.5-inches tall.  They’re part of set of flameless remote control candles that are also available in 6.25-inch heights, all which work together on the same remote.

These Remote Control Candles have a melted edge and real melted wax on the outside.  Ivory color and mild vanilla scent.  The LED flickers just like a real flame!

The remote control has a 20-foot range.

Our entire range of battery operated candles with remote controls includes flameless candles for indoor and outdoor applications, candles that come with the remote as an option, and candles and remotes with timer settings as well as LED light adjustments from flicker to glow.

And you thought your TV remote had lots of buttons – now you can sit in your easy chair and turn your flameless candles on and off to your heart’s content!

Battery Operated Candles On Pinterest

Battery Operated Candles is now on Pinterest!

Check it out:  You’ll find photos and descriptions of our newest, hottest items… as well as popular best-sellers.

Right now we’re presenting safe, outdoor lighting from lanterns to patio lights.  Use our Pinterest page to quickly view our many product categories… photos galore!  See something you like, click on it and you’ll be whisked right to the page on the Battery Operated Candles website.  It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s easy!

Featured on Pinterest right now:

Flameless Tiki Torch

Flameless Tiki Torch



Outdoor Battery Powered Candles For Your Deck and Patio

It’s time to sweep off the deck and patio, put out the furniture, and fire up the grill!  There’s nothing like our outdoor battery powered candles and their glowing flameless candlelight when the sun goes down.

You can leave our flameless candles outdoors all season without fear of melting.  That’s because Battery Operated Candles outdoor candles are made of plastic and resin materials that will not melt in the hot sun.  And they’ll even stay “lit” in wind and rain!

Remote controls and timers allow for ease of use.

Weatherproof, Flameless Outdoor Battery Powered Candles

Weatherproof, Flameless Outdoor Battery Powered Candles

A great place to start is with our set of five flameless outdoor candles, molded in pleasing ivory color resin.

These indoor/outdoor flameless candles come in a set of two 3-inch x 4-1/2-inch candles, two 3-inch x 6-inch candles, and one 3-inch x 8-inch candle.  Arrange them together or separately – the choice is yours.

The candles come with a manual on/off switch, as well as a timer.  By using the timer, the flameless candles will turn on at the same time each day, and run for five hours.

Outdoor Flameless Candles – Perfect On The Water

Outdoor Flameless Candles In Five Colors

Outdoor Flameless Candles In Five Colors

Attention boaters!  Outdoor flameless candles are the perfect addition to a nighttime cruise and dockside ambiance.

A moonlight cruise on your pontoon, speed boat or yacht…  with outdoor flameless candles providing a warm glow in the star-filled night.  Whether it’s a romantic evening or a festive party, we have just the right outdoor flameless candles!

Made of plastic and resin materials, our outdoor battery operated candles will not melt in the sun, are waterproof, and won’t blow out in the wind – no matter how fast you’re going!

Outdoor flameless candles are equippped with timers so you don’t have to worry with turning them on and off.  A variety of sizes and colors allow you to create just the right effect; available in singles and groupings.

You can also place outdoor battery operated candles in our wood and metal lanterns, offered in many sizes and colors.  And, battery operated LED stringlights look fantastic on docks at night.