Luminara Battery Candles Dance And Flicker

Luminara battery candles dance and flicker just like a live flame, thanks to their patented flame effect technology.  Luminara battery candles utilize a unique lighting system that creates a “dancing flame” so real you’ll swear it’s alive!  This is accomplished with an internal LED light source, which shines upward to the wick through electromagnets.  The electromagnets cause the light (flame) to dance and flicker.

Our selection of Luminara battery candles includes pillars and candle lanterns.  Choose from indoor flameless, battery operated candles made of real wax, or outdoor flameless candles made of plastic, to resist heat, cold, wind and rain.

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Scented candles – such as sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, sea breeze, floral spice, forest and more – or unscented candles come in combinations with and without timers and even remote control.

Here’s our Luminara flameless candle in ivory color and floral spice scent.  Measuring 4-inches in diameter x 5-inches tall, this candle features a handy remote control and five-hour timer.

The candle has about  240 hours of run time on 2 “D” batteries.

These remote control candles also come in 7- and 9-inch heights.

Luminara battery candles made for indoor use – real wax – come in lush, distinctive colors.  All come with 5-hour timer, and offer the convenience of an optional remote control.  Choose from colors like burgundy, sage, sky blue, pink, green, dark brown, blue, lavender, ivory.  Scented and unscented.

And if you’re looking for candle lanterns, Luminara battery candles – plastic outdoor type – come installed in your choice of size and style candle lanterns.

Place Luminara candle lanterns on decks and porches, or use their attached hanger to hang in trees and hooks.  Metal construction and plastic outdoor candle add up to hours of trouble-free use.  Luminara candle lanterns look great indoors, too.

Luminara battery candles – the flameless candle with the dancing flame!

Hanging Votive Candle Holders

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holder

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holder

Hanging Votive Candle Holders are perfect for tea light, and votive, size flameless candles. They’re ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Outside hang from arbors, pergolas, shepherd’s hooks and tree branches; inside hang from hooks in walls and ceilings, centerpieces and other fixtures.

Pictured is one of our Clear Glass Hanging Votive Candle Holders.  Sold in sets of four.

Measuring 1.5-inches at the bottom, 3.75-inches at top and 6-inches tall, these hanging votive candle holders are an ideal match with our battery powered, flameless, tea lights.  Fill them with water and place our submersible tea lights inside – submersible tea lights come in a variety of colors for endless lighting schemes.  Or, use our standard 3-inch wax coated tea lights – alone or with sand or pebbles – for another lovely lighting effect.

These clear glass hanging votive candle holders are handmade, so there might be slight variations from piece to piece.  Wire hangers included.

You can select hanging votive candle holders in a variety of sizes and materials.  Choose from clear and colored glass, crystal, natural burlap, metal with shabby chic decor… even decorative silver.

Our Decorative Silver Hanging Votive Candle Holder measures 7-inches tall and has a 2.75-inch opening at the top.  The perfect candle match is one of our 1.5-inch diameter tea lights.

If you select a colored tea light, it magically shines that hue through star-shaped openings in the votive’s design.

When choosing flameless candles to fit hanging votive candle holders, be sure to check the bottom dimensions of the holder.  Tea lights are our smallest flameless candles, and votive candles are the next size up – in diameter and height.  You’ll find a large selection of both hanging votive candle holders, and matching tea lights and votives on the Battery Operated Candles website.


Metal Candle Lanterns

Metal Mesh Candle Lanterns

Metal Mesh Candle Lanterns

Take a look at our set of two Large Scale Iron And Mesh Metal Candle Lanterns!  You can use these metal candle lanterns with, or without, their stands.

These large scale metal candle lanterns measure 36- and 45-inches tall.  They feature mesh sides accented by the metal work.

Additional dimensions:

Tall lantern’s cage is 31-inches tall, and the  stand is 15-inches tall, with  tray 12-inches x 12-inches.

The small lantern cage measures 23-inches, the stand 13-inches and the tray 9.5-inches x 9.5-inches.

Candles sold separately.  Due to their large size, any of our larger pillar battery operated candles make a good match.

Our large mesh metal candle lanterns look fantastic on decks, patios and pool side.  Place them in your garden or flower beds.

At the other end of the spectrum is our set of three  Ivory Colored Metal Candle Lanterns –   11-, 16- and 21-inches tall (5-, 7-, 9-inch widths).  Crafted of metal and glass, these metal candle lanterns are perfect for tabletops, cabinets, mantels, book shelves and ledges.  Use them indoors or outdoors.  With their built-in hangers, you can attach to shepherd’s hook or hang from trees and arbors.

Their glass hinged doors open/close easily, for installation of an appropriately sized flameless, battery powered candle.  For outdoor applications, we suggest one of our weatherproof outdoor candles.

If you’re looking for Old World charm, peruse our Manchester, Sheffield and Cheshire metal candle lanterns.  These beautifully designed lanterns make use of weathered metals, beveled glass and unique cutouts to create an unforgettable look. Simply open the hinged door on any of these lanterns and insert a battery operated tea light, votive or pillar candle.

Durable Metal Candle Lanterns, when combined with a safe, flameless candle, provide years of trouble-free enjoyment.  Large or small, simple or ornate, we have a style that’s sure to please.

DIY Wedding Chandelier

Crystal Gemstone Three Tier Chandelier

Crystal Gemstone Three Tier Chandelier

We just went to a wedding reception held outdoors in a huge party tent.  In addition to festive string lights draped in the tent’s framework, there was a gorgeous DIY Wedding Chandelier hanging in the center of the tent.

You can use a DIY Wedding Chandelier for your reception – indoors or outdoors –  for any special occasion, or keep it hanging on porches or elsewhere in your home year round.

And we have just the DIY Wedding Chandelier for you – portable, easy to install.

The DIY Wedding Chandelier at left is our beautiful and elegant Three Tier Beaded Gemstone Chandelier.  It features baby blue iridescent crystal beads.  25-inches in height and 10-inches in diameter, this hanging chandelier hangs 25-inches with chain, 16-inches without.

It comes with an electric light kit that uses up to a 75-watt bulb.

Or, combine this chandelier with our battery operated, LED light kit (sold separately).

This style of DIY Wedding Chandelier is also available in pink, mint, lavender and clear – choose the color that matches bridesmaid’s dresses and the rest of your decorating scheme.

For a more traditional look DIY Wedding Chandelier, we offer a variety of chandeliers with beads and clear, acrylic crystals.

For example, our Crystal Acrylic, With Large Clear Gems, DIY Wedding Chandelier measures 12-inches wide and 10-inches high (19-inches hanging).  Its cascading large gem crystals – 5-inches long – are an elegant look for weddings and special events.

You can also get this same chandelier with multi-color crystals.  This dazzling chandelier features pink, orange, green and blue crystals, which dazzle and cast interesting patterns when lit with the included lighting kit or our optional LED battery operated light.

You’ll find more DIY Wedding Chandeliers in our Wedding category, and if a more standard look is what you want, check out our Kami Chandeliers in Outdoor Decor.


Candlelight Vigil Candles

Safe Flame LED Vigil Candles

Safe Flame LED Vigil Candles

Candlelight Vigil Candles add dignity to somber occasions, are complementary items for religious rituals and ceremonies, and provide added meaning to graduations and other large events.

But Candlelight Vigil Candles with live flames are unpredictable outside, drip messy wax on bare hands, and produce unwanted smoke.

Battery operated, flameless Candlelight Vigil Candles to the rescue!  They’re safe for children and easy to use for choirs and large groups.

Our Safe Flame Candlelight Vigil Candles are economically priced to supply just a few or a hundred. Each candle comes supplied with two AAA batteries and turns on/off with a switch on the bottom of the candle. Shines 50 hours on one set of batteries; batteries have a two year shelf life and are sealed inside the candle.  Taper candle measures about 6-inches tall.

These candles are durable and dependable.  There is no exposed flame, yet the LED light source creates a realistic flickering flame effect.

Our Candlelight Vigil Candle is bright enough to use as a mini-flashlight, to read sheet music, programs, etc. in darkened environments.  Their economical price and ease of use make them ideal for churches, choirs, schools, charity events and other large groups – anywhere live flame candles are not allowed, and anywhere you want the convenience of a battery operated, flameless Candlelight Vigil Candle.

This same candle is available with a blue LED light source, as well as neon color changing bulbs, if desired.

Also available are Candlelight Vigil Candles with incandescent bulbs.  Sold in sets of two, they’re powered by two AA batteries.  7-inch height.  A color-changing bulb is optional.

And, we also offer a 6-inch white Candlelight Vigil Candle powered by two AA bulbs, with a 700 hour battery life.  Sold in sets of two.

You’ll find our battery operated, flameless Candlelight Vigil Candles in the Taper Candles category on the Battery Operated Candles website.


Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Battery Operated Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Battery Operated Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Get the party started with spectacular fiber optic lighting!

Pictured is our Fiber Optic Lighting Kit, a battery operated light that runs on two AA batteries.

This Flora Lite Fiber Optic Lighting Kit is perfect for centerpieces, wedding arrangements, bridal bouquets and other floral applications.

It features 50 fibers and is 12-inches long, with a 3/4-inch diameter base.

You’ll be amazed at the brilliant light these tiny fiber optics add to any decor.  You can cut to any length, and, if you scrape the sides of the fibers, light shines where you scrape – a really neat effect.

Also available is a Multi-Color Changing Fiber Optic Light Up Decoration.  This battery operated (2 AA batteries) fiber optic light comes complete with its own base.  13-inch total height.

And we’re not done yet!  To round out our fiber optic lighting, we offer a pink, battery powered fiber optic light with 10-inch height and dazzling 12-inch width, as well as a battery operated White Crystal Fiber Optic Light.

The White Crystal Fiber Optic Light features clear crystal rocks in the base and white LED lights for the fiber optics. The lower portion of the base is black, which in low light makes the upper portion seem to be floating in mid air.  Mesmerizing!

This light runs on 3 AAA batteries.  It’s 13-inches tall and 18-inches wide.  At the base, 3-inches diameter and 3.25-inches tall.

Our Fiber Optic Lighting Kit is part of our selection of Event Lights and Floral Lights.  In addition to flameless tea lights in numerous styles, lighted floral branches and string lights, we have all sorts of specialty lights – probably quite a few you’ve never seen:

Lights like floral spotlights… base lights in various shapes and arrangement of light bulbs…  even an illuminated display pedestal.  View them all on the Battery Operated Candles website.

It’s Our July Sale And Deals Are Hot Hot Hot!

Wax Snowman Tea Lights

Wax Snowman Tea Lights

Air conditioners are running overtime in the Midwest, and that means it’s our July Sale and deals are hot hot hot!

Hey – think ahead to winter and the holidays – and take advantage of some really good deals on Christmas and holiday decorations.

Here’s our set of three battery operated Snowman Tea Lights.  Made of wax, and hand-painted, these small flameless tea lights will fit into the smallest of spaces.  They’re 2-inches in diameter and 3-inches tall, and each has its own unique design.

Or how about a color changing, Red LED Christmas Lantern?  Made with red shimmer PVC, the lantern has color changing LED’s inside, and the words Merry Christmas written on it.  Measures 18-inches tall.  Use it as a centerpiece or place in your window.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, we’re offering a big discount on our Brass Plated Stocking Holder.  It not only spells out the word NOEL, it includes four battery operated, flameless (safe!) taper candles.  Hooks for four stockings.  8-inches tall with tapers; 4.5-inches without, 5-inches wide x 3.75-inches deep.  A lovely addition to your mantel.

And we have more July Sale deals!  Check out our darling wood sleigh, complete with snow pine tree and 20 white LED’s.

We’ve even place our Lighted “Peace On Earth” LED Wall Art on sale this month.  Lighted Canvas Wall Art is a hot decorating item.  It combines the beauty of a real canvas print, stretched and framed on wood, with strategically placed LED bulbs in the art.  An On/Off switch on the side of the frame operates the LED lighting.  Buy now for the upcoming holiday season!

You’ll find all our July Sale deals on the Clearance Sale page of the Battery Operated Candles website.  Happy shopping!


Candle Lanterns For Weddings

Set the mood for evening receptions with Candle Lanterns For Weddings.  A candle lantern, matched with one of our flameless, battery operated candles, creates an inviting atmosphere of cheer and warmth.

You’ll find a large selection of candle lanterns for weddings throughout the Battery Operated Candles website.  With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be able to match one – or more – candle lanterns to all your reception decorations.

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are ideal as table centerpieces, and placed throughout the reception area, be it indoors or outdoors.  You can hang candle lanterns on trees, arbors and shepherd’s hooks; place them on deck and porch railings, line walkways, and position among flowers and garden plants.

A good place to start is with our Birdcage Candle Holder Lanterns.  Sold as a set of two, these are charming candle lanterns for weddings.

Measuring 23 and 29.5-inches tall, the metal bases support wire cloche birdcages.  The bases are wide enough to support votive and pillar size flameless candles (sold separately).  Keeping with a wedding theme, our Pearl White pillar flameless candle – white, with a dusting of iridescent glitter – is a good match.

Place fresh flowers, battery powered string lights, strands of crystal and pearl beads or decorative ribbon inside and around the candle lanterns for further effect.

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are just one category of DIY wedding supplies we offer, economically priced for wedding and event planners, and individuals alike.  You can design your entire wedding and reception decor with natural and manufactured ribbons and fabrics, votives and votive holders, centerpieces, decorating accessories and more.  And, of course we offer the widest selection of flameless, battery operated candles – indoor and outdoor – you’ll find anywhere.

For design ideas, take a look at some photos on Pinterest.


Mini Submersible LED Lights

Mini Submersible LED Lights By David Tutera

Mini Submersible LED Lights By David Tutera

If you want to add a real wow factor to centerpieces and floral arrangements, try out Mini Submersible LED Lights.

Here are our David Tutera Gold Wired 20 LED Submersible Warm White Lights. Part of David Tutera’s Bridal Collection, these warm white lights are perfect for floral arrangements, centerpieces, wedding and anniversary decorations.

This battery powered strand of lights – 6-feet long – is completely submersible.  However, the small battery pack is not waterproof, so needs to be placed outside water, easily hidden in other decorations.

The 20 warm white LED’s are interspersed along flexible gold wire.  With its 3 AAA batteries, you’ll enjoy 30 hours of run time.

We have a full range of mini submersible LED lights, so you’re sure to find the length and style you want.  If you want mini submersible LED lights with a convenient timer function, we offer a 36 LED strand, 9-feet long, with warm white LED’s.

Or, select a shorter strand of 12 LED’s with silver wire, also battery operated.

If you’re just looking for mini LED string lights, we have you covered.  Various lengths and number of lights, from Rice Lights (tiny, rice shaped) to specialty patterns to holiday lighting.  Lights on garlands make lovely table decorations!

Mini submersible LED lights and regular battery operated mini string lights are a festive and easy way to add sparkle and fun to your next celebration.  In white, warm white and colored LED bulbs, you’ll appreciate their long life and charming glow.

Unscented Flameless Candles

Unscented Flameless Candles are the perfect choice for weddings and receptions, as well as around your home.  Flameless, battery operated candles are ideal for churches and reception halls that restrict live flame candles, and unscented flameless candles provide the ambiance without accompanying scent, often unnecessary for these applications.

We offer an extensive selection unscented flameless candles, in a variety of sizes.  Our unscented pillars, for example, are available in all the sizes and features you can ask for.

Unscented Flameless Pillar Candle In Three Sizes

Unscented Flameless Pillar Candle In Three Sizes

Here’s our White Heavy Textured Unscented Flameless Candle.

Offered in three sizes:  3-inch x 4-inch, 3-inch x 6-inch and 6-inch x 6-inch, this real wax cake textured  candle is chosen by wedding planners and home decorators alike.

It features three LED’s that produce a beautiful amber glow.  Perfect for the holidays, weddings and year-round in your home.

The candles have an On/Off switch as well as 4 and 8 hour timer.  Requires two “D” batteries.

Unscented flameless candles are available with timers and remotes for ease of use.  Select from smooth to textured finishes, with wax drip features and a variety of colors.

Pillar candles are typically candles that have a large enough base they can stand on their own, without a candle holder.  If you want to see a whopper of an unscented flameless candle, take a look at our 10-inch diameter x 18-inch tall battery powered candle.  Now that’s a flameless pillar!