Battery Operated, Remote Control Candles

Remote Ready Cranberry Flameless Candle

Remote Ready Cranberry Flameless Candle

Flameless, battery operated Remote Control Candles are the modern way to light your home this holiday season.  We have a wide selection of remote control candles to satisfy your decorating requirements:  Choose a single candle, or groups of two and three flameless candles that are controlled from one remote.  What could be more easy and convenient?

Here’s our remote-ready Cranberry flameless candle.  Measuring 3-inches in diameter x 4-inches tall, this battery operated candle from Amazing Flameless features super-bright LED’s and a 4-, 6- or 8-hour timer.  It’s sold with or without a remote control:  Use the remote and enjoy easy on/off with the touch of a button.  Or, simply set the timer for the desired time.  This candle is made of real wax, and has a bayberry scent.  4 AA batteries provide about 450 hours of run-time.  The cranberry color is lovely during the Christmas season, and perfect for year-round decor.

If you choose a candle from Amazing Flameless, their remote control offers a variety of functions.  In addition to On/Off, the remote control sets the matching timer function on your remote control candles – 2, 4, 6 and 8-hour run-times.  You can also set the candle and light functions, as well as bright and dim – all from your easy chair.  This allows you to set remote control candles in hard-to-reach places like bookshelves and ledges, in addition to mantels and table-tops.  Use remote control candles as convenient night lights throughout the home.

We offer remote control candles from several manufacturers, all with distinctive features unique to their brand.  Choose from fun color changing candles, tiny tea lights with remote control, even a remote control LED candle lantern, complete with weather-resistant candle so perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Remote Control Candles are ideal for wedding and event planners, as well as restaurants and churches.  We offer great discounts, and you can mix ‘n match as well.


Battery Operated Wreath: Perfect For Christmas And Throughout The Holidays

Battery Operated Glittered Fruit Wreath

Battery Operated Glittered Fruit Wreath

Wreaths are a beautiful addition to doors and windows all year round, and here’s a Battery Operated Wreath that’s perfect for the Christmas season:  Our 24-inch LED Glittered Fruit Battery Operated Wreath is on sale just in time for Christmas.

New for the 2013 holiday season, this battery operated wreath is a lovely addition inside or outside your home.  It’s delightfully decorated with glitter and fruit.  Its LED’s twinkle and shine, powered by 3 AA batteries and featuring a convenient battery pack with 6-hour timer.

You’ll find this battery operated wreath on our Sale Page, loaded with deals just in time for the holidays.  On this special page you’ll find great deals on selected LED canvas wall art, LED ornaments for your tree and table-top, entire LED trees, accessories, and of course, flameless, battery operated candles.  You’ll find candles from tea lights to votives, from tapers to pillars, all with safe, flameless operation.

Another popular battery operated wreath is our 24-inch Poinsettia.  Beautifully decorated with red poinsettias, gold pine cones and highlighted with 25 warm white LED’s, this wreath is ideal for the Christmas holidays. Red berries and gold sprays add highlights.  Two C batteries required, and the wreath features a 6-hour timer as well as on/off switch.

Or, perhaps you’d like to make your own wreath.  By using our Deco Poly Mesh fabric, and accompanying wreath work forms, you can create a Christmas, holiday or sports wreath that’s uniquely your own.  Rolls of Deco Poly Mesh fabric (waterproof so ideal for outdoor applications) are available in solid and metallic colors, solids and prints.  Deco Poly Mesh ribbon is offered in 2.5- and 4-inch widths.  And we have plenty of accessories you can add to your wreath, including battery operated LED string lights, to turn your Deco Poly Mesh wreath into a dazzling, twinkling light display.

You can even outline your entire entryway with Deco Poly Mesh!  Check out our Facebook page for details.

A battery operated wreath, with twinkling LED light display, can be a charming addition to your decor this holiday season.


Battery Operated Christmas Candles Are Charming And Safe!

Battery operated Christmas candles are the safe way to decorate your home this holiday season.  Cheerful, charming, flameless battery operated Christmas candles are the perfect choice for decorating windows, mantels, tables, holiday trees… select a weatherproof outdoor candle and enjoy convenient flameless operation that won’t blow out in the wind or rain.

You’ll find a wide assortment of battery operated Christmas candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Of course, they’re just part of the hundreds of flameless candles and accessories we offer.

Christmas Trio Scented Flameless Candles

Christmas Trio Scented Flameless Candles

Here’s our trio of scented Battery Operated Christmas Candles.  Each flameless candle is 3-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  Green, red and ivory color, each with a pleasing scent:  Green – Evergreen; Red – Apple Cinnamon; Ivory – Vanilla.  Two AA batteries are included with each candle, ready to go.  So realistic with a melted look.  Keep these candles together or give them individually as gifts.

(Note the natural burlap table runner these candles are resting on.  Burlap is this year’s hot decorating accessory, and we have burlap in the sizes, shapes and lengths to fit your decorating scheme.  Choose from natural burlap or our Deco Poly Mesh fabric).

From tea lights to votives and votive holders, to pillars to tapers, battery operated Christmas candles will find a place in your home, and they make great gifts, too.

For example, our Red Acrylic Poinsettia tea lights are a delightful addition to table tops and centerpieces.  This set of four tea lights features a steady-on red LED light surrounded by acrylic poinsettia leaves.  The leaves and light rest in a silver base.  2-inches in diameter and 1.5-inches tall, each requires a CR2032 battery, included.

Or, take a look at our huge selection of battery operated Christmas candles, specifically designed for windows (and can be placed all over your home).  These flameless tapers come in singles or tiers of three flameless candles.  Choose from photo-sensor on/off, amber and white LED lights, candles with timers, and our new Ultra Bright battery operated window candles with dual-glow technology.

Be sure to check the Battery Operated Candles website for daily coupon codes and specials, all during the month of December!


Holiday Decorating With Battery Operated, LED Candles

Red Glitter Pillar LED Candles

Red Glitter Pillar LED Candles

The holidays are just around the corner, so time to start thinking about decorating with battery operated, LED candles.  Flameless LED candles are the smart, modern choice for decorating inside and outside your home.  LED candles have no live flame, so are safe around curtains and furniture, not to mention children and pets.  No wax drip, no smoke, no soot.

Pictured are our Candle Impressions Red Glitter Christmas Candles.  This set of two flameless, LED candles are 3-inches in diameter and 4- and 6-inches tall.  Distinctive red glitter creates a sparkly look.  Unscented.

You’ll know these are Candle Impressions battery operated candles, thanks to the distinctive black wick.  The LED light source flickers like an amber flame.  Two AA batteries required.

These Red Glitter LED candles are perfect for Christmas and for display all through the holidays.

Battery powered window candles say “welcome” all year round, and are particularly popular during the holidays.  We’ve added some new LED window candles to our already large selection.  For example, now you can enjoy Luminara flame effect technology in a taper size window candle, which comes complete with its own base ready to place in windows, on tables, mantels and bookshelves.  Luminara candles utilize electromagnets to make the LED flame flicker and dance so realistically you’d think it’s a live flame.

For outdoor decorating, we have a variety of battery operated candles specifically designed for outdoor use.  These LED candles are made of resin or plastic, to withstand winter cold and summer heat.  Combine them with one of our outdoor candle lanterns for a cheery holiday look.

Keeping in the “red” theme, check out our set of three Red Metal Lanterns.  Measuring 14-, 17- and 20-inches tall, they’re crafted of metal and glass.  These square lanterns look great arranged together or displayed separately.  Place them on porches or hang from a shepherd’s hook.  Flameless outdoor candles sold separately.

You’ll find all sorts of items perfect for holiday decorating on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Just In! New Luminara Candles

We’re always adding new styles of flameless, battery operated candles to our already large inventory, and these new Luminara Candles are sure to please.

You know Luminara Candles – the flameless candles with the dancing flame so realistic you’d swear it’s real.  Luminara Candles utilize an internal LED that shines upward through electromagnets, making the light flicker and dance like a live flame as it reaches the candle’s exposed wick.

Pictured is Luminara’s Tiger Print Flameless Candle.  Measuring 3.5-inches diameter x 5-inches tall, this unscented Luminara Candle is orange, ivory and black in color.

Luminara Flameless Candle With Tiger Print

Luminara Flameless Candle With Tiger Print

Other animal prints available include Chetta and Zebra prints – fun!

All three candles have a five-hour timer, are remote ready (sold separately) and run on two D batteries.

Luminara Damask Candles come in luxurious blue, with white Damask carvings and an amber LED glow – enchanting!

Damask features patterns that are often geometric or botanical in theme.  Though originating with fabric, the term has expanded to include the design incorporated on other items, including famed swords made of Damascus Steel.  Today, Damask is associated with luxury, and our Luminara Damask Candles are that and more.

And if you like paisley, we have carved Luminara Candles in caramel and ivory sure to please.

Or, take a look at Luminara Candles with embedded peppermints and sea shells around their bases.  These flameless candles are ivory in color, real wax, and come with five hour timers and optional remotes.  3.5-inches x 5-inches in size.

Luminara Candles come in a variety of colors and sizes to satisfy any decorating requirement.  Indoor and outdoor battery powered candles offered, including candle lanterns in many sizes and styles.  Luminara outdoor candles are weather resistant to withstand summer heat and winter cold.

Check out all the new Luminara Candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Lighted Trees For All Seasons

Lighted trees create ambiance and charm no matter the season.  Whether your application is outdoor (patio, pool, deck, garden), on a porch or sun room, or for indoor decor, lighted trees add cheer and brightness.

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted trees are ideal for special events like wedding receptions, anniversary parties and high school dances, as well as permanent decorations in restaurants and offices.

Take a look at our Color Changing Lighted Trees:  This Silver Blossom tree features 90 LED’s and adjustable height.

Turn on this tree and watch its 90 bright LED’s cycle through seven colors.  It can be used indoors or outdoors – use these lighted trees in full blossom to light up your yard, porch, patio and anywhere in your home, shop, restaurant or office.  The branches are bendable to fit any design scheme.

You can adjust the tree to 62 and 75-inch heights by using the base stand, and 60-inches and 73-inches when using the garden stake.

Our Color Changing Silver Blossom lighted trees come with AC adapter and 30-foot cord.

If single color lighted trees are more to your liking, our Warm White LED Parkview Elm is absolutely spectacular.  This 7.5-foot tall tree features 512 LED’s, and clear, soft acrylic leaves.  The trunk is brown.

You can use this tree indoors and outdoors.  It has a 16.4-foot lead to a low voltage transformer, which is included.

More lighted trees include cherry trees with a variety of LED’s, colors and heights.

We have lighted bonsai trees to delight everyone – our 18-inch bonsai is the perfect addition to college dorm rooms!

Willow trees and lighted willow branches are lovely additions to existing floral arrangements and as stand-alone decorations, inside and outside.

Most of our lighted trees are electric plug-in style, and we also offer some battery operated lighted branches for the ultimate in flexible installation.

You’ll find all our lighted trees on the Battery Operated Candles website.



Battery Tea Lights Wholesale Pricing!

If you need a large quantity of battery tea lights, we’ve got them, along with wholesale pricing that will make you smile.

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Featured now are our Color Changing Battery Tea Lights, offered in wholesale bulk packaging:  36 blister packs each with four color changing battery tea lights – total 144 pieces.

Everlasting  BatteryTea Lights have a flame shaped LED bulb, which flickers and rotates through seven fun colors. Comes in standard tealight size – 1.5 x 2 inches – and features vivid color changes such as blue, green, red and yellow.

These battery tea lights have a powerful flicker, which creates a wonderful effect as the LED’s sequence through their colors.

Battery Tea Lights are the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.  The LED bulb has no smoke or flame so it’s safe near decorations and kids.  Cool to the touch.

Our top-quality battery tea lights feature a sturdy three leg platform, for perfect placement even in difficult spots. One click on/off switch and long-lasting lithium batteries yield over 72 hours of continuous use. And, LED bulbs last about twelve times longer than standard bulbs with very low battery consumption.

Also offered at wholesale prices are our white battery tea lights, with beautiful yellow/orange LED flame.  Packaged the same as our color changing tea lights, these tea lights are 1.5 x 2-inches and are powered by a supplied lithium battery.  Replacement batteries are always available from us, at economical discount prices.  Read about our replacement batteries by clicking on the link.

Our battery tea lights, with waxless LED wicks, can be used with votive holders, or placed in floral arrangements and other decorations.  Ideal for catering halls, outdoor concerts (won’t blow out), church socials, weddings, high school dances and more!  Halloween is just around the corner, and these battery tea lights are perfect for pumpkins and other decorations.  Tired of using a live flame candle in your pumpkin and having the wind blow it out?  That won’t happen with our battery tea lights!  Order today.

Battery Operated Halloween Decorations

Halloween Witch Candle With Spooky Sounds

Halloween Witch Candle With Spooky Sounds

Battery Operated Halloween Decorations are the safe and convenient choice this Halloween season.  Whether your goal is gruesome and scary, or fun and lighthearted, we have battery operated Halloween decorations that will make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

Start off with our battery operated Halloween Spooky Sounds Candle.  Measuring 3-inches in diameter and 4.5-inches tall, this orange and  black candle’s LED flickers and glows just like a real candle.  Unscented, made of real wax.

The scary witch is depicted with black hat and broom.  An On/Off switch allows for optional use of the spooky Halloween sounds.

Kid and pet friendly, battery operated Halloween decorations like our Spooky Witch Candle provide peace of mind when you’re dishing out the candy.  No flame, no drips and no mess.

You can get this same candle with a Spooky Spider design – when turned on, the web-spinning spider crawls around the candle behind the orange glow of its flickering LED light source.

On the other end of our battery operated Halloween decorations is the delightfully gruesome Skull and Skeleton Taper Candle Holder.  This three tier candelabra in silver and black glitter color features three skulls with 1-inch openings on the top of the skull to hold flameless, taper candles.  The center post has an additional skeleton design.  Blood drips from the skull’s mouths. 4-inch base and 12-inches tall.

Also available in an 11-inch Skull & Bones design.

Battery operrated, flameless candles sold separately.  A good choice is our 18-inch black glitter flameless taper candle.

And of course we have pumpkins!  You can select battery operated Halloween decorations with pumpkin themes, such as flameless tea lights for display inside carved pumpkins or as a decoration on their own.  We have battery operated tea lights with bats, spiders, in orange and black; tea lights with strobes for cool effects inside a carved pumpkin, cute pumpkin shaped tea lights for display… on and on.

Make Battery Operated Candles your HQ for battery operated Halloween Decorations this holiday season.  Quantity pricing means good savings – so you can buy more candy!

Burlap Votive Holders

Burlap And Glass Votive Holders

Burlap And Glass Votive Holders

Natural burlap is this year’s popular design accessory, and we have Burlap Votive Holders to complement any decor.

Here’s our set of six Glass and Burlap Votive Holders.  Measurements are  2.5-inches tall, 1.75-inches at the bottom, 2.25-inches at top.  Each clear glass votive is wrapped in natural burlap.

Whether your design goal is shabby chic or classy rustic, these burlap votive holders are right at home for weddings, anniversaries, and parties at home.

An interesting, alternative style to these traditional votives is our Natural Burlap Goblet votive holder.  Its irregular, rounded shape is 4.5-inches tall and 3-inches wide.

And then there’s our charming 3-inch Hanging Burlap Votive Holders.  These burlap covered glass hanging tea light holders are sold in sets of six.  You can fill them with water and use our submersible tea lights, or use a regular tea light – white, amber or color changing – for a lovely effect.  Measures 1.5-inches at the bottom and 2-inches wide at the top.  Wire hangers are included with these burlap votive holders.

You can use our flameless, battery operated tea light and votive size candles with these burlap votive holders.  When selecting, simply match votive holder and candle dimensions.

A good choice is our Candle Impressions 1.75-inch tall, cream color, unscented, round candle.  A larger tea light, this flameless candle fills the burlap votive holders.  It’s made of real wax and features the black wick you’ll find on every Candle Impressions flameless candle.

And easy On/Off switch is located on the bottom of the candle.  It uses CR2032 batteries, always available from us.

We have battery operated, flameless tea lights in the colors, sizes and quantities to fit whatever your needs.  Choose from submersibles, color changing, remote control, tea lights with timers, rechargeables… and you can mix and match quantities to come up with discounts that will make you smile.

Burlap Votive Holders and flameless, battery operated candles – a winning combination.


Flameless, Battery Operated Rechargeable Tea Lights

Tiny tea lights are a decorator’s dream.  These smallest of candles can be used in a variety of decors, placed singly or in groups.  Flameless, battery operated Rechargeable Tea Lights offer convenience and safety over a live flame candle.

And Battery Operated Candles is your source for Rechargeable Tea Lights.  Our bulk pricing allows you to purchase the quantities you need, at a price you can afford.

Battery Operated Rechargeable Tea Lights

Battery Operated Rechargeable Tea Lights

Here’s our Rechargeable Tea Lights, set of twelve.  These flickering tea lights are rechargeable over 500 times.  Their bright light and high quality deliver value and versatility, for restaurants, event planners, caterers and home owners.

Each set comes with twelve rechargeable tea lights, twelve votive candle holders, and a charging station which holds all twelve tea lights.  AC adapter included.   Each tea light has an On/Off switch on the bottom.

The tea lights measure 1.5-inches diameter x 2-inches tall, and feature an amber LED light source that flickers like a real flame.  The tea lights can be used with, or without, the votive holders.

These rechargeable tea lights will shine about 10 hours on a single charge, and take about 6 hours to recharge.  Rechargeable tea lights offer long lasting value and savings over live flame and even replaceable batteries.

If you’re looking for the highest quality Rechargeable Tea Lights you can find, take a look at our set of twelve commercial grade flameless tea lights.  Available in warm white or amber LED “True Flicker”  flame colors, these rechargeable tea lights utilizes an inductive charging base that eliminates all pins, prongs and slots to line up.  Just drop the tea lights into the charger holes, and 8 hours later they’re ready for 12 to 14 hours of reliable lighting service.

This set comes with twelve tea lights, twelve votive holders and a recharging base.  A nice feature is the ability to link up to four charging bases together, for easy recharging.

View all the Rechargeable Tea Lights on the Battery Operated Candles website.