LED Willow Tree With Green Or White Lights

Green LED Willow Tree

Green LED Willow Tree

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of lighted floral branches, as well as entire LED trees, large and small.  Featured here is our LED Willow Tree, available in a choice of green or white lights.

LED Willow Trees come in 6.5- and 8-foot heights.  Both sizes tout 640 LED lights and 640 acrylic leaves.  The drooping leaves look just like the real thing, and the bendable trunk and branches are black.  Base included.

These electric plug-in trees are UL listed, and have a generous 16.5-foot lead to their transformer.

Any pre-lit LED tree is a spectacular addition to interiors and exteriors alike.  Our LED willows look great as stand-alone decorations, and you might consider combining both white and green LED trees for a memorable photographic backdrop at parties, weddings and other special events.

Small, bright, LED lighting is cool-to-the-touch and has a long life before needing to replace bulbs. LED’s are the perfect choice for lighted trees, floral branches and string lights.  Try any of our LED lighting products for your next party, and we’ll bet you’ll never put them away.

And remember – volume pricing starts on as few as two items, so you’ll always save at Battery Operated Candles!

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Color Changing LED Tree

Color Changing LED Tree

Color Changing LED Tree

Picture this beautiful color changing LED Tree in your home’s entryway, or in your office or retail establishment’s lobby!

Our color changing LED Cherry tree features 208 LED lights wrapped in silver, along with 208 acrylic flowers.  It’s adjustable for three heights:  5, 7 and a whopping 9-feet tall.  The tree top section is 3-feet tall, and its three pole sections are 2-feet each.

Its multi-color, color-changing LED’s are safe, emitting little heat and run off UL approved AC adapters.

While this color changing LED tree is designed mainly for indoor use, you can use it outdoors as well – just be sure to bring it inside when not in use, and during inclement weather.

If a single color LED tree is more to your taste, we also have cherry trees with white, blue and pink LED’s.

They’re all part of our extensive collection of indoor and outdoor LED trees, perfect for home decor and special occasions.

And guess what?  Our LED trees don’t need watering!



Battery Operated Color Changing Candle

Color Changing LED Candle

Color Changing LED Candle

A rainbow of colors is just an on-switch away with this battery operated color changing candle.

Utilizing two LED’s – one in the wick and the other in the base – this flameless candle provides a progression of joyful color.

In operation, the top portion of the candle flickers with an amber glow, and can be turned on or off while using the color changing portion on the bottom half of the candle. A small button on the candle bottom selects one of 7 operating modes: Choose from constant blue, green, purple, red, turquoise, yellow… or  color changing.

Our color changing flameless candle is made of white wax.  It measures 3-inches in diameter and 6-inches high (a 4-inch version is also available).  This particular candle is unscented, but if you’d like a scented candle, we have that too!

More color changing battery operated candles are available, in a variety of sizes and themes.  Check out our color changing tea lights, as well as flameless candles designed for holiday fun.  Perfect for parties!

Battery Powered LED Lights For Weddings and Special Events

     Looking for battery powered LED lights for weddings and other special events?  A smorgasbord of flameless candles is just a click away.  They’re perfect for churches and reception halls that don’t allow live flames.  And why wouldn’t you use flamess candles – no smoke, no flame, no wax mess!

Silver Garland with 60 warm LEDs

Silver Garland with 60 warm LEDs

  • Tea Lights – Traditionally very small, round candles, tea lights are ideal for creative centerpieces and table decorations.  Our tealights range in sizes such as  3/4-inch to 2-inches high, and typical 1-1/2-inch diameters.  Select from indoor/outdoor, color changing and even submersible styles!
  • Votives – A step-up in size, votive flameless candles come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.  If you’re looking for a somewhat wider diameter, and taller candle, our votives category is a good place to start.
  • And of course, tea lights and votive flameless candles look great in votive holders.  Battery Operated Candles offers a wide selection of decorative glass and acrylic votive holders, for indoor and outdoor use.
  •  Elegant Tapers and Pillars are larger yet, ideal for mantels, centerpieces and bridal parties walking down the aisle.
  • Battery powered LED mini-lights accentuate floral arrangements and tables, and are a classy touch for decorating church pews.  Let your imagination run wild!

Attention wedding planners:  Be sure to check our quantity discounts when ordering for your wedding or special event!



Color Changing LED Pyramid

Color Changing LED Pyramid

Color Changing LED Pyramid

Just for fun, here’s a color changing LED pyramid that’s an instant attention-getter!

Made of opaque white plastic, the pyramid measures 19-inches high and 10-1/2-inches wide at the base.

It features 16 solid colors, with special effects such as:  strobe, flash, fade and smooth.  An easy-to-use remote lets you change colors and effects with ease.  A brightness control has two settings.

Take the indoor/outdoor pyramid wherever the party is!  You can even drop it in the pool.  Looks great as a bar decoration, or in the garden.  A nice touch at special events, even wedding receptions.

The color changing LED pyramid is currently on sale, and is part of a larger selection of color changing LED shapes you can watch on video.