Lighted Garlands Are Fun And Bright

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Garlands aren’t just for the Winter Holidays.  You can use these fun lighted displays to brighten your home, office restaurant or store year round.

For example, our 9-foot Harvest Lighted Garlands are just in time for Fall and Thanksgiving.  With 50 lights, maple leaves, corn and pumpkins, these lighted garlands are a delightful addition to your decor.

You can use these electric plug-in string light garlands indoors or outdoors.  Their wam glow welcomes family and guests alike.  Connect up to three sets end-to-end for a larger display, ideal for lining a fence, porch rail, stairway or outlining your front doorway.

Each set of lighted garlands comes with two extra bulbs and one extra fuse.

And if you love forsythias, our six-foot yellow forsythia lighted garlands are for you.   Ideal for year-round decorating, the yellow forsythia garland with 96 yellow lights with clear bulbs is absolutely stunning.  Adapter included.

See more colorful forsythia on our Facebook page!

Battery operated lighted garlands lets you place them wherever you want.  They’re the perfect centerpiece accessory, look lovely on mantels and bookshelves, even brightly light up doors and entryways.

Our battery operated willow garlands are popular year-round.  60 warm white LED’s on a 6-foot cord, with 20-inch lead wire.    A six hour timer allows easy on/off.  Requires 3 AA batteries.

Lighted garlands with silver wire are the perfect complement to wedding table centerpieces and Holiday tables.  60 warm white LED’s on a six foot silver wire, complete with 6-hour timer.

After you’ve selected your lighted garlands, consider adding them to a wreath you make with Deco Poly Mesh.  Deco Poly Mesh is the weatherproof, indoor/outdoor fabric that is fun to use to create wreaths, wrap vases and floral arrangements, make holiday and sports decorations of all sizes and shapes.  By starting with a Poly Deco Mesh work form, you can easily make a colorful wreath and top it off with lighted garlands!

You’ll find everything you need on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Wedding Table Decorations To Dazzle Your Guests

Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier

Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier

After the wedding, it’s all about the reception.  And there’s nothing like creative Wedding Table Decorations to dazzle your guests!  From the cake table, to head table, to tables for your guests – we have wedding table decorations large and small, glitzy, trendy and timeless.

At the right is our 30-inch Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier.  Beautiful and elegant, its iridescent acrylic crystals rest on a sturdy base.  12-inches in diameter.

Versatility:  Place this chandlelier on its base and use as a beautiful centerpiece, or hang it if preferred. Illuminate with our hanging battery operated light kit, sold separately.

And would you like a mini-tree for your wedding table decorations?  Go for gold, with our 4-foot All Gold Tree With Decorative Pot.   With numerous branches, all bendable, you can shape this tree into any design you want

Decorate the tree with acrylic crystal garlands, LED string lights and even crystal iridescent diamond cut curtains which you can cut and shape to desired size.

Our selection of LED tea lights – standard and submersible – are perfect for dropping among floral arrangements, and votives and complementary votive holders create an elegangt glow.  Free-standing candelabra are perfect for flameless, batttery operated pillar and taper size candles – so many choices!

For a look at complete wedding table deocorations,  click on this link to our Pinterest page.  We have plenty of wedding table decorations on display, using this year’s popular designs, including natural burlap.

Our natural burlap comes in bolts, rolls and ribbon sizes, in natural burlap colors as well as colors like red, green and ivory.  Select entire table runners, table toppers, skirts, ribbon for chair backs – the list goes on and on.

Battery Operated Candles can be your entire do-it-yourself wedding supplier.  Whether you’re a professional planner, or a bride on a budget, we have the items to set your event apart from the rest, and at prices you’ll appreciate.

Our wedding table decorations are a great place to start!

LED Puck Lights For Floral and Event Lighting

Battery powered LED Puck Lights are the convenient, versatile way to light floral displays, and to provide specialized event lighting.  In addition, Rite Lite LED Puck Lights are the ideal solution for lighting bookshelves, closets, workshops and kitchen areas.

Sold in sets of three, our wireless LED puck lights feature five LED’s that last over 100,000 hours!  Power source is three AAA batteries, easily replaceable.

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Installation is a snap:  no wires required, just use the provided hook & loop fasteners or provided screws.  Their small size – 1.5 x 3.5-inches – allow for placement in the smallest of areas, and for discreet placement with floral arrangements, and for illuminating wedding cakes, photos, and more during special events.

The LED puck lights have a one-touch On/Off switch with dimmer.  Tap once for full brightness, tap again for softer light and tap again to turn off.  Easy!  And, the light head swivels and pivots for ideal light positioning.

LED puck lights are useful as emergency back up lights, too.

Also available in white color.

LED Puck Lights are part of our offering of specialty floral and event lighting.

We have floral light bases in a variety of shapes and LED lighting configurations.  This provides you with the ultimate in display flexibility.

For example, our White Floral Base measures 1.5-inches high and 7-inches in diameter, and has 23 super bright LED’s:  15 LED’s are  arranged so those lights shine up through the floral arrangement, while 8 LED’s are placed around the outside to illuminate the outer rim.

You can even get floral bases with remote controls and AC adapters, as well as color changing models.

Check out all the LED Puck Lights, floral bases, fiber optic lights, our 60 LED Wall Washer and more – light up your next special event with these easy to use, convenient, lighting products.


Battery Powered Mini Lights For Dazzling Displays

Restaurants and bars have figured out dazzling light displays bring in the customers, and nothing is more convenient than our Battery Powered Mini Lights.

So versatile, battery powered mini lights, and their sibling floral mini lights, can be used to decorate outdoor foliage, as well as indoor centerpieces and floral arrangements.  String battery powered mini lights from rafters and stair railings, or use them to illuminate walkways, entryways and to decorate year-round trees as well as your holiday trees and wreathes.

Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights

Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights

Indoor and outdoor battery powered mini lights come with timers for convenient operation.  Some floral mini lights are submersible for enchanting floral arrangements, and have flexible wires for easy placement among branches and leaves.

Illustrated at right is our 60 Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights.  Length is 20-feet and these lights come with a six-hour timer.   Three AA batteries required.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the LED micro lights are on silver wire, with 4-inch bulb spacing.  Flexible silver wire is easy to shape and keep in place.  You can use these lights in water if desired.

Also available are warm white LED’s as well as twinkling lights.

For an all-in-one party decoration, check out our Battery Operated Crystal Drop Garland.  Measuring 5.5-feet, the lighted crystal drop garland features 16 warm white battery powered mini lights (LED’s) on 5.5 feet of silver garland, punctuated with drop crystals.

Perfect for holiday decorating and wedding and anniversary table centerpieces, our crystal garland with battery operation lets you use it anywhere without hassle of cords and outlets.  Runs on 3 AA batteries.

You’ll find a wide selection of battery powered mini lights on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Choose from warm and cool white LED’s, to dazzling blue, red, orange and multi-color lights, in lengths suitable for floral arrangements to longer length battery powered mini lights designed to decorate entire bushes and trees outside your home or restaurant.

And, with quantity pricing, you are assured of getting a great value to boot!

Flameless, Battery Operated Birch Bark Candles

Birch Bark Flameless Candles

Birch Bark Flameless Candles

Flameless, battery operated Birch Bark Candles are the safe and convenient way to add a rustic look to your home, cabin, restaurant or shop.

Birch is so vesatile it finds its way into the construction of farming implements, toys and furniture, as well as its bark being used for medicinal purposes and even in distilling liquor.

It has long symbolized Spring and re-birth, being one of the first trees to leaf.  In mythology, it has been associated with love and fertility, so if you’re attempting to become pregnant…  why not light some flameless birch bark candles and set the mood –  we can’t guarantee it, but you never know!

Pictured are our Remote-Ready Amazing Flameless Birch Bark Candles (remote sold separately).  Made from real wax, these battery operated candles are carved and colored with a unique distressed look texture.  Unscented.

You can select On/Off, or 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer features.  You’ll love the amber colored, flickering flame.

Pillar size birch bark candles are available in 3-inch x 6-inch or 4-inch x 8-inch sizes.

Amazing Flameless Birch Bark Candles are also offered in taper styles.  You can select a 3/4-inch x 7-3/4-inch size, or 3/4-inch x 10-inch candle.  These candles are unscented and run about 100 hours on two AA batteries.

For an added decorating touch, try our Snowy Faux Birch Bark Ribbon.

This wired ribbon – 3-inches wide x 15-feet long – is a lovely accent to your mantel, bookshelves, railings and staircases.  Or use it as part of your holiday tree decorations.  Quite a few customers use it when wrapping gifts.  Combine with our birch bark candles for memorable table centerpieces.

Battery operated, flameless Birch Bark Candles are ideal for any season.  As we move into fall and the holidays, they are the perfect accessory for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Flameless, Battery Operated Rechargeable Tea Lights

Tiny tea lights are a decorator’s dream.  These smallest of candles can be used in a variety of decors, placed singly or in groups.  Flameless, battery operated Rechargeable Tea Lights offer convenience and safety over a live flame candle.

And Battery Operated Candles is your source for Rechargeable Tea Lights.  Our bulk pricing allows you to purchase the quantities you need, at a price you can afford.

Battery Operated Rechargeable Tea Lights

Battery Operated Rechargeable Tea Lights

Here’s our Rechargeable Tea Lights, set of twelve.  These flickering tea lights are rechargeable over 500 times.  Their bright light and high quality deliver value and versatility, for restaurants, event planners, caterers and home owners.

Each set comes with twelve rechargeable tea lights, twelve votive candle holders, and a charging station which holds all twelve tea lights.  AC adapter included.   Each tea light has an On/Off switch on the bottom.

The tea lights measure 1.5-inches diameter x 2-inches tall, and feature an amber LED light source that flickers like a real flame.  The tea lights can be used with, or without, the votive holders.

These rechargeable tea lights will shine about 10 hours on a single charge, and take about 6 hours to recharge.  Rechargeable tea lights offer long lasting value and savings over live flame and even replaceable batteries.

If you’re looking for the highest quality Rechargeable Tea Lights you can find, take a look at our set of twelve commercial grade flameless tea lights.  Available in warm white or amber LED “True Flicker”  flame colors, these rechargeable tea lights utilizes an inductive charging base that eliminates all pins, prongs and slots to line up.  Just drop the tea lights into the charger holes, and 8 hours later they’re ready for 12 to 14 hours of reliable lighting service.

This set comes with twelve tea lights, twelve votive holders and a recharging base.  A nice feature is the ability to link up to four charging bases together, for easy recharging.

View all the Rechargeable Tea Lights on the Battery Operated Candles website.


Lighting For Centerpieces

Flameless Candle And String Light Combo

Flameless Candle And String Light Combo

Lighting for centerpieces is a snap with all the choices on the Battery Operated Candles website.

An easy place to start is with our Flameless Candle and String Light Combo:  A pillar style battery operated candle with a clever plug-in slot for 20 white LED string lights.

The cream color, 3.25-inch x 5-inch unscented candle requires 2 “D” batteries for about 100 hours run time.  You can use the candle with or without the string lights. Its glow is a lovely amber flicker.

The 20 white LED string lights are on a 16.5-inch cord. These steady burn lights easily plug into the back of the candle. On/Off switch plus 5-hour timer function.

Place this candle in the center of your table, and surround it with garlands or flowers.  Arrange the string lights – presto – instant lighting for centerpieces!

And we’ve got more lighting for centerpieces to chose from:  floating tea lights, electric and battery operated LED string lights, lighted floral branches, and of course, the widest selection of flameless, battery operated candles you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll find many lighting for centerpieces ideas in our Wedding and Event Planners category.  Take a look at our Battery Operated Mini Tabletop Crystal Tree, complete with 48 warm white LED’s:

This lighted tree is just the right height (31-inches tall with stand) for your event centerpiece, without blocking views. It features 12 branches, lit with warm white LED’s.  A battery pack (runs on 3 AAA batteries) is located at the base.

Add some sparkle with acrylic pendants and garlands, or surround with flowers or greenery.

And then there’s our Iced Pine Hurricane Candle Ring – a perennial favorite for holiday and year-round decorating.  Its clear glass hurricane glass will hold one of our 4-inch pillar flameless candles, the perfect complement to its pine, ice chunks and pine cones.

Lighting for centerpieces turn ordinary tabletops into a dazzling light show, or an elegant setting.  By the way – candles at the dinner table are a nice touch, but smoke is not.  Flameless, battery operated candles are the smart solution.

Beaded Crystal Curtains Create Dorm Room Magic

Crystal Diamond Cut Curtain

Crystal Diamond Cut Curtain

More college dorm room decorating tips – this time it’s Beaded Crystal Curtains.  Add some sparkle and life with these curtains.  They’re ideal for dorms, fraternity and sorority houses, as well as off campus apartments.

Use beaded crystal curtains instead of bland curtains or blinds that are part of the “supplied” decor.  And, quite often dorm room closets have no doors, so you can hang beaded crystal curtains in their place.  Or, use beaded crystal curtains to create separation and privacy areas within the room itself.

Pictured is our Crystal Iridescent Diamond Cut Beaded Crystal Curtain.  It measures 3-feet x 12-feet, and can be easily cut to any desired length. (You can get this same curtain in 6-, 9- and 20-foot lengths).  A curtain with a bendable, flexible rod is also available, look for it in our Clearance Sale section.

The iridescent diamond cut crystals are 12mm in width.  The strands are connected to a white rod measuring 3-feet long and 3/4-inch wide, for easy hanging or attaching to walls.

And if you want to really light up the room, check out our 6-foot LED Curtain, complete with 144 white LED’s on clear wire.  This electric, plug-in set of curtain string lights looks great by itself, and even better when paired with one of our beaded crystal curtains.  LED’s produce little heat and last thousands of hours.

Beaded crystal curtains are just a few of our items perfect for college room decorating.  Our safe, flameless, battery operated candles are the ideal alternative to dangerous, live flame candles.  Ditto battery operated LED string lights.  Dorm rooms are notorious for having few electrical outlets, and those have to be shared.  Using battery operated candles and string lights eliminates that problem.

Think ahead – we have holiday candles and lights on sale now, in the Clearance Sale section.


Luminara Battery Candles Dance And Flicker

Luminara battery candles dance and flicker just like a live flame, thanks to their patented flame effect technology.  Luminara battery candles utilize a unique lighting system that creates a “dancing flame” so real you’ll swear it’s alive!  This is accomplished with an internal LED light source, which shines upward to the wick through electromagnets.  The electromagnets cause the light (flame) to dance and flicker.

Our selection of Luminara battery candles includes pillars and candle lanterns.  Choose from indoor flameless, battery operated candles made of real wax, or outdoor flameless candles made of plastic, to resist heat, cold, wind and rain.

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Scented candles – such as sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, sea breeze, floral spice, forest and more – or unscented candles come in combinations with and without timers and even remote control.

Here’s our Luminara flameless candle in ivory color and floral spice scent.  Measuring 4-inches in diameter x 5-inches tall, this candle features a handy remote control and five-hour timer.

The candle has about  240 hours of run time on 2 “D” batteries.

These remote control candles also come in 7- and 9-inch heights.

Luminara battery candles made for indoor use – real wax – come in lush, distinctive colors.  All come with 5-hour timer, and offer the convenience of an optional remote control.  Choose from colors like burgundy, sage, sky blue, pink, green, dark brown, blue, lavender, ivory.  Scented and unscented.

And if you’re looking for candle lanterns, Luminara battery candles – plastic outdoor type – come installed in your choice of size and style candle lanterns.

Place Luminara candle lanterns on decks and porches, or use their attached hanger to hang in trees and hooks.  Metal construction and plastic outdoor candle add up to hours of trouble-free use.  Luminara candle lanterns look great indoors, too.

Luminara battery candles – the flameless candle with the dancing flame!

Flameless Wax Candles: The Melting Look Without The Mess!

Battery operated, flameless wax candles provide the melting look – without the mess.

Our melting look, flameless wax candles, are available in a variety of pillar sizes and colors.  You can select from several different manufacturers, all with their own distinctive style and features.

Heavy Drip Melting Wax Look Flameless Candle

Heavy Drip Melting Wax Look Flameless Candle

Here’s one of our Remote Ready, Amazing Flameless flameless wax candles. These “heavy drip” candles are made from real wax, extra thick drips.  They provide the look of luxury candles that have burned for hours, yet this one comes ready to display right out of the box!  Its LED light source flickers just like a real flame.

This ivory and tan colored candle features a honeysuckle scent,  is 3-inches in diameter and 6-inches tall (also available in 3 x 4, 4 x 8 and 6 x 10-inch sizes).

It’s remote ready (remote sold separately), or simply turn on/off manually.  A triple timer lets you set these flameless wax candles  for 4, 6 and 8 hour run times.  Requires 4 AA batteries.

If you’re an event or wedding planner looking for flameless wax candles with the melting look –  and need an economical, durable candle – check out our Raz Resin Pillar Candle.

This battery operated, flameless candle is made of plastic resin, so is easy to keep clean even when used in high traffic locations.  Your choice of Apple Green or Yellow color,  3 x 6-inch size.

This melting look candle has a replaceable, silicone tipped, amber flickering light for its wick.  Authentic looking wax drips down its sides.  Perfect for restaurants, events and homes.  Unscented.  Requires 2 AA batteries.  Look for this battery powered candle on our Clearance Sale page.

While most flameless wax candles with melted wax appearance are offered in pillar shapes and sizes, we also have some taper sized flameless wax candles with the melted look.  You’ll find what you need on the Battery Operated Candles website, under Melting Look candles.