Crystal Centerpieces Ideas

Acrylic Crystal Tree

Acrylic Crystal Tree

Crystal Centerpieces add elegance and sparkle to any occasion.  We have  ideas for crystal centerpieces  to fit holiday decor, as well as wedding, anniversary and other special events.

Pictured is our 24-Inch Acrylic Crystal Tree with Clear Ice Crystals.  As part of our range of crystal centerpieces, you can place this stunning crystal tree on your table or as an accent piece throughout your home.  Measuring 24-inches tall and with a black metal base that’s 4-inches x 4 inches, the tree is embellished with chunks of clear acrylic ice and mirror pieces to create a shimmering, dazzling effect.

More crystal centerpieces:  check out our 36-inch tall crystal tree, which comes complete with its own decorative wood pot.  It features acrylic crystals on brown branch stems, and the branch span is 20-inches on the widest stems.

If you’re looking for lighted crystal centerpieces, our battery operated Mini-Tabletop Crystal Tree is for you.  It’s just the right height for your table, without blocking the view of guests.  This beautiful crystal tabletop tree features twelve branches, lit with 48 warm white LED’s.  Battery operated for convenient placement on tables, mantels and ledges.  The battery pack is located at the base of the tree.  Overal dimensions 31-inches tall and 5.5-inch diameter base.

You can embellish any of our crystal centerpieces with additional acrylic pendants, sold separately.  And, enhance your centerpiece with crystal garlands and sprays.

Attention wedding planners:  We have everything you need to create elegant weddings and receptions.  Our crystal centerpieces are a great place to start, and you’ll find complementary candelabra, votive and tea light holders, and of course battery operated, flameless candles from tea lights to pillars and tapers.

Shop now for holiday savings, and you’ll always receive additional discounts when you purchase in volume.  Take a look at the Wedding And Event Planning category on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Battery Operated Wreath: Perfect For Christmas And Throughout The Holidays

Battery Operated Glittered Fruit Wreath

Battery Operated Glittered Fruit Wreath

Wreaths are a beautiful addition to doors and windows all year round, and here’s a Battery Operated Wreath that’s perfect for the Christmas season:  Our 24-inch LED Glittered Fruit Battery Operated Wreath is on sale just in time for Christmas.

New for the 2013 holiday season, this battery operated wreath is a lovely addition inside or outside your home.  It’s delightfully decorated with glitter and fruit.  Its LED’s twinkle and shine, powered by 3 AA batteries and featuring a convenient battery pack with 6-hour timer.

You’ll find this battery operated wreath on our Sale Page, loaded with deals just in time for the holidays.  On this special page you’ll find great deals on selected LED canvas wall art, LED ornaments for your tree and table-top, entire LED trees, accessories, and of course, flameless, battery operated candles.  You’ll find candles from tea lights to votives, from tapers to pillars, all with safe, flameless operation.

Another popular battery operated wreath is our 24-inch Poinsettia.  Beautifully decorated with red poinsettias, gold pine cones and highlighted with 25 warm white LED’s, this wreath is ideal for the Christmas holidays. Red berries and gold sprays add highlights.  Two C batteries required, and the wreath features a 6-hour timer as well as on/off switch.

Or, perhaps you’d like to make your own wreath.  By using our Deco Poly Mesh fabric, and accompanying wreath work forms, you can create a Christmas, holiday or sports wreath that’s uniquely your own.  Rolls of Deco Poly Mesh fabric (waterproof so ideal for outdoor applications) are available in solid and metallic colors, solids and prints.  Deco Poly Mesh ribbon is offered in 2.5- and 4-inch widths.  And we have plenty of accessories you can add to your wreath, including battery operated LED string lights, to turn your Deco Poly Mesh wreath into a dazzling, twinkling light display.

You can even outline your entire entryway with Deco Poly Mesh!  Check out our Facebook page for details.

A battery operated wreath, with twinkling LED light display, can be a charming addition to your decor this holiday season.


Battery Operated Christmas Candles Are Charming And Safe!

Battery operated Christmas candles are the safe way to decorate your home this holiday season.  Cheerful, charming, flameless battery operated Christmas candles are the perfect choice for decorating windows, mantels, tables, holiday trees… select a weatherproof outdoor candle and enjoy convenient flameless operation that won’t blow out in the wind or rain.

You’ll find a wide assortment of battery operated Christmas candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Of course, they’re just part of the hundreds of flameless candles and accessories we offer.

Christmas Trio Scented Flameless Candles

Christmas Trio Scented Flameless Candles

Here’s our trio of scented Battery Operated Christmas Candles.  Each flameless candle is 3-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  Green, red and ivory color, each with a pleasing scent:  Green – Evergreen; Red – Apple Cinnamon; Ivory – Vanilla.  Two AA batteries are included with each candle, ready to go.  So realistic with a melted look.  Keep these candles together or give them individually as gifts.

(Note the natural burlap table runner these candles are resting on.  Burlap is this year’s hot decorating accessory, and we have burlap in the sizes, shapes and lengths to fit your decorating scheme.  Choose from natural burlap or our Deco Poly Mesh fabric).

From tea lights to votives and votive holders, to pillars to tapers, battery operated Christmas candles will find a place in your home, and they make great gifts, too.

For example, our Red Acrylic Poinsettia tea lights are a delightful addition to table tops and centerpieces.  This set of four tea lights features a steady-on red LED light surrounded by acrylic poinsettia leaves.  The leaves and light rest in a silver base.  2-inches in diameter and 1.5-inches tall, each requires a CR2032 battery, included.

Or, take a look at our huge selection of battery operated Christmas candles, specifically designed for windows (and can be placed all over your home).  These flameless tapers come in singles or tiers of three flameless candles.  Choose from photo-sensor on/off, amber and white LED lights, candles with timers, and our new Ultra Bright battery operated window candles with dual-glow technology.

Be sure to check the Battery Operated Candles website for daily coupon codes and specials, all during the month of December!


LED Holiday Lights Shine Bright

It’s time to put up the Christmas lights and decorations, and nothing does it better than LED Holiday Lights.  Whether you’re displaying battery operated candles, lighted wreaths and garlands, indoor and outdoor string lights, or lighted ornaments, today’s innovative choices use LED Holiday Lights.

Luminara 5-Piece Candle Light Strand

Luminara 5-Piece Candle Light Strand

That’s because LED’s are tiny, bright, cool-to-the-touch, and last a very long time.  Say goodbye to your old incandescent bulbs, and hello to LED Holiday Lights!

LED Holiday Lights can be used in all sorts of creative ways.  Take a look at our Luminara 5-Piece Candle Light Strand.  This six-foot long plug-in light strand features flameless, Luminara candles that flicker and weave just like a real flame.

The ivory color candle lights with bronze base measure 3-inches in height.   Safe, flameless LED’s utilize Luminara’s patented flame effect technology.  You can use these lights on your tree, mantel or to decorate wreaths and garlands.  And, it’s remote-ready – just add the optional remote control (sold separately) for total convenience.

If you’d like an entire tree made of up LED Holiday Lights, check out our White Snowflake LED Tree.  The 4.5-foot tall tree is decked out with 180 white LED lights, along with 180 clear acrylic snowflake tips.  The tree itself is brown, and has bendable branches to fit any decor and ornaments.

Ornaments and table decorations!  Your guests will be mesmerized by our 21.5-inch LED Resin Church.  Battery operated (3 AAA),  this table-top decoration has the appearance of melted ice.  The clear resin lets the internal LED light source cast a pleasing glow.

And, we have more battery operated and electric LED string lights than you have bushes, trees, porches and railings to decorate (well, maybe).  Choose from traditional LED Holiday Lights in strands, or decorate with LED icicles and LED snowfall tubes.

Flameless, battery operated candles are always in season, and we have Christmas candles sure to please.  We’ve stocked up on LED window candles, which are available with a variety of LED styles and on/off functions.

For your own home or as a gift, LED Holiday Lights always add Christmas cheer.





Mini LED Lights Add Sparkle And Glow

Battery operated Mini LED Lights and Mini Floral Lights are the ideal centerpiece accessory, as well as adding sparkle to floral arrangements, topiary, and for framing doorways, entryways and more.

Blue Mini LED Lights

Blue Mini LED Lights

With our huge selection, you can turn your entire home into a dazzling light show.  But if you’d like to start with just a few, check out these mini LED lights:

At the right are our battery operated, Blue Mini LED Lights, complete with timer.  These 30 blue LED’s are embedded in a silver flexible wire, so they create 360-degree visibility.  And, these mini led lights can be used underwater, so are perfect for vases and water displays. Five-foot length, with a 12-inch lead to the battery pack (not waterproof).  Six-hour timer.  Requires 3 AA batteries.

These same mini LED lights are available in red.  Or, select 60 multi-color, purple or orange  LED’s with a 20-foot wire and 6-hour timer.  These indoor/outdoor lights are multi-function:  phasing, flashing and steady-on.

Battery operated, mini LED lights embedded in garlands are a stunning addition to your dinner table.  For example, consider a garland with silver wire and warm white LED’s.  Runs on 3 AA batteries, has a six-hour timer and 60 LED’s on a six-foot wire.  In addition to centerpieces, these lighted garlands are lovely around doorways, mantels and bookshelves.

For something really different, take a look at our battery operated, Blue LED Snowfall Tube Set.  Ten tubes, each 4.5-inches long hold twelve blue LED bulbs.  This is just like the large snowfall tubes you may have seen, but this smaller version is battery powered – 3 AA’s.  For indoor and outdoor use, the battery pack is waterproof.  The tubes have a 555 timer chip to create just the right snowfall effect – absolutely mesmerizing.  15-inch spacing between the tubes and 13-feet total length.

And, we have LED string lights in a variety of lengths and colors.  Look for all our Mini LED Lights on the Battery 0perated Candles website under Battery Mini Lights and also Battery Christmas Lights.  As always, volume pricing and quantity discounts add up to fantastic savings!

Holiday Decorating With Battery Operated, LED Candles

Red Glitter Pillar LED Candles

Red Glitter Pillar LED Candles

The holidays are just around the corner, so time to start thinking about decorating with battery operated, LED candles.  Flameless LED candles are the smart, modern choice for decorating inside and outside your home.  LED candles have no live flame, so are safe around curtains and furniture, not to mention children and pets.  No wax drip, no smoke, no soot.

Pictured are our Candle Impressions Red Glitter Christmas Candles.  This set of two flameless, LED candles are 3-inches in diameter and 4- and 6-inches tall.  Distinctive red glitter creates a sparkly look.  Unscented.

You’ll know these are Candle Impressions battery operated candles, thanks to the distinctive black wick.  The LED light source flickers like an amber flame.  Two AA batteries required.

These Red Glitter LED candles are perfect for Christmas and for display all through the holidays.

Battery powered window candles say “welcome” all year round, and are particularly popular during the holidays.  We’ve added some new LED window candles to our already large selection.  For example, now you can enjoy Luminara flame effect technology in a taper size window candle, which comes complete with its own base ready to place in windows, on tables, mantels and bookshelves.  Luminara candles utilize electromagnets to make the LED flame flicker and dance so realistically you’d think it’s a live flame.

For outdoor decorating, we have a variety of battery operated candles specifically designed for outdoor use.  These LED candles are made of resin or plastic, to withstand winter cold and summer heat.  Combine them with one of our outdoor candle lanterns for a cheery holiday look.

Keeping in the “red” theme, check out our set of three Red Metal Lanterns.  Measuring 14-, 17- and 20-inches tall, they’re crafted of metal and glass.  These square lanterns look great arranged together or displayed separately.  Place them on porches or hang from a shepherd’s hook.  Flameless outdoor candles sold separately.

You’ll find all sorts of items perfect for holiday decorating on the Battery Operated Candles website.

The Brightest LED Window Candles

Battery Powered LED Window Candle

Battery Powered LED Window Candle

We’ve just added the brightest LED Window Candles you’ll find anywhere to our selection of battery powered LED Window Candles.

These battery operated LED window candles feature unique dual-sided LED’s:  Each candle has two high-intensity LED’s inside the clear bulb, and each LED has two light effects – Super Bright and Warm Glow.

Place the super bright side facing outward into the night – street-side –  and the warm glow side automatically faces inward, filling the room with pleasing, flameless candlelight.

Pictured is the Williamsburg battery operated window candle.  Fashioned after candle holders from Colonial days,  the white taper LED candle fits into a brass base.  Overall dimensions 11.5-inches tall and 4-inches wide.  The cleverly designed base (2.75-inch depth) is oval shaped to fit most windowsills without hanging off the edge.  Unscented candle.  A convenient six-hour timer turns the LED window candles on/off.  LED’s last thousands of hours and the candle uses 4 AA batteries for up to 30 days of run-time.

As part of our line of Ultra Bright LED Window Candles, you can choose from brass, pewter and bronze finish candle holders.  For flexible height, select our Ultra Bright Cordless Window Candle with adjustable base, which lets you raise or lower the candle to fit window panes.  Or, select a candle and holder with an included window bracket.  Plastic windowsill clips are included.

Decorate your windows, mantels, bookshelves and more with Ultra Bright LED Window Candles.  They’re the perfect Christmas decoration, and ideal for year-round decor.

These battery powered, LED window candles are so bright, you can use them for emergency lighting.  Use them like flashlights, and, if the lights go out, turn the high-intensity beam inward and use it as a reading light – it’s that bright.

Ultra Bright LED Window Candles are completely cordless, so no messy cords dangling from windows and no searching for the nearest outlet.  And, their flameless LED’s mean no live flame, no wax, no smoke, no soot.



Color Changing Halloween Decorations For Fright And Delight

Color Changing Hand And Ball

Color Changing Hand And Ball

Color Changing Halloween Decorations add a frightfully delightful touch to your scary decor.  We have the battery operated candles and LED decorations to make your house or party the spookiest around… all October long.

Here’s our 3-inch Hand Holding Color Changing Wax Ball.  Watch as it cycles through 7 colors… its ghoulish green hand with long black fingernails holds the real wax ball with color changing light inside.  Runs on two CR2032 batteries, easily replaceable.

More color changing Halloween Decorations:  Try out our Color Changing Battery Operated LED Eyeballs!  This six-piece lightset measures 5.8-feet long, with color-changing LED eyeballs.  You can set the LED’s for multi functions like fade and blinking.  Battery operated string lights run on 3 AA batteries (included).

And color changing Halloween decorations wouldn’t be complete without our LED Color Changing Skull!  Measuing 2.5 x 3.5-inches, this skull cycles through red, green, yellow, purple, blue, orange and even pink.

Color changing LED ghosts are cute and fun.  Sold in sets of two, the ghosts start out white, then cycle through five colors.  3.5-inches tall.  Great as table decorations or place on your mantel or book shelves.

In addition to color changing Halloween decorations, we have plenty of battery operated, flameless candles for spooky decor indoor and outdoors.  Flameless candles are the safe alternative around children and pets.  Place a battery powered tea light or votive size flameless candle inside carved pumpkins and they’ll stay lit even in the breeziest Halloween night.  Color changing, flickering and solid glow tea lights and votives create creepy effects inside pumpkins.  Hang battery powered pumpkins or dancing skull string lights inside or outside .

Battery operated pillar style candles come in black and orange, with spiders and witches decorating the real wax candle with LED flickering wicks.  Some come with optional scary sound effects.

Color changing Halloween decorations are in stock and ready to ship now!


Crystal Votive Holders (For Tea Lights, Too!)

Acrylic Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Acrylic Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Add a little bling to your table centerpiece, with Crystal Votive Holders (most fit tea lights, too!).

Here’s our Silver Candle Holder with acrylic crystals.  Crystal Votive Holders let the interior candlelight create an enchanting glow.  And of course we’re talking about battery operated, flameless candles – the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.

Our crystal votive holders can accommodate both votive size and tea light battery operated candles.

The silver and acrylic crystal (2-inch beads) candle holder at the left measures 13.5-inches tall with a top diameter of 4.5-inches and 4.75-inches at the base.  It’s just the right size for any table or centerpiece.  Place the votive or tea light flameless candle at the top of the holder, and the acrylic pendants rest on top the base.

More crystal votive holders include the stylish 8.5-inch votive and tea light holder.  Resting securely on prongs, the holder can hold up to 1.5-inch diameter tea lights or votives.  Silver plated with clear, acrylic crystals.  The crystals surround the holder in an elegant design – perfect for wedding and anniversary tables.

Or how about hand-made, hanging crystal votive holders?  We offer a hanging votive holder, 6-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter, with lovely hand strung crystals.  Sold in sets of four, each just a little different in design.

After you’ve selected your crystal votive holders, next up is one of our battery operated, flameless tea lights or votive size candles.  You can choose from plain white candles, to tea lights and votives in colors, as well as LED flames that change color, flicker or produce a steady glow.  Throw in remote controls and timers and you’ve got the ultimate in convenience.

Wedding and event planners love our selection, and with discount and quantity pricing, whether you’re a professional or do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find great values and choices on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Lighted Trees For All Seasons

Lighted trees create ambiance and charm no matter the season.  Whether your application is outdoor (patio, pool, deck, garden), on a porch or sun room, or for indoor decor, lighted trees add cheer and brightness.

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted trees are ideal for special events like wedding receptions, anniversary parties and high school dances, as well as permanent decorations in restaurants and offices.

Take a look at our Color Changing Lighted Trees:  This Silver Blossom tree features 90 LED’s and adjustable height.

Turn on this tree and watch its 90 bright LED’s cycle through seven colors.  It can be used indoors or outdoors – use these lighted trees in full blossom to light up your yard, porch, patio and anywhere in your home, shop, restaurant or office.  The branches are bendable to fit any design scheme.

You can adjust the tree to 62 and 75-inch heights by using the base stand, and 60-inches and 73-inches when using the garden stake.

Our Color Changing Silver Blossom lighted trees come with AC adapter and 30-foot cord.

If single color lighted trees are more to your liking, our Warm White LED Parkview Elm is absolutely spectacular.  This 7.5-foot tall tree features 512 LED’s, and clear, soft acrylic leaves.  The trunk is brown.

You can use this tree indoors and outdoors.  It has a 16.4-foot lead to a low voltage transformer, which is included.

More lighted trees include cherry trees with a variety of LED’s, colors and heights.

We have lighted bonsai trees to delight everyone – our 18-inch bonsai is the perfect addition to college dorm rooms!

Willow trees and lighted willow branches are lovely additions to existing floral arrangements and as stand-alone decorations, inside and outside.

Most of our lighted trees are electric plug-in style, and we also offer some battery operated lighted branches for the ultimate in flexible installation.

You’ll find all our lighted trees on the Battery Operated Candles website.