Lighted Willow Branches For Outdoor Decor

Lighted Willow Branch

Lighted Willow Branch

Add some sparkle to your outdoor garden decor with Lighted Willow branches and more!

Lighted Willow Branches are the perfect addition to potted plants, placed in a garden among shrubs and flowers, or simply displayed on a deck, pool or patio.

For your convenience, we offer Lighted Willow Branches in both battery operated, and AC electric styles.  Battery operated lights use 3 AA  batteries (waterproof battery pack), while the electric styles come with a transformer and 16-foot electric cord for easy plug-in.  Battery models are equipped with a six-hour timer.

Of our Lighted Willow Branches, choose from 27-inch or 39-inch heights.  Both heights tout 60 glowing LED lights.  You can arrange the stems to fit your space and surrounding decor.

Additional lighted branches are available in 30- and 38-inch heights.

You can also select a beautiful indoor/outdoor lighted branch with stunning blue LED’s.  It features three stems, each with 20 blue LED’s (total of 60).  Several bulbs twinkle at random times.  It comes complete with three ground stakes and an AC transformer (UL listed electric plug-in).  All three sets can be connected together.round stakes and AC transformer. You can connect up to 3 sets together.  Six-foot lighted length.

For more outdoor decorating ideas, check out our Pinterest page, loaded with photos for your deck, patio and backyard.

Crystal Votive Candle Holders

Silver Candle Holder With Crystal Beads

Silver Candle Holder With Crystal Beads

Absolutely stunning!  Our Crystal Votive Candle Holders are an upscale addition to your table’s centerpiece, at a very economical price.  Featuring 2-inch acrylic crystal beads, the silver candle holder measures 13.5-inches high and 4.75-inches in diameter.

You can use any tea light or votive flameless, battery operated candle measuring 1.5-inches in diameter with this piece.  Place your candle in the center, at the top of the holder, and the acrylic pendants hang outside, on top of the base.   The light glows through the pendants, an effect both subdued and charming.

Crystal Votive Candle Holders are perfect for weddings, anniversaries and special events.

When selecting your flameless candle, consider whether you want a constant, or flickering  LED flame.  We have a wide assortment of votive size candles to choose from, and an even larger selection of tea lights.

A good place to start is with our LED indoor/outdoor tea lights.  Try our ivory colored, unscented tea lights.  They’re made of weather-proof resin and come with a four-hour timer.  Sold in sets of four tea lights.

Or, try an indoor/outdoor votive candle, which is just a step larger than a tea light.  Also made of weather-proof resin and with a four-hour timer, these votives are ivory colored and unscented, perfect for placement inside the Crystal Votive Candle Holder or for use anywhere in your home.

Fireflies In Mason Jar – LED Style

Flashing Fireflies In A Mason Jar

Flashing Fireflies In A Mason Jar

Remember catching fireflies and placing them in a glass jar, complete with ice pick air holes in the lid?  Well, here are Fireflies In a Mason Jar – LED Style!

Our fireflies feature battery operated LED’s that flash just like real lightning bugs.  They’re placed in a container made of glass, complete with lime-green lid with handle.  The jar measures 3.75-inches in diameter and is 6.75-inches tall.

Inside the jar are four glowing fireflies, placed on a sprig of leaves. They take turns flashing their battery powered LED’s… just like real lightning bugs!  Uses two “AA” batteries.

Fireflies In A Mason Jar are safe – no flame! – so a fun addition to children’s rooms and elsewhere in your home – indoor and outdoor.

New!  Fireflies In A Mason Jar are the perfect design complement to our Lightning Bugs Lighted Canvas Wall Art.  This new art style features traditional canvas prints, stretched and nailed to real wood frames.  Then, LED lighting is strategically placed into the print, turning the canvas into a lighted wonderland.

Lightning Bugs Lighted Canvas Wall Art features twenty fireflies, flickering and glowing in a charming farm setting.  Install this piece of art on a mantel or wall, and place Fireflies In A Mason Jar next to it to complete the arrangement.


Wine Glass Decorating Ideas

David Tutera Wine Glass Shade

David Tutera Wine Glass Shade

Wine Glass Decorating Ideas begin with clever lamp shades made just for wine glasses!

Take an ordinary wine glass… place a flameless, battery operated tea light inside it… then cover the glass with a decorative lamp shade – voila! Instant table decoration.

Illustrated at left are David Tutera Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shades.  Sold 12 shades to a set (wine glasses not included), the Vellum shades measure 4.75-inches high to fit most wine glasses.

These wine glass lamp shades are easy to assemble and size to a wine or champagne glass.

Also in the David Tutera line are white shades of lace lattice.

Or select translucent wine glass lamp shades in yellow (Nantucket Design), black (Manhattan Design), and green (Barcelona Design), all 4.75-inches high.

Add any of our flameless tea lights as a finishing touch, and your guests will be asking you how you did it!

Wine Glass Decorating Ideas are part of our our Wedding Event Planners category of products.  Whether you’re a professional event planner or creating a do-it-yourself wedding from scratch, we can help you build your table decorations:  select from table runners, lighted floral arrangements, LED tea lights, votives and votive holders, elegant flameless tapers… entire battery operated candelabra!

Bookmark this page for all your future events – weddings, anniversaries, charity events.




Flameless Electric Candles Perfect For Group Arrangements

Set Of Seven Flameless Electric Candles

Set Of Seven Flameless Electric Candles

When you have a grouping of flameless candles that you know you’ll always keep together, a nice complement to battery operated candles are Flameless Electric Candles.

We offer electric candles in sets of seven, five and even single candles (single candles also make great night lights!).

Pictured here are Gold Beaded Resin Pillar flameless electric candles. This seven-piece set features solid white 5-watt light bulbs.  Candles measure 2-inches in diameter, and varying heights of 4-inches (first two candles), 5-inches (middle three candles) and 4-inches (last two candles).  When arranged in a row, these heights make a nice effect, but of course you can arrange the candles any way you desire.  The electric cord is 86-inches long, with the candle’s lighted length 51-inches.  An on/off switch is located on the power cord, before the first candle

Our seven-candle sets of flameless electric candles are also available in Antique Mercury Glass, Red Beaded Resin and Ivory.

Sets of electric candles, with their single on/off switch, allow for easy arrangements and display.  They make lovely centerpieces, and are perfect on mantels during the holidays and year-round.  Take a look in our Wedding and Event category for additional items you can use to make a display that’s uniquely yours.

Flameless, Remote Control Candles Allow Ease Of Use

Flameless, battery operated candles are the safe, easy way to add candles to your decor. Take the technology a step further with Remote Control Candles – the convenient way to place candles throughout your home, office or retail establishment.

By utilizing a remote control with your battery operated candle, you can place the candle inside candle holders and containers, in hard to reach places like tall bookshelves, atop cabinets, vaulted window sills and ledges.  And, if you’re having an event and want to turn on all the candles at the same time, flameless candles with remote control are the way to go.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles of Remote Control Candles.

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Pictured is our Remote Control set of three flameless LED candles.  These candles are 3.25-inches in diameter and 4.5-, 5.5- and 6.5-inches tall.  They’re part of set of flameless remote control candles that are also available in 6.25-inch heights, all which work together on the same remote.

These Remote Control Candles have a melted edge and real melted wax on the outside.  Ivory color and mild vanilla scent.  The LED flickers just like a real flame!

The remote control has a 20-foot range.

Our entire range of battery operated candles with remote controls includes flameless candles for indoor and outdoor applications, candles that come with the remote as an option, and candles and remotes with timer settings as well as LED light adjustments from flicker to glow.

And you thought your TV remote had lots of buttons – now you can sit in your easy chair and turn your flameless candles on and off to your heart’s content!

Candle Safety: Consider Battery Operated Flameless Candles

Candle safety (candles with live flame)  in your home is serious business.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration,  there are an estimated 15,260 home candle fires each year.

“Consider using battery-operated or electric flameless candles and fragrance warmers, which can look, smell and feel like real candles – without the flame,” says the USFA.

In a report on Candle Fire Safety (Sources: NFPA, NFIRS) the USFA reports on Causes and Circumstances of Home Candle Fires, and provides Candle Safety Tips.

Some of the findings:

36% of home candle fires begin in a bedroom, and half of candle fire deaths occur between Midnight and 6:00 AM.  The groups at highest risk to die in a candle-related fire are young children and older adults, says the report.

The USFA report goes on to say, “More than half of all candle fires start when something that could burn, such as furniture, mattresses or bedding, curtains, or decorations is too close to the candle.”

20% of candle fires are caused by unattended or abandoned candles, and falling asleep is a contributing factor.

You can read the full report by following the link above.

Modern technology – battery operated, flameless candles – lets you enjoy the effects of a live flame without the worry.  Flameless candles with LED’s flicker and glow just like the real thing, and even come scented and unscented to fit your mood and application.  All without the mess of melted wax and smoke filling the room.

Tea lights, votives, pillars, tapers… the choice is yours.  Try a battery operated, flameless candle – your pets and children will thank you!






Decorative Urn For Flameless Candles And More

Decorative Metal Urn With Flameless Candle

Decorative Metal Urn With Flameless Candle

Here’s an all-weather Decorative Urn that doubles as a flameless candle holder.

From Candle Impressions, this Tuscan inspired Antique White Metal Decorative Urn measures 10-inches wide and 14-inches high.  Pebbled finish.

It comes with an outdoor, battery operated, flameless candle 3.5-inches wide x 6-inches tall. The weatherproof, white color LED candle features Candle Impressions’ distinctive black wick.  It has an on/off switch as well as five-hour timer.  The candle is unscented.

You can also use our other outdoor candles 3.5-inches wide or smaller.  For a change of pace try our outdoor colored candles.

This Decorative Urn, with its glowing flameless candle,  provides a pleasant greeting when placed on porches and entryways. It looks great on patios as well.

You can use it indoors, too, in sun rooms, great rooms and more.

And, since the candles are removable, the urn doubles as a planter.  Try a nice flower or plant arrangement, and sprinkle in our battery operated tea lights for a unique design all your own.

You’ll find more outdoor decor ideas pictured on Pinterest.  Now that we’re heading into summer, you’ll want to spruce up your yard, deck and patio.  Our outdoor LED lights, battery operated candles, LED trees and decorative candle holders – from small votive holders to larger lantern-styles – are a great place to start!



Chocolate LED Tea Lights A Mothers Day Delight!

Chocolate Looking LED Tea Light

Chocolate Looking LED Tea Light

We’ll bet your wife and/or mother love chocolate!  Here’s the ultimate guiltless pleasure:  our battery operated, flameless Chocolate LED Tea Lights.  These LED tea lights are so real looking they can fool anyone – but of course, they’re for decoration only and not your stomach.

And they make a clever, clever gift for Mothers Day!

Just like real chocolates, the flickering LED tea lights pictured come in a box of 16 assorted tea lights.  Three styles of “candies”, wrapped in brown paper, with the batteries installed and ready to go.  These flameless tea lights measure 1.25-inches wide x 1.25-inches tall.  They’re brown and cream color, unscented.

We also have Rustic Dipped LED Tea Lights that look just like real chocolate.  Sold in sets of two, these tea lights are coated in rich, brown wax and feature an LED flame that glows and flickers.  Battery included.  1.5-inches wide x 1.4-inches tall, unscented.

Either style of these LED tea lights make a great Mothers Day gift, and are ideal table decorations.  Use them as host/hostess gifts and table prizes at the end of charity events.

And remember, our chocolate LED tea lights look so real, you need to be careful around children and pets!

You’ll find a huge selection of battery operated tea lights on our website, listed in the Tea Lights category at the top of this page.

Dripping Wax Candles – Who Knew A Flameless Candle Could Look This Real!

If you’ve ever wondered what a flameless, battery operated candle is made of, the answer is:  wax, plastic or resin.  Depending on the candle size and application – indoor or outdoor – each material has its specific advantage.  And when it comes to dripping wax candles, even one that’s battery operated, wax is the material of choice.

Heavy Drip Flameless Wax Candle
Heavy Drip Flameless Wax Candle

For example, take a look at this ivory and tan colored Heavy Drip Flameless Candle.  Made from real wax, the candle features super-heavy drips also made from real wax.  Looks just like a real candle, but that’s where the similarity ends:  no wax mess at the bottom of the candle, and, this battery operated candle won’t melt away!

You can choose several sizes of these heavy drip candles, solo or groups,  to make an attractive arrangement.  They’re offered in widths of 3, 4 and 6-inches, and in heights of 4, 6, 8 and (impressive!) 10-inches.

This candle has a honeysuckle scent.

A 4, 6 and 8 hour timer provides flexibility, or, simply use the on/off switch.

And, for the ultimate in ease-of-use, our Heavy Drip Flameless Candle also comes with a remote (sold separately, optional).

Pull one of our Heavy Drip Flameless Candles out of their package, and you’ve got a candle that instantly looks like it’s been burning for hours!  Its LED flickers just light a real candle.