Glass Candle Lanterns

Glass Candle Lanterns

Glass Candle Lanterns are a beautiful design touch, day and night.  We offer Glass Candle Lanterns in both colored and clear glass, for table-top display or hanging with shepherd’s hook or in trees and arbors.

Pictured is our set of molded Glass Candle Lanterns.  Sold in a set of three – blue, green, yellow – these candle lanterns are charming at night when lit with one of our flameless tea lights (1.75-inch size).  To install the tea light, just turn the tea light holder located on the bottom of the lantern.

The molded glass measures 6-inches tall, and is 5.25-inches in diameter.  Overall height is 10-inches, when using the black metal hanger.

These candle lanterns are equally at home indoors and outdoors, night and day.

If clear glass is more to your taste, try our Glass and Antique Metal hanging votive holders.  With clear, sculptured glass, these glass candle lanterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  They look lovely when grouped together, or place them in various locations around your patio or garden.  Combine with battery powered, flameless tea lights or votive candles for a charming night time effect.

A really unique Glass Candle Lantern is Candle Impressions’ Flickering Umbrella Lantern.  With a clever attachment, this lantern installs easily on umbrella and lampposts.  You can also use it on table tops, with, or without, the glass dome.  This lantern comes with a flameless candle installed.  It runs on 2 “D” batteries for up to 800 hours of run-time.  Manual On/Off switch, as well as 6-hour timer feature.

Clear glass mason jars provide the ultimate in design creativity.  Sold in sets of 12, our 16-ounce mason jars can hold flameless tea lights and votives, flower arrangements, colored stones, or decorate the outside with ribbon and bows.

You’ll find plenty of Glass Candle Lanterns – with and without flameless candles – on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Volume pricing lets you place several throughout your home, garden or patio.

Mercury Glass Votives

Mint Julep Mercury Glass Votive

Mint Julep Mercury Glass Votive

Mercury Glass Votives are a popular complement to tea light and votive-size flameless candles.  In any style – festive, simple, elegant –  mercury glass votives add that certain touch to  centerpieces and household decor.

Mercury Glass is also known as Silvered Glass, thanks to its silvery appearance (Mercury Glass actually contains no mercury).  Its origins date to Germany in the 1800’s, and was used to make candlesticks, goblets, vases, tumblers and other objects.

In modern production, most Mercury Glass is mold-blown and then coated on the inside with a liquid silver nitrate solution.

Through the years, Mercury (or Silvered) Glass has become popular in Europe and the United States.  Various pieces of Mercury Glass are valued by antique collectors, and it remains a popular manufacturing technique today.

Mercury Glass Votives can come with silver, or colored appearances.  Pictured is our Silver colored Mercury Glass Mint Julep Votive Holder.  Like many of our Mercury Glass Votives, it’s waterproof, so you can use it with floral arrangements or one of our floating or submersible battery operated tea lights.  The Mint Julep Votive Holder is 4.5-inches tall, 2.5-inches wide at bottom and 3-inches wide at top.

We recommend 1.5-inch tea lights, or similar diameter votive size  flameless candles.

Our mercury glass holders are handmade so there may be slight variations in each individual piece.

We also have Mercury Glass Votives in colored glass – red, green, purple, gold and turquoise – as well as Shabby Chic design.

Hanging Mercury Glass Votive Holders come in various sizes, and are perfect for tea lights hanging in outdoor settings.

Attention wedding and event planners:  Our Mercury Glass Votives are perfect for your reception table decorations, and most come in sets for easy purchase.  Quantity pricing and discounts make them an economical choice, too.


Flameless Candle Lanterns Luminara Style

Luminara Black Metal Candle Lantern

Luminara Black Metal Candle Lantern

Flameless Candle Lanterns are a charming addition to outdoor and indoor decor.  You can place flameless candle lanterns on tables, place them among flowers in your garden, hang from trees and arbors, place on porch and deck rails – endless ideas!

This is our Luminara 17-inch Black Metal Cylinder Candle Lantern, complete with genuine Luminara candle.

The Luminara candle selected for this lantern is made of plastic, designed for outdoor use.  The plastic will resist heat, cold, rain and snow.   Candle requires two “D” batteries.

The candle also features a three position switch for On/Off and timer functions.

We also have Luminara Flameless Candle Lanterns in white and brown, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Something for everyone!

Luminara Flameless Candles are renowned for their realistic flame effect technology.  It starts with an LED inserted in the candle, which projects upward through electromagnets to the exposed wick.  The result is what we call a dancing flame – realistic, stunning, mesmerizing!

If you’d prefer a Luminara Flameless candle without the lantern, we’ve got you covered.  Pillar candles in 3.5 and 4-inch diameters, and typical heights of 5, 7 and 9-inches.

Scented candles include cinnamon, vanilla, sea breeze, sandalwood, forest or floral spice.  And, of course, we have unscented candles as well.

Beautiful colors like pastels blue, pink, green and ivory… rich and deep orange and burgundy… or traditional white and ivory.

Indoor and outdoor candles, made of wax, resin and plastic.

If you’re planning a big event like a wedding reception or anniversary party, Luminara Flameless Candles and flameless candle lanterns provide perfect evening lighting.  You can mix and match styles thanks to our volume discounts and quantity pricing.  We have all the newest models and most popular styles, to help make your event a memorable one.



Decorative Mason Jars For Weddings And Entertaining

Mason Jars Decorated With Ribbon

Mason Jars Decorated With Ribbon

Decorative Mason Jars are a creative table top addition whenever you’re entertaining.

Our clear glass mason jars with satin lid are a great place to start.

Sold in sets of 12, these decorative mason jars are an affordable way to put a clever touch on your table decorations.

Depending on how you decorate them, mason jars can evoke vintage, rustic and even contemporary looks.

These 16-ounce jars measure 2-inches in diameter and are 5-inches tall.

We have everything you need to design your own unique jar:

Start with our burlap ribbon or jute, offered in rolls of 2.5-inch and 4-inch widths, in natural or a variety of colors.  Then add some ribbon –  Deco Poly Mesh is a good choice for durability and reuse, or take a look at our faux burlap ribbon with wire.

Add some sand or pebbles to the interior of the jar, or place one of our battery operated, flameless tea lights inside for an enchanting night-time effect.

For wedding receptions and anniversary parties, placing photos of the honored couple inside the jars is a nice touch.

A perfect complement to the dozen mason jars are our LED tea lights sold in dozen quantities as well.  These tall –  1.5-inch x 1.5-inch – tea lights are available in purple, amber, blue, green, pink, teal, red and multi-color.  Choose from flickering or no-flicker LED lights.

The Fourth of July is right around the corner – take a mason jar, wrap it in our Deco Poly Mesh red, white & blue ribbon, and insert some small American flags in the jar!

And of course, fresh flowers always look great!

Flameless Candle Holders For Pillars And Tapers

Two Tier Flameless Candle Holder

Two Tier Flameless Candle Holder

A stunning centerpiece or lovely mantel decoration can be easily created with flameless candle holders.

We have a large selection of flameless candle holders, designed for pillar and taper sized battery operated candles.  Whether you want to create a memorable tabletop decoration, or a subtle centerpiece for holiday or year-round use, you’ll find the candle holders and matching flameless candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.

You might start with our versatile Two Tier Flameless Candle Holder, designed for both pillars and tapers.

This antique ivory candelabra features acrylic crystals.  It measures 20-inches tall and 16.5-inches wide (base is 6.5-inches diameter).  Metal construction with antique ivory finish.  Pair it with our flameless pillar or taper candles:  holds a 3-inch diameter pillar, and .75-inch taper.   A top pick for wedding and party planners.

Candelabra in silver and black, holding four and five candles, make for simple, yet elegant centerpieces.

Or, select ornate chandeliers and candle holders with crystals and pendants for just the right effect!

And of course, we have flameless candle holders for every-day use.  Hurricanes surrounded by pine, or hurricanes inside a unique driftwood design.

For smaller tea lights and votive flameless candles, we have candle holders for individual candles as well as groupings.

To see the entire line up, visit both our Candle Holders and Centerpiece Supplies pages on the Battery Operated Candles website.  And remember, if you need more than one flameless candle holder to decorate multiple tables for that special event, our discount pricing makes it economical indeed!




Outdoor Candle Lighting A Better Idea For Dad Than A Tie!

Outdoor Flameless Candle

Outdoor Flameless Candle

Father’s Day is almost here.  Face it – Dad probably doesn’t want a tie, and even if he needs socks… why not get creative with Outdoor Candle Lighting!

Battery powered, outdoor flameless candles make a versatile gift Dad can use time and again.

Battery operated candles made expressly for outdoor use feature a more rugged construction – usually plastic or resin – so they won’t melt in the hot sun or crack in cold weather.  Their internal LEDs’ are waterproof, and some (in our Luminara line) have mini drain holes for moisture.

Pictured is a red outdoor pillar candle, with a white LED that flickers just like a real candle. From Candle Impressions, it’s part of a group of outdoor candle lighting, available in red, blue, purple, orange and green.  Three-inch diameter and five-inch heights, unscented.

These candles feature a five hour timer as well as manual on/off.  

This set of outdoor candle lighting looks great on patios, around the bbq grill, pools and decks.  Take these candles to the lake and put them on your boat dock – at night, they look fantastic from the water!  And, they won’t ever blow out in the wind.

We offer many sizes of flameless candles suitable for outdoor use.  Tea lights, votives and pillars are the most popular, for placement as free-standing decorations or inside durable and charming candle lanterns.

A great place to start is on our website under Outdoor Candles.


Wireless Wall Sconces

Flameless Candle Wall Sconce With Timer

Flameless Candle Wall Sconce With Timer

Wall sconces are an ideal way to add light and design touches to indoor and outdoor locations.  Wireless Wall Sconces are an easy way to accomplish installation, yet even wireless models can require some hard wiring.  Instead, go all the way with flameless, battery operated candles, matched to our line of  Wireless Wall Sconces.

Wall sconces look great in entryways, halls, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.  Install singly or as bookends to create beautiful lighting effects.

We offer a variety of styles sure to fit your room design.  Models with timers allow the ultimate in ease of use.

Illustrated at left is our Rubbed Oil Bronze Wall Sconce, complete with glass shade.  This battery operated sconce is 13.5-inches tall, and stands out 7-inches from the wall (wall plate 5-inches diameter).  For lighting, an LED recreates the warm flicker of candlelight, all from three “C” cell batteries.  Easy on/off, as well as five-hour timer feature.

The sconce is simple to install – just hang on the wall like a picture.  No hard wiring required!

For outdoor applications, check out our waterproof sconce with super-bright white LED’s.  Featuring a frosted marbleized glass shade in a conical design, the LED’s provide elegant accents and stylish decor to any room or outdoor area.

And for a really unique look, our Flameless Candle Mirror Sconce displays two battery operated candles, reflecting in a mounted mirror.  Stunning!

We have plenty more models to choose from.  You’ll find them on the Battery Operated Candles website under Wall Sconces.


DIY Wedding Supplies – From The Wedding To The Reception

There’s no need to cut corners when you shop for DIY Wedding Supplies on the Battery Operated Candles website.  From wedding to reception (and other parties in-between like showers and rehearsal dinners), we have the diy wedding supplies to make your event  memorable and beautiful.

For wedding planners and individuals alike, our quantity discounts and volume pricing will fit your budget, whether it’s large or small.

Shop our wide selection of decorations for church and reception hall, and to create one-of-a-kind table centerpieces.

Start your decorating scheme with flameless, battery operated candles.  We have tea lights, votives (and votive holders), pillars and tapers in every size and color imaginable.  Be sure to check out our flameless candles with timers and remotes – perfect for when you have a lot of candles to turn on and off.  Flameless candles are the ideal solution for churches and reception halls that restrict the use of live flames.

Silk Flower Ball

Silk Flower Ball

Silk flower pomander balls – in a variety of colors – make wonderful end pew and table back decorations.

Or, use this year’s hottest design fabric:  natural burlap.  We have jute and burlap in ribbon, rolls, table covers and runners, even bolts.  Brown, beige and colors.

if you’re looking for an artificial mesh fabric, Deco Poly Mesh is for you.  Ideal for table tops, decorating wine bottles and vases, and enhancing flower arrangements.  Deco Poly Mesh is available in many colors and prints.  You can even use it to make colorful wreathes – check out our instructional videos!

And no table is complete without an elegant centerpiece – choose from a large selection of vases, candelabra, garlands and lighted floral branches to create a table top your guests won’t believe.

We love weddings, anniversaries and other special events!  Items in stock, ready for immediate shipment.  Need help making selections?  Contact our helpful sales staff today!






Hanging Patio Lights

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

It’s time to spruce up the patio, and hanging patio lights are a great place to start!

Battery operated, weather-resistant lighting makes installation and maintenance a snap.

Pictured is our Flameless Outdoor Lantern with crossbars and hinged doors.  This good looking, six-sided lantern comes complete with a battery operated, three-inch, melted-look pillar candle, installed and ready to turn on.  The flameless LED candle runs on three “AAA” batteries, and has a five hour timer for convenient on/off operation.

The lantern dimensions are 6.5-inches wide x 9-inches tall, with an overall height of 13-inches.

You can use this candle lantern indoors or outdoors, hanging or resting on a post or table.

Hanging patio lights, hung from shepherd’s hooks, tree limbs, arbors and pergolas turn an ordinary backyard patio into a glowing wonderland!

We have a wide selection of hanging patio lights to choose from, including many styles of flameless candle lanterns.

Or, decorate with colorful solar powered lanterns, made of weather-proof and wind-resistant nylon.

For a more traditional look, consider hanging votive candle holders.  Add flameless, battery operated votive candles to complete the design; hang or place on table tops.

Hanging Patio Lights are just a place to start when designing your ideal backyard paradise. Check out our Pinterest page to spark your creative juices.  Plenty of outdoor candle lanterns and other backyard decor featured!

Porch Lighting Ideas Turn Drab Into Cheerful

Battery Powered Anywhere Chandelier

Battery Powered Anywhere Chandelier

Do you have a porch that’s sitting unused most of the year?  Here are porch lighting ideas that turn drab areas into cheerful additions to your home.

Whether your porch is screened in or open to the elements, on the front, back or side of your home, by simply adding lights you can turn the ordinary into one of the most pleasant, inviting areas of your home.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish porch lighting is with battery powered lights.  And we’re not talking utilitarian spotlights, we’re talking elegant lighting like this Anywhere Kami Battery Operated Chandlier:

Measuring 10-inches high and 14.5-inches wide, the chandelier features an antique bronze metal finish, antique scrolled ironwork and unique glass.  It has six tulip-shaped glass holders with matching acrylic pendants.  Bulbs are flickering, flame-shaped.

Running on four “C” batteries, installation is easy.  No hard wiring required!  Just hang it indoors or outdoors and enjoy.  A four and eight hour timer allows easy on/off.

More porch lighting ideas include using colorful string lights.  Select lovely white LED’s or multi-color lights, and string them from soffits and support beams, or drape on posts.  Not just for holiday decorating, you can use string lights year-round.  Battery operated and plug-in styles available.

And of course, flameless, battery operated candles in numerous sizes and shapes allow you to create just the right ambiance.  For porches exposed to the weather, our outdoor flameless candles are a good choice.  Our wide selection of candle lanterns adds a nice touch to basic designs.

Take advantage of our volume pricing to turn that ordinary porch into the most welcoming room in your house.  More porch lighting ideas can be seen on our Pinterest page!