Beaded Crystal Curtains Create Dorm Room Magic

Crystal Diamond Cut Curtain

Crystal Diamond Cut Curtain

More college dorm room decorating tips – this time it’s Beaded Crystal Curtains.  Add some sparkle and life with these curtains.  They’re ideal for dorms, fraternity and sorority houses, as well as off campus apartments.

Use beaded crystal curtains instead of bland curtains or blinds that are part of the “supplied” decor.  And, quite often dorm room closets have no doors, so you can hang beaded crystal curtains in their place.  Or, use beaded crystal curtains to create separation and privacy areas within the room itself.

Pictured is our Crystal Iridescent Diamond Cut Beaded Crystal Curtain.  It measures 3-feet x 12-feet, and can be easily cut to any desired length. (You can get this same curtain in 6-, 9- and 20-foot lengths).  A curtain with a bendable, flexible rod is also available, look for it in our Clearance Sale section.

The iridescent diamond cut crystals are 12mm in width.  The strands are connected to a white rod measuring 3-feet long and 3/4-inch wide, for easy hanging or attaching to walls.

And if you want to really light up the room, check out our 6-foot LED Curtain, complete with 144 white LED’s on clear wire.  This electric, plug-in set of curtain string lights looks great by itself, and even better when paired with one of our beaded crystal curtains.  LED’s produce little heat and last thousands of hours.

Beaded crystal curtains are just a few of our items perfect for college room decorating.  Our safe, flameless, battery operated candles are the ideal alternative to dangerous, live flame candles.  Ditto battery operated LED string lights.  Dorm rooms are notorious for having few electrical outlets, and those have to be shared.  Using battery operated candles and string lights eliminates that problem.

Think ahead – we have holiday candles and lights on sale now, in the Clearance Sale section.


Scented Flameless Candles For College Dorms

In our continuing series of Saturday Suggestions for college dorm rooms, at the top of the list should be Scented Flameless Candles.

Scented Flameless Candles create atmosphere and provide a very real benefit:  helping to cover up stinky laundry and stale food smells!

Scented candles might also help with stress, provide a relaxing study atmosphere, and even help along a little dorm romance.

Battery operated, scented flameless candles are the the safe alternative to candles with a live flame.  You won’t find many – if any – colleges that allow live flame candles in dorms, fraternity and sorority houses.  Through the years there have been sad stories of fires caused by unattended candles, and in addition to safety issues, why put up with the mess of wax, smoke and soot?

We have the scented flameless candles in sizes, shapes and colors to fit any taste, and in so many scents we can’t list them all here, but for example:  Vanilla, floral, cinnamon, sandalwood, hazlenut, mint, coconut, caramel, sea breeze, forest, citrus, honeysuckle, pomegranate, citrus sage, mixed berries, spice, bayberry… on and on.

Pecan Color Scented Flameless Candle

Pecan Color Scented Flameless Candle

Here’s our scented flameless candle in mottled texture, pecan color and Mandarin Spice scent.

This pillar style battery operated candle measures 3-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  It’s made of real wax and features super bright LED’s.  This versatile candle has 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer functions.  And, it has an optional (sold separately) remote for total ease of use.

In a more feminine style, try out our carved pink candles, with mixed berries scent.  A lovely curved, hurricane style flameless candle, with embossed swirls on the real wax candle.  3.5-inches diameter and 4-inches tall.

Sold as a set of two, these battery operated candles have a 5-hour timer.  They flicker and glow just like a real candle.

Scented flameless candles and college dorm rooms – order today – the new semester is just around the corner.


Solar Tiki Torches On Sale Now!

Solar Powered Tiki Torch

Solar Powered Tiki Torch

We’ve got the perfect alternative to smelly,oil-burning tiki torches – our Solar Tiki Torches – and they’re on sale now!

These wicker Solar Tiki Torches easily adjust to 39-inch and 59-inch heights with supplied extension poles.  They’re ideal for any outdoor setting – decks, patios, gardens, lining sidewalks and pool areas.

Their solar collector – place in sunlight for four to five hours daily – charges the torch’s rechargeable batteries (supplied) for hours of evening enjoyment.  The Solar Tiki Torch automatically turns on at dusk, casting a lovely, flickering glow.

Our Wicker Solar Tiki Torches are not only a green environmental alternative, they’re a safe alternative to dangerous live flame torches that can tip and start fires.  No fumes, no soot!

They come complete with everything you need – photo-cell with automatic on/off, rechargeable batteries, easy assembly and set-up.

Solar lighting is a convenient and economical way to light your patio, deck, garden, pool area and other outdoor locations.  With efficient solar collectors and rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to fuss with electric cords and outdoor outlets.  Solar panels with light sensors add the automatic convenience of “on” at dusk, and “off” at dawn.

You’ll find plenty of solar choices on the Battery Operated Candles website listed in the Deck- Patio – Outdoor category.

Soji Solar Lanterns are bright and colorful, and come in battery operated, solar, string lights or as individual festival lanterns.  They accordion open, collect sunlight all day, then turn themselves on at dusk to cast a beautiful glow all night long.

A stunning addition to the Soji line is our set of two Soji Starburst Solar Lanterns.  Measuring 6-inches wide and 4-inches high, these silver metallic lanterns feature a white LED inside.  They’re designed to sit on top of tables or hang from hooks (stainless steel hanging handle included).

Check out our Solar Tiki Torches – on sale now! – and all our solar lighting choices.



David Tutera Decorations For Weddings and Events

Accent your wedding or special event with David Tutera Decorations.

David Tutera – author, TV host and designer of countless wedding dresses and accessories – is one of today’s best known wedding planners and designers.

We’ve selected numerous David Tutera Decorations that complement our lines of battery operated candles, in addition to our extensive offerings of DIY wedding supplies.  If it’s David Tutera Decorations you want, it’s David Tutera you’ll get – for example:

David Tutera Lace Lattice Lamp Shade

David Tutera Lace Lattice Lamp Shade

Pictured Are David Tutera Lace Lattice Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shades.

Turn any ordinary  wine or champagne glass into a centerpiece. Place a tea light – white, amber, colored – inside the wine glass, and you’ve got a lovely accessory for tables, bars, cocktail tables and more.

Sold in sets of twelve shades.  4.75-inches high with two lines of closure tabs to adjust size. Assembly is easy.

Laser Cut Favor Boxes are also a lovely centerpiece addition.  These 3-inch x 3-inch boxes are perfect for weddings, receptions, showers and make great gifts at the end of the evening.  Place a flameless, battery operated tea light or votive candle inside, and watch the box light up with a charming glow.

And if it’s tea lights you want, David Tutera offers water activated floating tea lights, perfect for vases and water displays.  In operation, two metal contacts on the bottom of the tea light turn on when wet.  Set of three with amber, flickering flame.

Battery powered string lights, flameless taper candles, even paper cones (perfect for rice, confetti, flower petals) round out David Tutera Decorations from Battery Operated Candles.

As always, our volume pricing allows you to mix and match products, and still get a great price.  If you’re planning your own wedding or special event, we have the the supplies for do-it-yourselfers and event planners alike.  To find all our David Tutera products in one place, enter “David Tutera” in the search box.

Hanging Votive Candle Holders

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holder

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holder

Hanging Votive Candle Holders are perfect for tea light, and votive, size flameless candles. They’re ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Outside hang from arbors, pergolas, shepherd’s hooks and tree branches; inside hang from hooks in walls and ceilings, centerpieces and other fixtures.

Pictured is one of our Clear Glass Hanging Votive Candle Holders.  Sold in sets of four.

Measuring 1.5-inches at the bottom, 3.75-inches at top and 6-inches tall, these hanging votive candle holders are an ideal match with our battery powered, flameless, tea lights.  Fill them with water and place our submersible tea lights inside – submersible tea lights come in a variety of colors for endless lighting schemes.  Or, use our standard 3-inch wax coated tea lights – alone or with sand or pebbles – for another lovely lighting effect.

These clear glass hanging votive candle holders are handmade, so there might be slight variations from piece to piece.  Wire hangers included.

You can select hanging votive candle holders in a variety of sizes and materials.  Choose from clear and colored glass, crystal, natural burlap, metal with shabby chic decor… even decorative silver.

Our Decorative Silver Hanging Votive Candle Holder measures 7-inches tall and has a 2.75-inch opening at the top.  The perfect candle match is one of our 1.5-inch diameter tea lights.

If you select a colored tea light, it magically shines that hue through star-shaped openings in the votive’s design.

When choosing flameless candles to fit hanging votive candle holders, be sure to check the bottom dimensions of the holder.  Tea lights are our smallest flameless candles, and votive candles are the next size up – in diameter and height.  You’ll find a large selection of both hanging votive candle holders, and matching tea lights and votives on the Battery Operated Candles website.


Outdoor Flameless Candles With Remote Control

Flameless Outdoor Candles With Remote Control

Flameless Outdoor Candles With Remote Control

Outdoor Flameless Candles Wtih Remote Control – what could be more convenient?

Here’s a set of three 5-inch tall battery operated candles from Candle Impressions.  These  3-inch diamter pillar style Outdoor Flameless Candles (look great indoors, too) are weather resistant – made of white plastic – so won’t melt in hot sun or crack in cold temperatures.  As with all Candle Impressions candles, these have a distinctive black wick.  Sit back and enjoy the amber glow and flicker from the LED light source.

A single remote control turns on/off each candle.

The remote control allows you to place these candles in hard to reach places, indoors our outdoors.  Place them inside candle lanterns, on railings, wall sconces and in hanging candelabra (see our selection of candelabra listed under Candle Holders). They’re equally at home on high ledges and book shelves.

If you’d like Outdoor Flameless Candles with a staggered height, check out our 4.5-, 6- and 8-inch pillar candles.  3-inch diameter, ivory color and unscented.  These resin candles feature a remote control for easy on/off, plus a four and eight hour timer.  The remote control has a 20-foot range for convenient placement of candles.

And if you like the convenience of a candle lantern, outdoor flameless candle and remote control, all in one – our 17-inch Metal Candle Lantern is for you.  Its nearly 6-inch width accommodates a 4.5-inch outdoor flameless candle plus remote control (both included).  Distressed white iron color.  Looks great resting on tables or hanging from trees and shepherd’s hooks.

In our Luminara line of outdoor flameless candles, the remote control is optional.  Available in a number of colors, these candles feature a five hour timer.

Outdoor Flameless Candles With Remote Control are fun and convenient.  Place them wherever you want, enjoy their lovely glow with a simple click on the remote control!

College Room Decor – Think Battery Operated Candles!

It’s just about that time of year to start thinking about College Room Decor.  If you’re sending a son or daughter off to college for the first time, or decorating a dorm, fraternity, sorority or apartment room once again, you can combine safety and atmosphere with flameless, battery operated candles.

College Room Decor – even that first year dorm room – doesn’t need to be sterile and pedestrian.  College students love candles, but, live flames are almost universally banned in dorms and other university housing.  And for good reason – fire is always a danger, and wax and smoke build-up cause residual damage and clean-up.

Carved Heart Flameless Candle

Carved Heart Flameless Candle

That’s where flameless, battery operated candles come in.  With a built-in LED light source, and battery operation (won’t hog already overused outlets!), your college student can safely place flameless candles anywhere, to create just the mood they want.

The easiest styles to use for College Room Decor are tea lights, votives and pillars, because they can can stand on their own without need of an additional candle holder.

We offer tea lights in quantities and great prices, so you can place them all around the room.  Select warm white or colors, and even tea lights with remote controls for easy On/Off.

Battery operated votive size candles are just a little bigger than tea lights, and are equally versatile when decorating.  You can match with our many votive holders, or display on their own.

Larger pillar flameless candles come in countless sizes, shapes and colors.  Your college student will probably enjoy a scented candle – great for studying or covering up dirty laundry in the corner!

With volume pricing, College Room Decor with flameless, battery operated candles is a snap – check out all the possibilities.

It’s Our July Sale And Deals Are Hot Hot Hot!

Wax Snowman Tea Lights

Wax Snowman Tea Lights

Air conditioners are running overtime in the Midwest, and that means it’s our July Sale and deals are hot hot hot!

Hey – think ahead to winter and the holidays – and take advantage of some really good deals on Christmas and holiday decorations.

Here’s our set of three battery operated Snowman Tea Lights.  Made of wax, and hand-painted, these small flameless tea lights will fit into the smallest of spaces.  They’re 2-inches in diameter and 3-inches tall, and each has its own unique design.

Or how about a color changing, Red LED Christmas Lantern?  Made with red shimmer PVC, the lantern has color changing LED’s inside, and the words Merry Christmas written on it.  Measures 18-inches tall.  Use it as a centerpiece or place in your window.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, we’re offering a big discount on our Brass Plated Stocking Holder.  It not only spells out the word NOEL, it includes four battery operated, flameless (safe!) taper candles.  Hooks for four stockings.  8-inches tall with tapers; 4.5-inches without, 5-inches wide x 3.75-inches deep.  A lovely addition to your mantel.

And we have more July Sale deals!  Check out our darling wood sleigh, complete with snow pine tree and 20 white LED’s.

We’ve even place our Lighted “Peace On Earth” LED Wall Art on sale this month.  Lighted Canvas Wall Art is a hot decorating item.  It combines the beauty of a real canvas print, stretched and framed on wood, with strategically placed LED bulbs in the art.  An On/Off switch on the side of the frame operates the LED lighting.  Buy now for the upcoming holiday season!

You’ll find all our July Sale deals on the Clearance Sale page of the Battery Operated Candles website.  Happy shopping!


Outdoor Flameless Candles

Outdoor Flameless Candle With Three Wicks

Outdoor Flameless Candle With Three Wicks

Thumb your nose at the elements – year round! – by using Outdoor Flameless Candles.

Battery operated, Outdoor Flameless Candles are specifically designed for outdoor use.  Waterproof resin and plastic shells won’t melt in hot sun or crack in cold weather; interior batteries and LED lighting stay moisture-free.  And they won’t blow out in the wind!

Pictured is our Outdoor Weatherproof 3 Wick Candle.  This flameless pillar measures 4.25-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  It features three amber colored wicks from its LED light source.  Set switch to On/Off, flicker or full on.

The candle can be turned on manually, or use the handy timer for 6 hour operation.  Runs on Two “D” batteries.

If you like this type of wick design, we have similar, single wick outdoor flameless candles in 4-, 5- and 6-inch heights, all ivory color.

But that’s just for starters –

We regularly add outdoor flameless candles from various manufacturers just as soon as they become available.  Sold singly and as sets, you’ll find battery operated, outdoor flameless candles in simple white, and lively colors like red, blue, green, orange and purple.  Select candles with basic On/Off functions, or candles with timers and remote controls.

Outdoor Flameless Candles are equally at home on patios, decks, pool side, boat docks, for use in candle lanterns and wall sconces… and of course, you can use them indoors, too.

From tea lights, to votives and pillars, volume pricing assures a great price, whether you’re buying one candle or a dozen.  Summer’s nowhere near over – add some Outdoor Flameless Candles to your next outdoor event. When the sun goes down, these candles create a charming glow that lasts for hours.



Candle Lanterns For Weddings

Set the mood for evening receptions with Candle Lanterns For Weddings.  A candle lantern, matched with one of our flameless, battery operated candles, creates an inviting atmosphere of cheer and warmth.

You’ll find a large selection of candle lanterns for weddings throughout the Battery Operated Candles website.  With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be able to match one – or more – candle lanterns to all your reception decorations.

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are ideal as table centerpieces, and placed throughout the reception area, be it indoors or outdoors.  You can hang candle lanterns on trees, arbors and shepherd’s hooks; place them on deck and porch railings, line walkways, and position among flowers and garden plants.

A good place to start is with our Birdcage Candle Holder Lanterns.  Sold as a set of two, these are charming candle lanterns for weddings.

Measuring 23 and 29.5-inches tall, the metal bases support wire cloche birdcages.  The bases are wide enough to support votive and pillar size flameless candles (sold separately).  Keeping with a wedding theme, our Pearl White pillar flameless candle – white, with a dusting of iridescent glitter – is a good match.

Place fresh flowers, battery powered string lights, strands of crystal and pearl beads or decorative ribbon inside and around the candle lanterns for further effect.

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are just one category of DIY wedding supplies we offer, economically priced for wedding and event planners, and individuals alike.  You can design your entire wedding and reception decor with natural and manufactured ribbons and fabrics, votives and votive holders, centerpieces, decorating accessories and more.  And, of course we offer the widest selection of flameless, battery operated candles – indoor and outdoor – you’ll find anywhere.

For design ideas, take a look at some photos on Pinterest.