Lighted Trees For All Seasons

Lighted trees create ambiance and charm no matter the season.  Whether your application is outdoor (patio, pool, deck, garden), on a porch or sun room, or for indoor decor, lighted trees add cheer and brightness.

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted trees are ideal for special events like wedding receptions, anniversary parties and high school dances, as well as permanent decorations in restaurants and offices.

Take a look at our Color Changing Lighted Trees:  This Silver Blossom tree features 90 LED’s and adjustable height.

Turn on this tree and watch its 90 bright LED’s cycle through seven colors.  It can be used indoors or outdoors – use these lighted trees in full blossom to light up your yard, porch, patio and anywhere in your home, shop, restaurant or office.  The branches are bendable to fit any design scheme.

You can adjust the tree to 62 and 75-inch heights by using the base stand, and 60-inches and 73-inches when using the garden stake.

Our Color Changing Silver Blossom lighted trees come with AC adapter and 30-foot cord.

If single color lighted trees are more to your liking, our Warm White LED Parkview Elm is absolutely spectacular.  This 7.5-foot tall tree features 512 LED’s, and clear, soft acrylic leaves.  The trunk is brown.

You can use this tree indoors and outdoors.  It has a 16.4-foot lead to a low voltage transformer, which is included.

More lighted trees include cherry trees with a variety of LED’s, colors and heights.

We have lighted bonsai trees to delight everyone – our 18-inch bonsai is the perfect addition to college dorm rooms!

Willow trees and lighted willow branches are lovely additions to existing floral arrangements and as stand-alone decorations, inside and outside.

Most of our lighted trees are electric plug-in style, and we also offer some battery operated lighted branches for the ultimate in flexible installation.

You’ll find all our lighted trees on the Battery Operated Candles website.



Battery Tea Lights Wholesale Pricing!

If you need a large quantity of battery tea lights, we’ve got them, along with wholesale pricing that will make you smile.

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Featured now are our Color Changing Battery Tea Lights, offered in wholesale bulk packaging:  36 blister packs each with four color changing battery tea lights – total 144 pieces.

Everlasting  BatteryTea Lights have a flame shaped LED bulb, which flickers and rotates through seven fun colors. Comes in standard tealight size – 1.5 x 2 inches – and features vivid color changes such as blue, green, red and yellow.

These battery tea lights have a powerful flicker, which creates a wonderful effect as the LED’s sequence through their colors.

Battery Tea Lights are the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.  The LED bulb has no smoke or flame so it’s safe near decorations and kids.  Cool to the touch.

Our top-quality battery tea lights feature a sturdy three leg platform, for perfect placement even in difficult spots. One click on/off switch and long-lasting lithium batteries yield over 72 hours of continuous use. And, LED bulbs last about twelve times longer than standard bulbs with very low battery consumption.

Also offered at wholesale prices are our white battery tea lights, with beautiful yellow/orange LED flame.  Packaged the same as our color changing tea lights, these tea lights are 1.5 x 2-inches and are powered by a supplied lithium battery.  Replacement batteries are always available from us, at economical discount prices.  Read about our replacement batteries by clicking on the link.

Our battery tea lights, with waxless LED wicks, can be used with votive holders, or placed in floral arrangements and other decorations.  Ideal for catering halls, outdoor concerts (won’t blow out), church socials, weddings, high school dances and more!  Halloween is just around the corner, and these battery tea lights are perfect for pumpkins and other decorations.  Tired of using a live flame candle in your pumpkin and having the wind blow it out?  That won’t happen with our battery tea lights!  Order today.

Lighted Garlands Are Fun And Bright

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Garlands aren’t just for the Winter Holidays.  You can use these fun lighted displays to brighten your home, office restaurant or store year round.

For example, our 9-foot Harvest Lighted Garlands are just in time for Fall and Thanksgiving.  With 50 lights, maple leaves, corn and pumpkins, these lighted garlands are a delightful addition to your decor.

You can use these electric plug-in string light garlands indoors or outdoors.  Their wam glow welcomes family and guests alike.  Connect up to three sets end-to-end for a larger display, ideal for lining a fence, porch rail, stairway or outlining your front doorway.

Each set of lighted garlands comes with two extra bulbs and one extra fuse.

And if you love forsythias, our six-foot yellow forsythia lighted garlands are for you.   Ideal for year-round decorating, the yellow forsythia garland with 96 yellow lights with clear bulbs is absolutely stunning.  Adapter included.

See more colorful forsythia on our Facebook page!

Battery operated lighted garlands lets you place them wherever you want.  They’re the perfect centerpiece accessory, look lovely on mantels and bookshelves, even brightly light up doors and entryways.

Our battery operated willow garlands are popular year-round.  60 warm white LED’s on a 6-foot cord, with 20-inch lead wire.    A six hour timer allows easy on/off.  Requires 3 AA batteries.

Lighted garlands with silver wire are the perfect complement to wedding table centerpieces and Holiday tables.  60 warm white LED’s on a six foot silver wire, complete with 6-hour timer.

After you’ve selected your lighted garlands, consider adding them to a wreath you make with Deco Poly Mesh.  Deco Poly Mesh is the weatherproof, indoor/outdoor fabric that is fun to use to create wreaths, wrap vases and floral arrangements, make holiday and sports decorations of all sizes and shapes.  By starting with a Poly Deco Mesh work form, you can easily make a colorful wreath and top it off with lighted garlands!

You’ll find everything you need on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Battery Powered Mini Lights For Dazzling Displays

Restaurants and bars have figured out dazzling light displays bring in the customers, and nothing is more convenient than our Battery Powered Mini Lights.

So versatile, battery powered mini lights, and their sibling floral mini lights, can be used to decorate outdoor foliage, as well as indoor centerpieces and floral arrangements.  String battery powered mini lights from rafters and stair railings, or use them to illuminate walkways, entryways and to decorate year-round trees as well as your holiday trees and wreathes.

Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights

Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights

Indoor and outdoor battery powered mini lights come with timers for convenient operation.  Some floral mini lights are submersible for enchanting floral arrangements, and have flexible wires for easy placement among branches and leaves.

Illustrated at right is our 60 Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights.  Length is 20-feet and these lights come with a six-hour timer.   Three AA batteries required.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the LED micro lights are on silver wire, with 4-inch bulb spacing.  Flexible silver wire is easy to shape and keep in place.  You can use these lights in water if desired.

Also available are warm white LED’s as well as twinkling lights.

For an all-in-one party decoration, check out our Battery Operated Crystal Drop Garland.  Measuring 5.5-feet, the lighted crystal drop garland features 16 warm white battery powered mini lights (LED’s) on 5.5 feet of silver garland, punctuated with drop crystals.

Perfect for holiday decorating and wedding and anniversary table centerpieces, our crystal garland with battery operation lets you use it anywhere without hassle of cords and outlets.  Runs on 3 AA batteries.

You’ll find a wide selection of battery powered mini lights on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Choose from warm and cool white LED’s, to dazzling blue, red, orange and multi-color lights, in lengths suitable for floral arrangements to longer length battery powered mini lights designed to decorate entire bushes and trees outside your home or restaurant.

And, with quantity pricing, you are assured of getting a great value to boot!

Flameless, Battery Operated Birch Bark Candles

Birch Bark Flameless Candles

Birch Bark Flameless Candles

Flameless, battery operated Birch Bark Candles are the safe and convenient way to add a rustic look to your home, cabin, restaurant or shop.

Birch is so vesatile it finds its way into the construction of farming implements, toys and furniture, as well as its bark being used for medicinal purposes and even in distilling liquor.

It has long symbolized Spring and re-birth, being one of the first trees to leaf.  In mythology, it has been associated with love and fertility, so if you’re attempting to become pregnant…  why not light some flameless birch bark candles and set the mood –  we can’t guarantee it, but you never know!

Pictured are our Remote-Ready Amazing Flameless Birch Bark Candles (remote sold separately).  Made from real wax, these battery operated candles are carved and colored with a unique distressed look texture.  Unscented.

You can select On/Off, or 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer features.  You’ll love the amber colored, flickering flame.

Pillar size birch bark candles are available in 3-inch x 6-inch or 4-inch x 8-inch sizes.

Amazing Flameless Birch Bark Candles are also offered in taper styles.  You can select a 3/4-inch x 7-3/4-inch size, or 3/4-inch x 10-inch candle.  These candles are unscented and run about 100 hours on two AA batteries.

For an added decorating touch, try our Snowy Faux Birch Bark Ribbon.

This wired ribbon – 3-inches wide x 15-feet long – is a lovely accent to your mantel, bookshelves, railings and staircases.  Or use it as part of your holiday tree decorations.  Quite a few customers use it when wrapping gifts.  Combine with our birch bark candles for memorable table centerpieces.

Battery operated, flameless Birch Bark Candles are ideal for any season.  As we move into fall and the holidays, they are the perfect accessory for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Burlap Votive Holders

Burlap And Glass Votive Holders

Burlap And Glass Votive Holders

Natural burlap is this year’s popular design accessory, and we have Burlap Votive Holders to complement any decor.

Here’s our set of six Glass and Burlap Votive Holders.  Measurements are  2.5-inches tall, 1.75-inches at the bottom, 2.25-inches at top.  Each clear glass votive is wrapped in natural burlap.

Whether your design goal is shabby chic or classy rustic, these burlap votive holders are right at home for weddings, anniversaries, and parties at home.

An interesting, alternative style to these traditional votives is our Natural Burlap Goblet votive holder.  Its irregular, rounded shape is 4.5-inches tall and 3-inches wide.

And then there’s our charming 3-inch Hanging Burlap Votive Holders.  These burlap covered glass hanging tea light holders are sold in sets of six.  You can fill them with water and use our submersible tea lights, or use a regular tea light – white, amber or color changing – for a lovely effect.  Measures 1.5-inches at the bottom and 2-inches wide at the top.  Wire hangers are included with these burlap votive holders.

You can use our flameless, battery operated tea light and votive size candles with these burlap votive holders.  When selecting, simply match votive holder and candle dimensions.

A good choice is our Candle Impressions 1.75-inch tall, cream color, unscented, round candle.  A larger tea light, this flameless candle fills the burlap votive holders.  It’s made of real wax and features the black wick you’ll find on every Candle Impressions flameless candle.

And easy On/Off switch is located on the bottom of the candle.  It uses CR2032 batteries, always available from us.

We have battery operated, flameless tea lights in the colors, sizes and quantities to fit whatever your needs.  Choose from submersibles, color changing, remote control, tea lights with timers, rechargeables… and you can mix and match quantities to come up with discounts that will make you smile.

Burlap Votive Holders and flameless, battery operated candles – a winning combination.


Lavender Sachet Bags And Lavender Bundles

Lavender.  Gorgeous, fragrant lavender is the perfect addition to our Lavender Sachet Bags.

Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Our 4-inch x 6-inch Cotton Embroidered Lavender Sachet Bags feature an embroidered lavender plant on the front.  They have a white satin ribbon drawstring, and are ideal for creating a lavender sachet with by-the-pound lavender buds.

Each of our Lavender Sachet Bags holds up to 1/4-cup of buds.

In addition to its vibrant color, lavender is cherished for its fragrance, its essential oils and culinary purposes.

One of the most popular growing areas is Provence, France, where colorful fields bring tourists throughout the summer growing season.

Lavender has traditionally been used to scent household linens and bath water.  Toss filled bags into dresser drawers, hang in closets, or give as gifts. There are so many uses for these sweet sachets.

And if you want lavender in bundles, we offer a French Lavender Bundle wrapped in kraft paper.  This bundle is 12-inches tall and weighs 15-ounces.  Lovely individual lavender flowers, grown in Provence, France.

The bundles are wrapped in kraft paper and tied with a strand of raffia.  So fragrant!

Display these bundles anywhere in your own special container, or separately by adding sprigs to your own decor.

Both Lavender Sachet Bags and Lavender Bundles are a fragrant addition to your wedding decorations.  They’re the perfect complement to our Natural Burlap, which is one of this season’s most popular wedding designs.

Natural burlap, lace ribbon and lavender – now that’s a combination!  Our natural burlap is available in ribbon, table runners, table covers and even bolts of burlap 25-yards long.

Natural jute table covers are available in round and rectangular shapes, in a variety of sizes.

Accent your burlap table with beautiful white lace ribbon and top it with stunning lavender flowers.  You can see all sorts of burlap ideas on our Pinterest page, and find each product on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Lavender Sachet Bags and Lavender Bundles are on sale now!


Battery Operated Candelabra For Tapers And Pillars

Five Arm Candelabra For Tapers And Pillars

Five Arm Candelabra For Tapers And Pillars

Flameless, Battery Operated Candelabra add elegance to your table settings.  We have a wide variety of battery operated candelabra, which fit both our taper, and pillar, size flameless candles.

Pictured is our Five-Tier, Nickel Plated Battery Operated Candelabra, ideal for flameless taper or pillar candles.  It’s 32-inches tall and 16-inches wide, and holds five candles.

In addition to flameless taper candles, this lovely candelabra will also hold pillars measuring up to 2.75-inches in diameter.

You’ll appreciate this candelabra’s fine design, which you can embellish by adding our set of five clear glass globes, or, by hanging a crystal garland or pendants.

Also available in black.

If you prefer something a little smaller, take a look at our silver 17-inch, battery operated candelabra, complete with crystal acrylic garland.  It’s designed to hold five  flameless, taper candles.

Smaller yet is our 14-inch candelabra, also for taper candles.  This three-tier candelabra also comes with acrylic crystal pendants.

And of course, your battery operated candelabra is not complete without adding flameless candles.

For taper sizes, we suggest our flameless white candles, measuring 9-inches tall and just .75-inches in diameter.  These candles come with flexible adapters, which help them fit into virtually any taper candle holder.

The candles are made of real wax, and feature a melted edge and amber glow from their internal light source.  Six hour timer function allows weeks of operation from 2 AA batteries.  On/Off push bottom on the bottom of the candle.

For a different look, try out our 2.75-inch diameter x 3.8-inch white pillar.  Made of real wax, it features a slight vanilla scent and has the distinctive black wick that tells you it’s made by Candle Impressions.  On/Off switch on bottom, runs on 2 AA batteries.

Battery Operated Candelabra, with flameless tapes and pillars, provide hours of safe, trouble free operation.  They’re the ideal choice for weddings, events and homes.

Battery Operated Paper Lantern Lights

12 LED Lantern Light

12 LED Lantern Light

Paper Lanterns with lights are popular year round, and we have really unique Battery Operated Paper Lantern Lights for your next event.

Our Battery Operated Paper Lantern Lights feature 12 super-bright white LED’s in one handy unit.  Small and compact – 1.6-inches x 3.6-inches – these battery operated paper lantern lights run on 3 AAA batteries.  Use just one per paper lantern, no matter how large the lantern – the glow is amazing!

Battery operated paper lantern lights are convenient and portable.  No electric wires, so you can place them anywhere.  And since they’re removable, you can use them when and where you want.

To install, simply hang the light from paper lantern’s upper framework.  The 12 bright LED’s distribute light evenly throughout the lantern, creating a pleasing effect.

The light has a conveniently located On/Off switch.

And where would you get a white paper lantern?  We offer white paper lanterns in 12-inch and 8-inch diameters.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor parties.

And if you prefer a paper lantern with lights already installed, we have a complete supply of battery, electric and solar powered lantern string lights, as well as Victoria Lynn Battery Operated Paper Lanterns.

Measuring 8-inches x 8-inches, our set of two Victoria Lynn lanterns feature a lovely ribbed design, and are suitable for hanging or resting on tables.

And Soji solar lanterns and string lights come in a variety of lengths and shapes, to light up any outside area – decks, patios, gardens, yards, walks, porches, more.

Soji lanterns are available in single, or multiples on a string, arrangements.  Made of heavy duty nylon and silk like materials, these colorful weather resistant lanterns are a charming addition to outdoor decor both day and night.  Select from globe, square, accordion, box and tear drop shapes.

Our battery operated paper lantern lights are an easy and fun complement to parties and celebrations.  And, you can use the removable, bright LED light to enhance other decorations as well – use to light floral arrangements and to draw attention to photos and paintings.



Hanging Votive Candle Holders

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holder

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holder

Hanging Votive Candle Holders are perfect for tea light, and votive, size flameless candles. They’re ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Outside hang from arbors, pergolas, shepherd’s hooks and tree branches; inside hang from hooks in walls and ceilings, centerpieces and other fixtures.

Pictured is one of our Clear Glass Hanging Votive Candle Holders.  Sold in sets of four.

Measuring 1.5-inches at the bottom, 3.75-inches at top and 6-inches tall, these hanging votive candle holders are an ideal match with our battery powered, flameless, tea lights.  Fill them with water and place our submersible tea lights inside – submersible tea lights come in a variety of colors for endless lighting schemes.  Or, use our standard 3-inch wax coated tea lights – alone or with sand or pebbles – for another lovely lighting effect.

These clear glass hanging votive candle holders are handmade, so there might be slight variations from piece to piece.  Wire hangers included.

You can select hanging votive candle holders in a variety of sizes and materials.  Choose from clear and colored glass, crystal, natural burlap, metal with shabby chic decor… even decorative silver.

Our Decorative Silver Hanging Votive Candle Holder measures 7-inches tall and has a 2.75-inch opening at the top.  The perfect candle match is one of our 1.5-inch diameter tea lights.

If you select a colored tea light, it magically shines that hue through star-shaped openings in the votive’s design.

When choosing flameless candles to fit hanging votive candle holders, be sure to check the bottom dimensions of the holder.  Tea lights are our smallest flameless candles, and votive candles are the next size up – in diameter and height.  You’ll find a large selection of both hanging votive candle holders, and matching tea lights and votives on the Battery Operated Candles website.