Bulk Tea Lights – Fantastic Savings!

Bulk Tea Lights

Bulk Tea Lights

Safe, flameless, battery operated tea lights are ideal for home decor, as well as for use in restaurants, churches, event halls and wedding receptions.  We offer Bulk Tea Lights to give you the best selection and pricing.

Bulk Tea Lights like the ones pictured here feature a white base with amber flickering LED flame.  They measure 1.5-inches in diameter x 2-inches tall, and come with replaceable batteries.  This set comes with 96 bulk tea lights, with their LED shaped like a flame, softly flickering to mimic the effect of a real candle.  A sturdy 3-leg platform allows placement even in difficult spots.  One click On/Off, and the replaceable lithium battery (CR2032) provides 72 hours of operation.

We also offer batteries at discount prices, including CR2032 button batteries.

You can purchase bulk tea lights in a variety of configurations, all qualifying for our discount pricing.  We have flameless tea lights with remote control, tea lights that are submersible, tea lights that are color changing, rechargeable tea lights, indoor/outdoor tea lights… the list goes on and on.

For example, if you want LED Color Changing Bulk Tea Lights, check out our wholesale bulk pack of 36 blister packages, containing four color-changing tea lights in each – 144 tea lights total.  Thee Everlasting tea lights have a flame shaped LED bulb, which flickers and rotates through 7 colors.  Comes in standard tea light size – 1.5-inch diameter x 2-inches tall – and features rotating colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and lavender.  These tea lights’s LED flickers dramatically as the colors sequence.  Battery included, replacements always available from us.

Attention DIY wedding planners:  Bulk Tea Lights are the way to go when decorating your reception tables.  They look fantastic when incorporated into table centerpieces, and can be paired with most of our votive holders, which are also available with discount pricing.

Shabby Chic Decor With Battery Operated Candles

Shabby Chic Metal And Glass Candle Holder

Shabby Chic Metal And Glass Candle Holder

Shabby Chic Decor is a popular choice for specific occasions as well as year round decorating.  You can complement your shabby chic furniture and accessories with shabby chic decor designed for flameless, battery operated candles.

Here’s our Shabby Chic Metal and Glass Candle Holder.  From Candle Impressions, it comes complete with a 4-inch diameter x 6.5-inch tall flameless, battery operated candle.  You’ll recognize it’s Candle Impressions, thanks to the distinctive black wick.  The cream color candle features a mild vanilla scent, and has a 24-hour timer for easy on/off (5-hour run-time).  The antique white metal design features butterflies and leaves wrapped around a glass cylinder.  Charming shabby chic decor for use indoors and outdoors (not intended to be left outside).

If you’re looking for shabby chic decor for table decorations, we have a variety of shabby chic votive holders.  White mercury glass votive holders come in Mint Julep and Fleur-De-Lis designs, as well as traditional round shapes.  A very economical choice is our set of six white mercury glass votive holders.  These are ideal for weddings, anniversaries and other special events, along with holiday decorating.  Unlike other mercury glass holders, ours are waterproof for use with floral arrangements. We recommend our 1.5″ wax coated tea lights, True Flicker tea lights or any of our underwater led tea lights.   The votive holders measure 2.5-inches tall, 2.25-inches wide at top and 1.75-inches at the bottom.  Made by hand so no two alike.

A stunning centerpiece idea is our Shabby Chic Candelabra, Two-tier, measuring 20-inches high and 16.5-inches wide (6.5-inches at base).  This Antique Ivory Shabby Chic Decor candelabra looks lovely on tables, mantels and furniture.  It can hold both pillar and taper size flameless, battery operated candles.  Comes complete with acrylic crystal pendants for added sparkle.

An easy way to find Shabby Chic Decor on the Battery Operated Candles website is to enter “shabby chic” in the search box.

Battery Operated, Remote Control Candles

Remote Ready Cranberry Flameless Candle

Remote Ready Cranberry Flameless Candle

Flameless, battery operated Remote Control Candles are the modern way to light your home this holiday season.  We have a wide selection of remote control candles to satisfy your decorating requirements:  Choose a single candle, or groups of two and three flameless candles that are controlled from one remote.  What could be more easy and convenient?

Here’s our remote-ready Cranberry flameless candle.  Measuring 3-inches in diameter x 4-inches tall, this battery operated candle from Amazing Flameless features super-bright LED’s and a 4-, 6- or 8-hour timer.  It’s sold with or without a remote control:  Use the remote and enjoy easy on/off with the touch of a button.  Or, simply set the timer for the desired time.  This candle is made of real wax, and has a bayberry scent.  4 AA batteries provide about 450 hours of run-time.  The cranberry color is lovely during the Christmas season, and perfect for year-round decor.

If you choose a candle from Amazing Flameless, their remote control offers a variety of functions.  In addition to On/Off, the remote control sets the matching timer function on your remote control candles – 2, 4, 6 and 8-hour run-times.  You can also set the candle and light functions, as well as bright and dim – all from your easy chair.  This allows you to set remote control candles in hard-to-reach places like bookshelves and ledges, in addition to mantels and table-tops.  Use remote control candles as convenient night lights throughout the home.

We offer remote control candles from several manufacturers, all with distinctive features unique to their brand.  Choose from fun color changing candles, tiny tea lights with remote control, even a remote control LED candle lantern, complete with weather-resistant candle so perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Remote Control Candles are ideal for wedding and event planners, as well as restaurants and churches.  We offer great discounts, and you can mix ‘n match as well.


“Kissing Krystal” Mistletoe Ornament

White Mistletoe Ornament

White Mistletoe Ornament

Pucker up the kisser and get ready for some serious smoochin’ with our Mistletoe Ornament!  This Kissing Krystal Mistletoe Ornament looks great hanging in doorways and entryways, or displayed on your holiday tree, above your fireplace, on an ornament stand or as part of a wreath.

Measuring 5-inches x 5-inches, the jewel shaped acrylic faceted Kissing Krystal is topped with gold glittered mistletoe and white berries. With included hanging ribbon, overall height is 8-inches.  The mistletoe ornament also comes with a hang tag telling the mistletoe kissing tradition.  Makes a wonderful present!

This mistletoe ornament is also available with red berries.  Watch as the acrylic crystal catches the light, and sparkles and shines.

The use of mistletoe dates to antiquity.  Ancient cultures coveted it for its supposed supernatural powers.  And it’s long been considered an aphrodisiac and fertility herb, which no doubt lent itself to kissing traditions, noted in Norse history and throughout Europe, especially England.  Mistletoe is actually a parasite, growing on and taking nutrients from host trees.  So while host trees turn brown and lose their leaves in winter, the mistletoe remains green.  Different types of mistletoe can be found in Europe and North America.   Check out our Facebook page for another look at our Kissing Krystal mistletoe ornament.

Our mistletoe ornament matches up nicely with any of our natural birch battery operated candles.  Select tapers or pillars, with or without timers and remote controls.  Distressed texture in real wax makes these flameless candles an ideal accessory whether you’re going for the rustic look or holiday decor.  Like mistletoe, birch has long been associated with Spring, love and rebirth.  Here’s an example candle:

Happy holiday shopping, and remember you can mix and match ornaments, accessories, battery operated candles and more to get volume pricing and volume discounts.

Mini LED Lights Add Sparkle And Glow

Battery operated Mini LED Lights and Mini Floral Lights are the ideal centerpiece accessory, as well as adding sparkle to floral arrangements, topiary, and for framing doorways, entryways and more.

Blue Mini LED Lights

Blue Mini LED Lights

With our huge selection, you can turn your entire home into a dazzling light show.  But if you’d like to start with just a few, check out these mini LED lights:

At the right are our battery operated, Blue Mini LED Lights, complete with timer.  These 30 blue LED’s are embedded in a silver flexible wire, so they create 360-degree visibility.  And, these mini led lights can be used underwater, so are perfect for vases and water displays. Five-foot length, with a 12-inch lead to the battery pack (not waterproof).  Six-hour timer.  Requires 3 AA batteries.

These same mini LED lights are available in red.  Or, select 60 multi-color, purple or orange  LED’s with a 20-foot wire and 6-hour timer.  These indoor/outdoor lights are multi-function:  phasing, flashing and steady-on.

Battery operated, mini LED lights embedded in garlands are a stunning addition to your dinner table.  For example, consider a garland with silver wire and warm white LED’s.  Runs on 3 AA batteries, has a six-hour timer and 60 LED’s on a six-foot wire.  In addition to centerpieces, these lighted garlands are lovely around doorways, mantels and bookshelves.

For something really different, take a look at our battery operated, Blue LED Snowfall Tube Set.  Ten tubes, each 4.5-inches long hold twelve blue LED bulbs.  This is just like the large snowfall tubes you may have seen, but this smaller version is battery powered – 3 AA’s.  For indoor and outdoor use, the battery pack is waterproof.  The tubes have a 555 timer chip to create just the right snowfall effect – absolutely mesmerizing.  15-inch spacing between the tubes and 13-feet total length.

And, we have LED string lights in a variety of lengths and colors.  Look for all our Mini LED Lights on the Battery 0perated Candles website under Battery Mini Lights and also Battery Christmas Lights.  As always, volume pricing and quantity discounts add up to fantastic savings!

Battery Operated, Flameless Hurricane Candles

Golden Yellow Striped Hurricane Candle

Golden Yellow Striped Hurricane Candle

Sure, we’ve got battery operated, flameless candles in basic cylinder shape pillars…  but when you’re looking for something with a little more flair, you’ll also find a variety of unique sizes and shapes to fit your decor.  Flameless Hurricane Candles are a perfect example:

Here’s our Candle Impressions Carved Hurricane Candles, in glorious golden yellow.  Sold as a set of two, notice the distinctive black wick that tells you these are candles from Candle Impressions.

Made of real wax, the candles feature a striped texture and are mellon scented.  They measure 3.5 x 4-inches tall.  A daily five-hour timer cycles automatically.  You’ll enjoy the charming flicker that looks just like a real candle.  Runs on 2 C batteries.

These hurricane candles are also offered in white, with diagonally ribbed stripes, and vanilla scent.

Or, select a pair of champagne color hurricane candles, with elaborate swirls and carvings, and mild vanilla scent.  These flameless candles also come with two matching organza bags and gift tags – perfect for gift giving!

Think pink!  Candle Impressions also offers hurricane candles in smooth pink and apple green, 3.25-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall, vanilla scent.

More pink – if you want a really large hurricane candle, check out our 6-inch diameter x 6.5-inch tall pink, flameless hurricane.  Floral scent.

Beyond hurricane candles, we also have a nice selection of hurricane holders.  Take a look at our Tuscan Decorative Hurricane Holder:  With a 4.25-inch diameter and 6-inch height, it’s perfect for battery operated votive and tea light size flameless candles.  These hand-made in the United States hurricane holders feature a wine and grape motif.  They’re perfect for restaurants, special events and your own home decor.

Hurricane candles in votive size, as well as hurricane candle centerpieces and hurricane lamps also available.  An easy way to find all our hurricane candles is to enter “hurricane candles” in the search box on the Battery Operated Candles website.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Antique Ivory Candelabra

Antique Ivory Candelabra

The bird is in the oven, so now it’s time to pay attention to your table.  Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece can be a memorable accent when gathering around the table with family and friends.

Here’s our Antique Ivory Shabby Chic Candelabra, a great place to start when designing your Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  Metal with antique ivory finish.  Measuring 20-inches tall and 16.5-inches wide (6.5-inches at the base), this two-tier candelabra is large enough to make a statement, but not so large it takes over the table.

The candelabra features acrylic crystals that reflect and glow from the candlelight.  And, of course, we’re talking about flameless, battery operated candles.  This versatile Thanksgiving Centerpiece candelabra can hold either pillar or taper size candles.  Choose two of our many 3-inch diameter flameless pillars, or .75-inch tapers.

You can combine this – or other – candelabras with our wide selection of natural bularp, to create a rustic – yet classy – look for your table.  We have natural burlap in brown and beige, as well as a variety of colors.  Table runners, table toppers, in round and rectangular shapes and lengths.

Add some white laced ribbon on top the burlap for a stunning look.

Or, take a look at our battery operated lighted garlands, which look fantastic on top your burlap table runner.  Our battery operated Lighted Willow Garland features 60 warm white LED’s along its six-foot length (20-inch lead wire).  Runs on 3 AA batteries and has a convenient six-hour timer for easy on/off.  After using the garland for your Thanksgiving Centerpiece, use it throughout the holidays – a charming addition to mantels, ledges, bookshelves and windows.

With all our centerpiece accessories, you’re only limited by your imagination.  Battery operated candles, LED lighting, garlands, string lights, candelabra large and small, even lighted LED trees – the choice is yours.

Crystal Votive Holders (For Tea Lights, Too!)

Acrylic Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Acrylic Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Add a little bling to your table centerpiece, with Crystal Votive Holders (most fit tea lights, too!).

Here’s our Silver Candle Holder with acrylic crystals.  Crystal Votive Holders let the interior candlelight create an enchanting glow.  And of course we’re talking about battery operated, flameless candles – the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.

Our crystal votive holders can accommodate both votive size and tea light battery operated candles.

The silver and acrylic crystal (2-inch beads) candle holder at the left measures 13.5-inches tall with a top diameter of 4.5-inches and 4.75-inches at the base.  It’s just the right size for any table or centerpiece.  Place the votive or tea light flameless candle at the top of the holder, and the acrylic pendants rest on top the base.

More crystal votive holders include the stylish 8.5-inch votive and tea light holder.  Resting securely on prongs, the holder can hold up to 1.5-inch diameter tea lights or votives.  Silver plated with clear, acrylic crystals.  The crystals surround the holder in an elegant design – perfect for wedding and anniversary tables.

Or how about hand-made, hanging crystal votive holders?  We offer a hanging votive holder, 6-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter, with lovely hand strung crystals.  Sold in sets of four, each just a little different in design.

After you’ve selected your crystal votive holders, next up is one of our battery operated, flameless tea lights or votive size candles.  You can choose from plain white candles, to tea lights and votives in colors, as well as LED flames that change color, flicker or produce a steady glow.  Throw in remote controls and timers and you’ve got the ultimate in convenience.

Wedding and event planners love our selection, and with discount and quantity pricing, whether you’re a professional or do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find great values and choices on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Feather Trees For Home and Events

Luxurious Feather Trees are one of the most unique decorations you’ll find, for your home or special event.  Picture feather trees with their soft, supple feathers gently blowing in the breeze from air conditioning or heating units, or, from a fan placed at the base of the tree.

7-Foot Feather Tree

7-Foot Feather Tree

From eye-catching 7-foot tall feather trees, to table-top models, we have the styles and colors to fit your decor.

Pictured is one of our 7-foot tall Feather Trees, and yes it really is pink!   This is the feather tree featured in several national magazines – it’s handcrafted for a beautiful and lasting impression.

Set up is easy.  The lightweight tree has a collapsible stand, and tiered pieces.  The bottom of the tree measures 26-inches wide and the base of the stgand is 16-inches in diameter.

These feather trees are also available in white, chocolate, apple, green and black colors.

Table top feather trees come in 27 and 36-inch heights.  You can choose from a variety of colors and feather styles.

After you’ve selected your feather tree, next up is adding a little extra decoration.

Why not add some of our easy-to-use battery string lights, or perhaps a battery operated garland.  You can easily back-light these feather trees using some of our portable floral and event lights.

Feather Trees are a charming change of pace for Christmas and other holiday trees, and they are the ultimate decoration for Sweet Sixteen parties, high school dances, wedding receptions and anniversaries, not to mention charity events.

A pink feather tree is not only a beautiful symbol for cancer awareness, one large tree or a number of table top trees start out the evening as decorations and can end up as fantastic auction items.

You’ll find all our feather trees listed on the Battery Operated Candles website in the Wedding and Events category.

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Battery operated candles are already the smart alternative to live flames, and Remote Control Flameless Candles are like the icing on the cake.

Votive Size Remote Control Flameless Candles

Votive Size Remote Control Flameless Candles

Remote Control Flameless Candles are convenient and economical.  Whether you’re a homeowner and want to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of remote control flameless candles, or are an event planner with candles to light on mulltiple tables, remote control flameless candles are for you.

Remote Control Flameless Candles are available in tea light, votive, pillar and taper sizes and shapes.

Here’s our set of three Votive Size Remote Control Flameless Candles.  This set of three candles features remote control flickering LED’s, all controlled from a single remote.  If you prefer, a manual On/Off switch is located on the candles.  The remote control works up to 30 feet away.  Candles measure 1.5-inches x 3.5-inches.

For wedding receptions, anniversaries and other events with many tables to decorate, our Remote Control Flameless Tea lights are the perfect solution.  These battery powered 1.25-inch diameter tea lights are waterproof and submersible.  Sold as a set of ten, they come with batteries, which are easily replaceable after about 50 hours of running time.  You’ll appreciate the bright white LED bulbs, which allow placement inside votive holders, in water-filled vases, and in floral arrangements.  Single remote control included – wow your guests by turing on all the flameless tea lights simultaneously!

Or, take a look at our 17-inch Remote Control Candle Lantern.  For indoor and outdoor use, this distressed antique white iron candle lantern holds a 4.5-inch weather resistant candle, made of resin.  You can place this candle lanten in hard-to-reach places, and use the supplied remote control for easy On/Off.

And of course we have pillar style remote control flameless candles in sizes, colors and groupings to fit your requirements.  Choose from commercial grade battery operated candles for your restaurant or special event…  or select lovely melted wax look flameless candles, perfect for perching on the highest shelf of your bookcase.