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Right now we’re presenting safe, outdoor lighting from lanterns to patio lights.  Use our Pinterest page to quickly view our many product categories… photos galore!  See something you like, click on it and you’ll be whisked right to the page on the Battery Operated Candles website.  It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s easy!

Featured on Pinterest right now:

Flameless Tiki Torch

Flameless Tiki Torch



Outdoor Candle Holders (And Flameless Candles) Perfect For Mothers Day

Surprise Mom this Mothers Day with one our outdoor candle holders.  Include a battery operated candle, and you’ll not only make her day, you’ll light up her night!

Glass Hanging Candle Holders

Glass Hanging Candle Holders

Pictured here is our set of two glass hanging (or tabletop) candle holders, adorned with metal flowers.

Made of strong glass, with accompanying antique metal flowers, you can use these on your table or hang from a shepherds hook or tree branch.

The opening measures 2.5-inches wide and the two holders are 4-inches wide X  4.5 and 7.5-inches tall respectively.  (When hung with the handle, total hanging height is 7.5 and 12.5-inches).

Next, add any of our flameless votives or pillar candles measuring from 2.5-inch diameter to 3 and 6-inches tall.  Note:  If you’re planning on using these candle holders exclusively outside, you might consider a battery operated candle made of resin or plastic, which is heat and weather-resistant.  We have many tea lights and votives in diameters that will fit. A great place to start is with our indoor/outdoor 1.5-inch wavy LED votives.  When placed inside the glass candle holder, the effect is warm and pleasing.  A 4-hour timer lets you place the battery operated votives in the glass holders, and the candles will turn on automatically. Simple and easy!

Of course, since these candle holders are also lovely inside your home, any of our tea lights and votives, made of real wax, are at your disposal.



Spring Candles Send Old Man Winter Packing

It seems like Winter is hanging on forever, but you can at least help your mood with battery operated spring candles.

Bring the color and fragrant scents of Spring indoors with our flameless, spring candles

Whether it’s the relaxing pastels of Luminara pillars, the mixed berry scent of our pink, embossed flameless candles, or the intricate beauty of tiny, tulip tea lights…  we’ve got a battery operated candle sure to lift your spirits.

Wax Tulip Tea Lights

Wax Tulip Tea Lights

These real wax, 2-inch high LED tea lights, are beautifully carved into tulip shapes.  They come in a set of six, in pale pink, light yellow and white.  You’ll enjoy them lit or simply as an arrangement on your table, mantel or bookcase.  When lit, the LED wick flickers like a real candle.  Unscented.

Our Tulip Tea Lights are perfect for decorating, and make a wonderful accessory for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries and that special birthday or event.

Enjoy relaxing scents like floral, vanilla and even bamboo.  Our Spring Candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and scents (or unscented).  Some come with timers as well. 


Lighted Branches Are An LED’s BFF!

Movable, arrangeable LED lighted branches are one of the most creative design concepts going.  Small, bright LED’s attached to floral branches are stunning when placed in flower arrangements,  and are equally eye-catching when displayed by themselves.

Battery operated lighted branches give you the freedom to arrange, and place, the branches wherever you’d like.

Since these artificial LED light branches come in many varieties of trees and flowers, you can pick out your favorite and keep it in bloom all year!

battery operated, Yellow Forsythia Flower Branch

LED Yellow Forsythia Flower

A lighted floral branch getting attention right now on the Battery Operated Candles Facebook page, is our 20-inch tall, battery operated, Yellow Forsythia Flower Branch.  It touts 60 brilliant LED’s and 60 yellow Forsythia flowers.  It comes with an on/off switch, as well as a timer which cycles on for six hours, off for eighteen.  A 20-inch lead wire runs to a battery pack; 3 AA batteries required.

Our Yellow Forsythia lighted branch is perfect for weddings, parties and for brightening your home year-round.  And if Forsythia is not to your liking, consider Plum, Cherry, Rose flowers, and many styles of Willow twigs, including a natural Willow twig which looks fantastic when lit with 50 tiny rice lights!

Electric plug-in lighted branches are also available.  Heights from 20-inches to 3-feet.





Color Changing LED Tree

Color Changing LED Tree

Color Changing LED Tree

Picture this beautiful color changing LED Tree in your home’s entryway, or in your office or retail establishment’s lobby!

Our color changing LED Cherry tree features 208 LED lights wrapped in silver, along with 208 acrylic flowers.  It’s adjustable for three heights:  5, 7 and a whopping 9-feet tall.  The tree top section is 3-feet tall, and its three pole sections are 2-feet each.

Its multi-color, color-changing LED’s are safe, emitting little heat and run off UL approved AC adapters.

While this color changing LED tree is designed mainly for indoor use, you can use it outdoors as well – just be sure to bring it inside when not in use, and during inclement weather.

If a single color LED tree is more to your taste, we also have cherry trees with white, blue and pink LED’s.

They’re all part of our extensive collection of indoor and outdoor LED trees, perfect for home decor and special occasions.

And guess what?  Our LED trees don’t need watering!



Battery Operated Color Changing Candle

Color Changing LED Candle

Color Changing LED Candle

A rainbow of colors is just an on-switch away with this battery operated color changing candle.

Utilizing two LED’s – one in the wick and the other in the base – this flameless candle provides a progression of joyful color.

In operation, the top portion of the candle flickers with an amber glow, and can be turned on or off while using the color changing portion on the bottom half of the candle. A small button on the candle bottom selects one of 7 operating modes: Choose from constant blue, green, purple, red, turquoise, yellow… or  color changing.

Our color changing flameless candle is made of white wax.  It measures 3-inches in diameter and 6-inches high (a 4-inch version is also available).  This particular candle is unscented, but if you’d like a scented candle, we have that too!

More color changing battery operated candles are available, in a variety of sizes and themes.  Check out our color changing tea lights, as well as flameless candles designed for holiday fun.  Perfect for parties!

Pastel Luminara Flameless Candles: Mothers Day Is May 12 (Hint)!

Pastel Luminara Flameless Candles

Pastel Luminara Flameless Candles

Sumptuous pastel colors in our latest offering of Luminara Flameless Candles!  These pillar candles say “spring and sunshine” whether on display or “lit”.

Mothers Day is just around the corner and one, or a few of these candles would make a thoughtful gift.

Luminara battery operated candles feature an internal LED that shines up through electromagnets to the tip of the flame, creating an effect we call the dancing flame.  Watch as the lighted wick seems to move before your eyes!  It’s almost impossible to distinguish these candles from a candle with live flame.

Choose Sky Blue, Light Green, Pink and White – mix and match!  These flameless candles measure 3-1/2-inches in diameter, and are available in your choice of 5 and 7-inch heights.  They’re also equipped with a convenient timer.

Picture these flameless candles as part of a beautiful flower arrangement.  And the bonus is, when the flowers are gone, the Luminara candles remain!







Crafters Love Deco Poly Mesh!

Deco Poly Mesh Two-Tone Yellow-Gold

Deco Poly Mesh Two-Tone Yellow-Gold

Release your inner crafter with amazing Deco Poly Mesh!  This amazing mesh fabric is ideal for countless creations, including wreaths and other shapes, floral arrangements, table decorations, and more.

The material in Deco Poly Mesh is also known as Synthetic Sinamay Mesh, Geo Mesh, Floral Wrap and Decorating Mesh.  But that’s where the similarity ends:  Deco Poly Mesh is manufactured with attention to detail, meaning its edges are sealed to keep it from fraying, and the mesh squares are uniform.  The material is pre-stretched in the manufacturing process, so it will keep its shape.  And, its composition allows the mesh to slide easily against itself (which is not the case with all synthetic mesh materials), making it easy to work with.

Deco Poly Mesh is durable, reusable and waterproof, so you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Available in a wide range of beautiful colors and widths, only your imagination will hold you back!  Select Deco Poly Mesh fabric in solid or metallic styles – 21-inch and 10-inch widths; and ribbon 2-1/2-inches wide.

Start a project such as a colorful wreath by using a Deco Mesh “Work Form”.  These frames are the ideal base for wrapping and tying Deco Poly Mesh.  You can add layer after layer of colorful fabric and ribbons, and even add string lights, flowers and other decorations to the finished piece!

Floral designers, wedding and event planners know the versatility of Deco Poly Mesh.  You can use it to decorate your own home, and as a creative gift wrap.  It’s the ultimate party decorating material!


Lighted Palm Tree – Break Out The Hula Skirts!

Create a tropical paradise in your home, shop or restaurant with our fantastic lighted palm tree!

We’ve got palm trees in a variety of sizes, number of lights and price ranges.  Their all-weather construction lets you place them inside or outside.

Lighted Palm Tree With 500 Lights

Lighted Palm Tree With 500 Lights

Here’s our lighted palm tree, potted, with 4, 5 and 6-foot high palms.  500 clear lights are distributed in the palm leaves and along the trunks – looks great in the daytime and even better at night!  Overall weight is 44-pounds, and the planter weighs 22-pounds to provide a good anchor.  The pot is included.

Or, go the other direction with our 18-inch potted mini-palm.  It comes pre-lit with 20 clear lights.  Use several of these to mark pathways and entryways, and to add to other arrangements.

Want more lights?  Step up to our palm with 650 clear lights.  Or, select a single trunk palm tree with 200 lights.

Watch a video by following the link above.

Wedding and special event planners know how these artificial palm trees can turn an ordinary space into a captivating tropical atmosphere – indoors or outdoors.  Now we offer them to discerning homeowners – who want a bit of paradise in their own backyard – as well!