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Girls With Lanterns Lighted Canvas Art

Girls With Lanterns Lighted Canvas Art

In a previous post, we introduced you to our line of Lighted Canvas Art.  This new art form, also known as LED Wall Art, combines traditional framed artwork with LED lighting.  The result is a twinkling, flickering, glowing picture that seems almost alive.  Hang on a wall or place on your mantel – the effect is stunning.

Canvas prints are selected for their compatibility with accompanying LED’s.  The LED’s are placed so they shine through the print at strategic points:  a lighted lamppost, for example, a glowing Jack-O-Lantern, a lighted Christmas tree or a country church with welcoming candles in its windows.

All LED Wall Art features a quality canvas print, stretched and nailed to a wood frame.  The LED’s are either amber or white, flickering or glowing.  An On/Off switch is located on the side of the canvas.  Two AA batteries required.

Our initial offering of Lighted Canvas Art is designed to have something for everyone, in various shapes, sizes and price ranges.  We’ll be adding more pieces in the coming months – if you can’t find something you like now, we’ll probably have it soon!

For starters, take a look at our Seasonal and Holiday Themes – with quantity discounts for multiple items, you can save while creating a collection of unique LED Wall Art you can rotate throughout the year.

Grape Vine Lights – LED String Lights

Grape Vines With Lighted LED's

Grape Vines With Lighted LED’s

Distinctive Natural Grape Vine Lights make a great indoor and outdoor decoration.

Here are battery-powered LED string lights inserted into sphere-shaped Grape Vines.  You’ll receive a set of five 6-inch diameter spheres, arranged on a light strand 8-feet long,with 24-inch spacing between the spheres.  There is a 24-inch lead to the battery pack (3 AA batteries).

A nice touch is a timer feature – the Grape Vine Lights will come on at the same time each day and run for six hours.

Use these Natural Grape Vine Lights to enhance flower gardens, or hang from pergolas, trellis, arbors and tree branches.  Perfect mood lighting for backyard parties and celebrations!  Since they’re battery operated, they’re hassle-free and go anywhere.

LED’s – light emitting diodes – are cost efficient and long-life.  Small LED’s that produce bright light are ideal for string lights and where bulb replacement is time-consuming and costly.  Similarly, LED’s are an ideal light source in battery operated candles, where inserting them into the candle body assures long life with no maintenance.

Take a look at our Pinterest page, loaded with ideas and photos for outdoor lighting and decorations.  You’ll find ornamental and functional candle lanterns and urns, flameless outdoor candles, and many more creative outdoor lighting ideas!


Fireflies In Mason Jar – LED Style

Flashing Fireflies In A Mason Jar

Flashing Fireflies In A Mason Jar

Remember catching fireflies and placing them in a glass jar, complete with ice pick air holes in the lid?  Well, here are Fireflies In a Mason Jar – LED Style!

Our fireflies feature battery operated LED’s that flash just like real lightning bugs.  They’re placed in a container made of glass, complete with lime-green lid with handle.  The jar measures 3.75-inches in diameter and is 6.75-inches tall.

Inside the jar are four glowing fireflies, placed on a sprig of leaves. They take turns flashing their battery powered LED’s… just like real lightning bugs!  Uses two “AA” batteries.

Fireflies In A Mason Jar are safe – no flame! – so a fun addition to children’s rooms and elsewhere in your home – indoor and outdoor.

New!  Fireflies In A Mason Jar are the perfect design complement to our Lightning Bugs Lighted Canvas Wall Art.  This new art style features traditional canvas prints, stretched and nailed to real wood frames.  Then, LED lighting is strategically placed into the print, turning the canvas into a lighted wonderland.

Lightning Bugs Lighted Canvas Wall Art features twenty fireflies, flickering and glowing in a charming farm setting.  Install this piece of art on a mantel or wall, and place Fireflies In A Mason Jar next to it to complete the arrangement.


Wine Glass Decorating Ideas

David Tutera Wine Glass Shade

David Tutera Wine Glass Shade

Wine Glass Decorating Ideas begin with clever lamp shades made just for wine glasses!

Take an ordinary wine glass… place a flameless, battery operated tea light inside it… then cover the glass with a decorative lamp shade – voila! Instant table decoration.

Illustrated at left are David Tutera Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shades.  Sold 12 shades to a set (wine glasses not included), the Vellum shades measure 4.75-inches high to fit most wine glasses.

These wine glass lamp shades are easy to assemble and size to a wine or champagne glass.

Also in the David Tutera line are white shades of lace lattice.

Or select translucent wine glass lamp shades in yellow (Nantucket Design), black (Manhattan Design), and green (Barcelona Design), all 4.75-inches high.

Add any of our flameless tea lights as a finishing touch, and your guests will be asking you how you did it!

Wine Glass Decorating Ideas are part of our our Wedding Event Planners category of products.  Whether you’re a professional event planner or creating a do-it-yourself wedding from scratch, we can help you build your table decorations:  select from table runners, lighted floral arrangements, LED tea lights, votives and votive holders, elegant flameless tapers… entire battery operated candelabra!

Bookmark this page for all your future events – weddings, anniversaries, charity events.




Lighted Canvas Art

Lighted Canvas Art

Lighted Canvas Art

Lighted Canvas Art is taking the art world by storm!

Lighted Canvas Art, also known as LED Wall Art, is the combination of traditional painting and glowing LED’s.

The process starts with a carefully selected canvas print, which is stretched and nailed to a real wood frame.  Then, LED’s (light emitting diodes) are strategically placed on the back of the print so their light will shine through in just the right spot.

The number of LED’s in a print can range from one, to twenty or more!  Illustrated above is        is our Lightning Bug Lighted Canvas Wall Art.  This charming farm scene flickers and glows with twenty fireflies at sunset.  The framed print measures 12-inches wide X 8-inches high.  Its LED’s are flickering amber.

A battery operated (two AA) On/Off switch is located on the side of the canvas.

Our Lighted Canvas Art features quality prints that are suitable for home, office and retail establishments.  Select from whimsical, romantic, spiritual, and holiday themes… as well as prints sure to evoke memories of favorite places and events in your life.  When placed in a child’s room, Lighted Canvas Art doubles as a fun nightlight; place them elsewhere in your home and the twinkling, flickering light welcomes you into the room.

Lighted Canvas Art comes in sizes, shapes and number of LED’s to fit any decor and budget.  You can rotate holiday themes or leave them up year-round.    Check out all the choices on our website (listed in Seasonal & Decor), including several prints that absolutely explode with twinkling light thanks to additional fiber optics!


Gel Beads For Vases Add Color To Any Display

Water Gel Beads For Vases

Water Gel Beads For Vases

Gel beads that expand in water add instant color to any arrangement.  Our gel beads for vases come in a rainbow of colors – 12 colors to display solo or in combinations.

Long used in the floral industry, water gel beads have found their way into home decor.  You’ll discover myriad uses, from colorful decorations in vases and floral arrangements, to functional use when placed in potting soil for slow release of moisture.

The secret is a special polymer that absorbs, and holds, water far beyond each individual bead’s size and weight.  If left alone, the beads slowly lose their moisture and dry out; they are reusable for a lifetime of applications.

We offer gel beads for vases in black, blue, pink, green, orange, purple, red, teal, white, yellow, peach and clear colors.  Purchase small pouches or bulk bags of gel beads, depending on your project.

Less expensive than stones or glass marbles, attractive water gel beads add color to clear glass vases, whether you top the vase with flowers or one of our battery operated tea lights.  You can use one color, or layer several colors for a distinctive look.

Water gel beads are an economical way to add some zing to table centerpieces when you’ve got a lot of tables to decorate.  They’re a wedding planner’s secret that you can use, too!


LED Bonsai Tree Makes For A Colorful Mothers Day

Blue LED Bonsai Tree

Blue LED Bonsai Tree

Mothers Day is right around the corner, but there’s still time to get your wife or mother a truly unique gift – like a colorful LED Bonsai Tree.

We have LED Bonsai Trees in two sizes.  Our 18-inch tree is battery operated, and the 23-inch tree is powered by household electricity (UL approved, transformer included).

Pictured here is a 23-inch, Blue LED Bonsai Tree.  It has 96 blue LED’s and 96 clear acrylic flowers on its multiple branches.  The trunk and branches are black.  Its base measures 6.5-inches x 6.5-inches, for easy placement on counters, tables, floors – you name it!

23-inch LED Bonsai Trees are also available in warm white, cool white, pink and green LED colors.

If you prefer a smaller LED Bonsai Tree, our 18-inch battery operated tree is for you.  It features 48 LED’s and 48 acrylic flowers, black trunk and branches, and 6.5-inch x 6.5-inch base.  Uses 4 AA batteries.

Select 18-inch LED Bonsai Trees in warm white, cool white, pink and blue LED colors.

Bonsai Trees make great decorations for parties and special events, as well as year-round household decor.  Make Mom her own personal Zen Garden and highlight it with an LED Bonsai Tree!  The smaller trees can even be used as centerpieces.

See a group photo of LED Bonsai Trees on our Facebook Page!


Decorative Urn For Flameless Candles And More

Decorative Metal Urn With Flameless Candle

Decorative Metal Urn With Flameless Candle

Here’s an all-weather Decorative Urn that doubles as a flameless candle holder.

From Candle Impressions, this Tuscan inspired Antique White Metal Decorative Urn measures 10-inches wide and 14-inches high.  Pebbled finish.

It comes with an outdoor, battery operated, flameless candle 3.5-inches wide x 6-inches tall. The weatherproof, white color LED candle features Candle Impressions’ distinctive black wick.  It has an on/off switch as well as five-hour timer.  The candle is unscented.

You can also use our other outdoor candles 3.5-inches wide or smaller.  For a change of pace try our outdoor colored candles.

This Decorative Urn, with its glowing flameless candle,  provides a pleasant greeting when placed on porches and entryways. It looks great on patios as well.

You can use it indoors, too, in sun rooms, great rooms and more.

And, since the candles are removable, the urn doubles as a planter.  Try a nice flower or plant arrangement, and sprinkle in our battery operated tea lights for a unique design all your own.

You’ll find more outdoor decor ideas pictured on Pinterest.  Now that we’re heading into summer, you’ll want to spruce up your yard, deck and patio.  Our outdoor LED lights, battery operated candles, LED trees and decorative candle holders – from small votive holders to larger lantern-styles – are a great place to start!



Battery Powered Chandelier – Elegant Lighting Anywhere!

Battery Powered Anywhere Chandelier

Battery Powered Anywhere Chandelier

Elegant lighting can be yours – anywhere – with our Battery Powered Chandelier.

What a great idea!  This Kami chandelier – with its unique glass, antique scroll ironwork, and antique bronze metal finish – is right at home inside or outside.

No special installation hardware or hard wiring is needed.  The battery powered chandelier runs on 4 C-batteries.  It has a timer that allows for 4 and 8 hour run times, with automatic shut-off, and an energy saving feature that allows batteries to last a full year.

Hang the Anywhere Kami Chandelier in your home, a screened in porch, pergola, gazebo or a party tent during that special occasion.  It measures 10-inches tall and 14.5-inches wide; hangs about 30-inches.  Six tulip shaped glass holders, each with six acrylic pendants, hold the flame shaped, flickering bulbs.

The effect of a classy, elegant chandelier where it is least expected will delight you and your guests alike.

See our Anywhere Battery Powered Chandelier on Pinterest, where you can view a wide assortment of lighting and outdoor decor, including a nice companion piece: our Battery Operated Five Flame Indoor/Outdoor Candelabra.  With realistic LED bulbs inside the tulip-shaped glass holders, it’s the perfect complementary tabletop piece.  22-inches tall and 14-inches wide.



Make Your Own Wreath With Deco Poly Mesh

Deco Poly Mesh Wreath

Deco Poly Mesh Wreath

You can make your own wreath by using Deco Poly Mesh.

It’s fun and easy!  We have all the supplies you’ll need on the Battery Operated Candles website, listed under Deco Poly Mesh.  Three instructional videos walk you through the entire process.  You can make simple wreaths, or wreaths layered with multiple colors and sizes of mesh and ribbon.

You can even add decorative accessories like birds, string lights, ornaments and tea lights!

Make holiday wreaths, seasonal themes, sports team and school colors… wedding wreaths… wreaths just for fun!

Start by choosing your Deco Poly Mesh Work Form.  In addition to wreaths, we have work forms (frames) shaped like a cross, as well as 9-foot garlands.  The wreath work forms typically have 18 wire tie locations, where you attach the Deco Poly Mesh.

Next, select your Deco Poly Mesh fabric.  We offer mesh in 21- and 10-inch widths, in print, solid and metallic colors.

Ribbon, in 2.5- and 4-inch widths is a nice touch, layered on top the wider Deco Mesh base.  You can select all sorts of ribbon material, from Deco Poly Mesh, to real and faux burlap, to paper bark.  You’ll find ribbon on the website under Deco Poly Mesh and Burlap Ribbon… so many choices!

Finish off your wreath with decorations like burlap flowers, ornaments, birds, string lights or Deco Flex tubing, available in a variety of colors.

Deco Poly Mesh wreaths are not only popular for personal use, they’re ideal items for charity fund raisers.  These colorful wreaths easily double or triple their value when placed in live and silent auctions.

Or, get a group together and make wreaths to donate to Senior Centers, nursing homes and hospice.  Their festive designs shout out brightness and joy!

Watch our videos to see step-by-instructions on how to make your Deco Poly Mesh wreath.  Then, select your work form, choices of mesh, ribbon and accessories, and you’re on your way!