Candle Lanterns For Weddings

Set the mood for evening receptions with Candle Lanterns For Weddings.  A candle lantern, matched with one of our flameless, battery operated candles, creates an inviting atmosphere of cheer and warmth.

You’ll find a large selection of candle lanterns for weddings throughout the Battery Operated Candles website.  With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be able to match one – or more – candle lanterns to all your reception decorations.

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are ideal as table centerpieces, and placed throughout the reception area, be it indoors or outdoors.  You can hang candle lanterns on trees, arbors and shepherd’s hooks; place them on deck and porch railings, line walkways, and position among flowers and garden plants.

A good place to start is with our Birdcage Candle Holder Lanterns.  Sold as a set of two, these are charming candle lanterns for weddings.

Measuring 23 and 29.5-inches tall, the metal bases support wire cloche birdcages.  The bases are wide enough to support votive and pillar size flameless candles (sold separately).  Keeping with a wedding theme, our Pearl White pillar flameless candle – white, with a dusting of iridescent glitter – is a good match.

Place fresh flowers, battery powered string lights, strands of crystal and pearl beads or decorative ribbon inside and around the candle lanterns for further effect.

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are just one category of DIY wedding supplies we offer, economically priced for wedding and event planners, and individuals alike.  You can design your entire wedding and reception decor with natural and manufactured ribbons and fabrics, votives and votive holders, centerpieces, decorating accessories and more.  And, of course we offer the widest selection of flameless, battery operated candles – indoor and outdoor – you’ll find anywhere.

For design ideas, take a look at some photos on Pinterest.


LOVE Letters To You From Battery Operated Candles

Previously, we introduced you to our brand new Lighted Canvas Wall Art, the charming blend of strategically placed LED’s into existing canvas prints.

Take a walk on the funkier side, with our LOVE Wall Art – individual letters with LED’s placed inside, spelling the word LOVE (or Vole for the spelling challenged).  They’re Love Letters to you – from Battery Operated Candles!

Love LED Wall Art

Love LED Wall Art

Each Letter measures 15-inches tall, in Apple Red and Natural Metal color.  An individual On/Off switch controls each letter, battery operated.  You can arrange the letters in any style you want.

Install our LOVE LED lighting inside or outside, but take care to place in a protected area for outdoor use.

Perfect for weddings and anniversaries, and declaring your affection 365 days a year!

If you like LED Wall Art, take a look at our extended line of Lighted Canvas Wall Art.  We’ve selected themes and scenes, in sizes and prices, to satisfy just about any art lover.  Take our LOVE Letters, and combine with one of the more romantic Lighted Canvas Wall Art prints, to create an eclectic theme all your own!







Glass Candle Lanterns

Glass Candle Lanterns

Glass Candle Lanterns are a beautiful design touch, day and night.  We offer Glass Candle Lanterns in both colored and clear glass, for table-top display or hanging with shepherd’s hook or in trees and arbors.

Pictured is our set of molded Glass Candle Lanterns.  Sold in a set of three – blue, green, yellow – these candle lanterns are charming at night when lit with one of our flameless tea lights (1.75-inch size).  To install the tea light, just turn the tea light holder located on the bottom of the lantern.

The molded glass measures 6-inches tall, and is 5.25-inches in diameter.  Overall height is 10-inches, when using the black metal hanger.

These candle lanterns are equally at home indoors and outdoors, night and day.

If clear glass is more to your taste, try our Glass and Antique Metal hanging votive holders.  With clear, sculptured glass, these glass candle lanterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  They look lovely when grouped together, or place them in various locations around your patio or garden.  Combine with battery powered, flameless tea lights or votive candles for a charming night time effect.

A really unique Glass Candle Lantern is Candle Impressions’ Flickering Umbrella Lantern.  With a clever attachment, this lantern installs easily on umbrella and lampposts.  You can also use it on table tops, with, or without, the glass dome.  This lantern comes with a flameless candle installed.  It runs on 2 “D” batteries for up to 800 hours of run-time.  Manual On/Off switch, as well as 6-hour timer feature.

Clear glass mason jars provide the ultimate in design creativity.  Sold in sets of 12, our 16-ounce mason jars can hold flameless tea lights and votives, flower arrangements, colored stones, or decorate the outside with ribbon and bows.

You’ll find plenty of Glass Candle Lanterns – with and without flameless candles – on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Volume pricing lets you place several throughout your home, garden or patio.

Flameless Candle Lanterns Luminara Style

Luminara Black Metal Candle Lantern

Luminara Black Metal Candle Lantern

Flameless Candle Lanterns are a charming addition to outdoor and indoor decor.  You can place flameless candle lanterns on tables, place them among flowers in your garden, hang from trees and arbors, place on porch and deck rails – endless ideas!

This is our Luminara 17-inch Black Metal Cylinder Candle Lantern, complete with genuine Luminara candle.

The Luminara candle selected for this lantern is made of plastic, designed for outdoor use.  The plastic will resist heat, cold, rain and snow.   Candle requires two “D” batteries.

The candle also features a three position switch for On/Off and timer functions.

We also have Luminara Flameless Candle Lanterns in white and brown, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Something for everyone!

Luminara Flameless Candles are renowned for their realistic flame effect technology.  It starts with an LED inserted in the candle, which projects upward through electromagnets to the exposed wick.  The result is what we call a dancing flame – realistic, stunning, mesmerizing!

If you’d prefer a Luminara Flameless candle without the lantern, we’ve got you covered.  Pillar candles in 3.5 and 4-inch diameters, and typical heights of 5, 7 and 9-inches.

Scented candles include cinnamon, vanilla, sea breeze, sandalwood, forest or floral spice.  And, of course, we have unscented candles as well.

Beautiful colors like pastels blue, pink, green and ivory… rich and deep orange and burgundy… or traditional white and ivory.

Indoor and outdoor candles, made of wax, resin and plastic.

If you’re planning a big event like a wedding reception or anniversary party, Luminara Flameless Candles and flameless candle lanterns provide perfect evening lighting.  You can mix and match styles thanks to our volume discounts and quantity pricing.  We have all the newest models and most popular styles, to help make your event a memorable one.



Patio Globe String Lights

Add sparkle and fun to your deck, pool or patio with string lights.  A bright and colorful style are Patio Globe String Lights, a great place to start your outdoor decor.

Aurora Glow String Light

Aurora Glow String Light

Patio Globe String Lights are available in colors and sizes to satisfy just about any requirements.  You can select string lights that are solar powered, battery operated or  electric plug-in.

Aurora Glow is one of our most unique styles of Patio Globe Strings Lights. Illustrated here is our Aurora Glow Nectar Sea Glass Solar String Light.

Combining the beauty of hand-blown artisan glass, solar power and white LED’s, the result is unique and stunningly bright outdoor garden lighting.

Arrange these globe lights in the greenery of an arbor or pergola, or hang from a tree branch.  They’re equally at home wrapped around deck rails and light posts.  Each glass globe has its own hanging hook.

These string lights come in a set of six globes, all hand-blown so no two are identical. The globes are spaced 22-inches apart, with a 5-inch square solar collector placed nearly 15-feet away, so as to not detract from the globes themselves.  The solar collector has its own removable planting stake for positioning in the ground or mounting on a hard surface – wherever there is the best exposure to the sun.

An auto On/Off sensor turns the lights on at dusk, off at dawn.

We also have traditional globe string lights, white, multi-color and white & blue.  Electric power source.

And our ever popular Soji solar lanterns come not only in globe shape, but in pearl, square and even rhombus shapes.

Put up some Patio Globe String Lights tonight!


Unscented Flameless Candles

Unscented Flameless Candles are the perfect choice for weddings and receptions, as well as around your home.  Flameless, battery operated candles are ideal for churches and reception halls that restrict live flame candles, and unscented flameless candles provide the ambiance without accompanying scent, often unnecessary for these applications.

We offer an extensive selection unscented flameless candles, in a variety of sizes.  Our unscented pillars, for example, are available in all the sizes and features you can ask for.

Unscented Flameless Pillar Candle In Three Sizes

Unscented Flameless Pillar Candle In Three Sizes

Here’s our White Heavy Textured Unscented Flameless Candle.

Offered in three sizes:  3-inch x 4-inch, 3-inch x 6-inch and 6-inch x 6-inch, this real wax cake textured  candle is chosen by wedding planners and home decorators alike.

It features three LED’s that produce a beautiful amber glow.  Perfect for the holidays, weddings and year-round in your home.

The candles have an On/Off switch as well as 4 and 8 hour timer.  Requires two “D” batteries.

Unscented flameless candles are available with timers and remotes for ease of use.  Select from smooth to textured finishes, with wax drip features and a variety of colors.

Pillar candles are typically candles that have a large enough base they can stand on their own, without a candle holder.  If you want to see a whopper of an unscented flameless candle, take a look at our 10-inch diameter x 18-inch tall battery powered candle.  Now that’s a flameless pillar!

The Amazing Flameless Candle… With Remote!

Yes!  We carry a wide selection of The Amazing Flameless Candle… and offer a unique remote control accessory as well.

The Amazing Flameless Candle, made of real wax, features a realistic flicker and glow from its battery operated LED candle lighting.  These candles are offered in scented and unscented styles, and feature technological innovations to make your life easier!

Start with easy on/off switches, or utilize multiple hour timers. You can even adjust the flicker of the Amazing Flameless Candle.

Remote Control For The Amazing Flameless Candle

Remote Control For The Amazing Flameless Candle

And best of all, you can use one remote control (sold separately) to operate every Amazing Flameless Candle in your home.  If you’re a restaurant owner, or an event planner with a lot of candles to light all at once – check out this line of battery operated candles with remote!

This remote control, for Amazing Flameless Candles, has On/Off function, 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer functions, flicker or steady “on”, and dim or bright light.  Uses one CR2032 battery (replacements always available from us).

A lovely Amazing Flameless Candle to start with is the remote ready, Birch Bark Candle, made from real wax.  Carved with a unique distressed texture, this battery operated, flameless candle is a welcome addition to any home – modern or rustic – as well as restaurants, and bar & grills.  Unscented.

The candle features On/Off, as well as a 4, 6 and 8 hour timer.  Amber flickering flame.  Purchase the remote control for total convenience.  Available in 3-inch diameters and 4 and 6-inch heights, or 4-inches diameter x 8-inches tall.

See all our Remote-Ready Amazing Flameless Candles listed under Remote Control Candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.

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Portable Floral Lighting For Events And Home

Floral LED Spotlight

Floral LEd Spotlight

Put the spotlight on floral arrangements, wedding cakes, paintings and photos with portable floral lighting.

Floral lights, up-lights, spotlights all help to draw attention to the desired object.  Battery operation allow ease of use and go-anywhere portability.

Pictured is our battery operated portable floral lighting spotlight.  It’s ideal for lighting  buffet tables, flower arrangements, plants, walls, paintings… you name it!

Its high intensity 1-watt LED bulb produces the same light as 20 regular LED’s.  And, a dimmer function lets you create just the right effect.  Three AA batteries required.

This portable spotlight is cleverly designed to tilt and swivel so you can precisely aim the light.  It will sit flat or you can mount it on a wall with screws or Velcro (included).

Photographers tell us they love this light for lighting objects.

Another clever lighting effect is using a floral light base to up-light through vases, bottles and other clear objects.

For example, one of our floral light bases measures five square inches, and has 16 super-bright LED lights spread throughout the base.  The light shines evenly on all sides and upward through the glass or clear object.

We also have light bases in round and square shapes, measuring 4, 5 and 7 inches.  Super Bright LED’s are placed evenly on all bases to create stunning light effects.

See what other portable floral lighting effects you can create – check out all the possibilities on our website under Event/Floral Lights!




LED Votive Candles – Flameless, Battery Operated

Flameless, battery operated LED Votive Candles are a perfect size candle for centerpieces, floral arrangements, candle lanterns, hanging baskets and more.

In the world of battery operated candles, when sizing candles, votives for the most part are larger than tea lights and smaller than pillars.  Our flameless LED Votive Candles typically range in size from 1.5-inches to 2-inches in diameter, and 1.5-inches to 3-inches in height.  Most are round, and we also have some unique square shapes as well.

LED Votive Candles are available in scented and unscented styles, in a variety of colors and real wax designs (carved, distressed, dripped wax).  Candles with timers as well as remote controls add to their versatility and convenience.

LED Votive Candles Set Of Six

LED Votive Candles Set Of Six

Pictured here is is a set of six LED Votive Candles, from Candle Impressions.  These all-wax, cream colored, unscented flameless candles measure 1.5-inches in diameter and 1.75-inches tall.  They have a convenient five-hour timer, as well as on/off switch.

Candle Impressions battery operated candles are identified with their distinctive black wick, which flickers and glows from the internal LED light source.

The set includes six CR2032 batteries PLUS six replacement batteries.  And, you can always order more replacement batteries from us.