Candle Impressions Flameless Candle With Timer And Remote

What could be more convenient!  Here’s a Candle Impressions flameless candle with timer and remote control.

Candle Impressions Pillars With Timer And Remote

Candle Impressions Pillars With Timer And Remote

Offered as a set of three, what’s neat about these candles are their timer and remote control features:  A dual 5 and 10 hour timer provides flexibility, and a remote control lets you place the candles in even hard-to-reach places.

These Candle Impressions pillar flameless candles are made of real wax.  The candles pictured here are 3-inches in diameter, and 4, 5 and 6-inches tall.  And of course, they feature the signature black wick that tells you they’re a flameless candle from Candle Impressions.

These candles come with a mild vanilla scent.  If you prefer, Candle Impressions also makes many unscented flameless candles for your enjoyment.

Attention wedding and event planners:  Battery operated candles, equipped with timer and remote, are the perfect solution when you’ve got a whole room of candles to turn on, and you’re not sure when the guests will arrive.  From tea lights to pillars, we’ve got you covered!