Solar Tiki Torches On Sale Now!

Solar Powered Tiki Torch

Solar Powered Tiki Torch

We’ve got the perfect alternative to smelly,oil-burning tiki torches – our Solar Tiki Torches – and they’re on sale now!

These wicker Solar Tiki Torches easily adjust to 39-inch and 59-inch heights with supplied extension poles.  They’re ideal for any outdoor setting – decks, patios, gardens, lining sidewalks and pool areas.

Their solar collector – place in sunlight for four to five hours daily – charges the torch’s rechargeable batteries (supplied) for hours of evening enjoyment.  The Solar Tiki Torch automatically turns on at dusk, casting a lovely, flickering glow.

Our Wicker Solar Tiki Torches are not only a green environmental alternative, they’re a safe alternative to dangerous live flame torches that can tip and start fires.  No fumes, no soot!

They come complete with everything you need – photo-cell with automatic on/off, rechargeable batteries, easy assembly and set-up.

Solar lighting is a convenient and economical way to light your patio, deck, garden, pool area and other outdoor locations.  With efficient solar collectors and rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to fuss with electric cords and outdoor outlets.  Solar panels with light sensors add the automatic convenience of “on” at dusk, and “off” at dawn.

You’ll find plenty of solar choices on the Battery Operated Candles website listed in the Deck- Patio – Outdoor category.

Soji Solar Lanterns are bright and colorful, and come in battery operated, solar, string lights or as individual festival lanterns.  They accordion open, collect sunlight all day, then turn themselves on at dusk to cast a beautiful glow all night long.

A stunning addition to the Soji line is our set of two Soji Starburst Solar Lanterns.  Measuring 6-inches wide and 4-inches high, these silver metallic lanterns feature a white LED inside.  They’re designed to sit on top of tables or hang from hooks (stainless steel hanging handle included).

Check out our Solar Tiki Torches – on sale now! – and all our solar lighting choices.