Soji Solar Lanterns For Your Outdoor Graduation Party

Soji Solar Lantern

Soji Solar Lantern

Here’s a unique decorating accessory for your graduation party or other outdoor event:  Soji Solar Lanterns.

Soji Solar Lanterns are made of durable, heavy-duty nylon for outdoor applications.  Their solar collector gathers sunlight all day, to turn on the lantern’s two LED lights at night.  Each lantern comes with a AAA rechargeable battery, photo light sensor and on/off switch.  No need for electrical cords and outlets with these solar lanterns!

The lanterns come in 10-inch sizes, and are available in green, blue, red, yellow, orange and white colors.   Soji elegant solar festival lanterns accordion open, collect sunlight all day, and turn themselves on to cast a beautiful glow by night.  What could be easier?

The lanterns come with a tabletop base and a hanging hook for trees, pergolas, fences, etc.  A garden stake, sold separately, is also available.

For the best “glow”, let the Soji Solar Lantern charge at least one full day in direct sunlight before using.  Since they utilize flameless LED’s and are windproof, they’re safe to use around decks, furniture, children and pets.

For added effect, include our complementary solar string lights.  A set of ten lanterns in various colors come equipped with a single white LED.  The lanterns are 3-inches in diameter and spaced nearly a foot apart on the string.  There is a 33-inch lead before the first lantern.

Like our larger Soji Solar Lanterns, these lanterns are made of nylon, are windproof and come with their own solar collector.