Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon In Black And Silver

Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon

Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon

For weddings and special events, one of this year’s hottest design trends is Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon.

We’ve got Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon in the colors – black and silver – and the styles to add that bling factor to your table decor.

Talk about flexibility – you can use our Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon to wrap candles and candle holders, napkin rings, drape it as a swag at the head table, or around the hem of tablecloths, even accent your cake stand.

Pictured is our Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon in silver, with two rows of 3-mm diamonds.  1/4th-inch wide and 15-feet long; cut to desired lengths.

Follow the links on the photo or underlined above to read more – be sure to check out all our Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon, all with 3-mm diamonds arranged in various widths and lengths:

Single row, black or silver mesh, 30-foot length;

Double row, black or silver mesh, 15-foot length;

Eight rows, black or silver mesh, 6-foot length;

Eighteen rows, black or silver mesh, 4.5-inches wide and 30-feet long;

Twenty-four rows, black or silver mesh, 4.75-inches wide and 30-feet long.

Use Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon to complement the rest of your wedding reception, anniversary or special event decorations.  We have all the supplies you need to create an unforgettable setting:

Intertwine Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon with Deco Poly Mesh – offered in a variety of bright colors, use Deco Poly Mesh fabric to match bridesmaid’s dresses and flower colors.

Wrap Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon around battery operated, flameless candles – votives, votive holders and pillars.  Select white or ivory (like in the photo above), or any of our colors.  Pastel colored Luminara candles are available in lovely shades of pink, green, blue and lavender – a great place to start.

We do our best to make it easy for wedding and event planners, and do-it-yourselfers alike.  Volume pricing allows you to mix and match items, to get the best prices on all your wedding and event decorations.