Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Beautiful, real Boxwood that has been preserved for years to come – our Preserved Boxwood Topiary in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes.

Our mini Preserved Boxwood Topiary is the perfect decoration for table settings, as card holders, and for placement in nooks and bookshelves throughout your home.  Bring the outside in – Preserved Boxwood Topiary brings the garden inside, year-round.

Our Preserved Boxwood Topiary design is a natural evergreen, treated to preserve the plant’s beauty.  For long lasting results, mist once a month and don’t place in direct sunlight.

So what’s a topiary and why Boxwood?

Topiary is the practice of “training” live plants by shearing and clipping their foliage to form, and maintain, clearly defined shapes.  The plants used in topiary are typically evergreen, with small leaves and needles, and very dense foliage.  Entire gardens and huge shapes and scutptures can be created  – remember the movie Edward Scissorhands?

While many types of evergreens can be used, Boxwood is a favorite.

The wood in Boxwood is smooth and firm, with strength and uniformity.  Throughout history it has been used to make small ornaments, boxes, utensils, musical instruments and even larger devices.

As a plant, Boxwood is very slow growing.  Consequently, it is ideal for framing garden spaces – paths, entryways, doorways,  – and when used for topiary, the shape acts as lovely ornamentation in the garden.  No doubt its slow growth enhances the appeal for topiary design.

Our 6-inch Preserved Boxwood Topiary is a lovely addition to wedding tables.  Pair it with our silk pomander balls – variety of colors available – or with one of our David Tutera vellum wine glass shades.  Looks great when combined with our natural burlap table runner and white lace ribbon.

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