Portable Floral Lighting For Events And Home

Floral LED Spotlight

Floral LEd Spotlight

Put the spotlight on floral arrangements, wedding cakes, paintings and photos with portable floral lighting.

Floral lights, up-lights, spotlights all help to draw attention to the desired object.  Battery operation allow ease of use and go-anywhere portability.

Pictured is our battery operated portable floral lighting spotlight.  It’s ideal for lighting  buffet tables, flower arrangements, plants, walls, paintings… you name it!

Its high intensity 1-watt LED bulb produces the same light as 20 regular LED’s.  And, a dimmer function lets you create just the right effect.  Three AA batteries required.

This portable spotlight is cleverly designed to tilt and swivel so you can precisely aim the light.  It will sit flat or you can mount it on a wall with screws or Velcro (included).

Photographers tell us they love this light for lighting objects.

Another clever lighting effect is using a floral light base to up-light through vases, bottles and other clear objects.

For example, one of our floral light bases measures five square inches, and has 16 super-bright LED lights spread throughout the base.  The light shines evenly on all sides and upward through the glass or clear object.

We also have light bases in round and square shapes, measuring 4, 5 and 7 inches.  Super Bright LED’s are placed evenly on all bases to create stunning light effects.

See what other portable floral lighting effects you can create – check out all the possibilities on our website under Event/Floral Lights!