Battery Operated Candelabra For Tapers And Pillars

Five Arm Candelabra For Tapers And Pillars

Five Arm Candelabra For Tapers And Pillars

Flameless, Battery Operated Candelabra add elegance to your table settings.  We have a wide variety of battery operated candelabra, which fit both our taper, and pillar, size flameless candles.

Pictured is our Five-Tier, Nickel Plated Battery Operated Candelabra, ideal for flameless taper or pillar candles.  It’s 32-inches tall and 16-inches wide, and holds five candles.

In addition to flameless taper candles, this lovely candelabra will also hold pillars measuring up to 2.75-inches in diameter.

You’ll appreciate this candelabra’s fine design, which you can embellish by adding our set of five clear glass globes, or, by hanging a crystal garland or pendants.

Also available in black.

If you prefer something a little smaller, take a look at our silver 17-inch, battery operated candelabra, complete with crystal acrylic garland.  It’s designed to hold five  flameless, taper candles.

Smaller yet is our 14-inch candelabra, also for taper candles.  This three-tier candelabra also comes with acrylic crystal pendants.

And of course, your battery operated candelabra is not complete without adding flameless candles.

For taper sizes, we suggest our flameless white candles, measuring 9-inches tall and just .75-inches in diameter.  These candles come with flexible adapters, which help them fit into virtually any taper candle holder.

The candles are made of real wax, and feature a melted edge and amber glow from their internal light source.  Six hour timer function allows weeks of operation from 2 AA batteries.  On/Off push bottom on the bottom of the candle.

For a different look, try out our 2.75-inch diameter x 3.8-inch white pillar.  Made of real wax, it features a slight vanilla scent and has the distinctive black wick that tells you it’s made by Candle Impressions.  On/Off switch on bottom, runs on 2 AA batteries.

Battery Operated Candelabra, with flameless tapes and pillars, provide hours of safe, trouble free operation.  They’re the ideal choice for weddings, events and homes.

Lighting For Centerpieces

Flameless Candle And String Light Combo

Flameless Candle And String Light Combo

Lighting for centerpieces is a snap with all the choices on the Battery Operated Candles website.

An easy place to start is with our Flameless Candle and String Light Combo:  A pillar style battery operated candle with a clever plug-in slot for 20 white LED string lights.

The cream color, 3.25-inch x 5-inch unscented candle requires 2 “D” batteries for about 100 hours run time.  You can use the candle with or without the string lights. Its glow is a lovely amber flicker.

The 20 white LED string lights are on a 16.5-inch cord. These steady burn lights easily plug into the back of the candle. On/Off switch plus 5-hour timer function.

Place this candle in the center of your table, and surround it with garlands or flowers.  Arrange the string lights – presto – instant lighting for centerpieces!

And we’ve got more lighting for centerpieces to chose from:  floating tea lights, electric and battery operated LED string lights, lighted floral branches, and of course, the widest selection of flameless, battery operated candles you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll find many lighting for centerpieces ideas in our Wedding and Event Planners category.  Take a look at our Battery Operated Mini Tabletop Crystal Tree, complete with 48 warm white LED’s:

This lighted tree is just the right height (31-inches tall with stand) for your event centerpiece, without blocking views. It features 12 branches, lit with warm white LED’s.  A battery pack (runs on 3 AAA batteries) is located at the base.

Add some sparkle with acrylic pendants and garlands, or surround with flowers or greenery.

And then there’s our Iced Pine Hurricane Candle Ring – a perennial favorite for holiday and year-round decorating.  Its clear glass hurricane glass will hold one of our 4-inch pillar flameless candles, the perfect complement to its pine, ice chunks and pine cones.

Lighting for centerpieces turn ordinary tabletops into a dazzling light show, or an elegant setting.  By the way – candles at the dinner table are a nice touch, but smoke is not.  Flameless, battery operated candles are the smart solution.

Beaded Crystal Curtains Create Dorm Room Magic

Crystal Diamond Cut Curtain

Crystal Diamond Cut Curtain

More college dorm room decorating tips – this time it’s Beaded Crystal Curtains.  Add some sparkle and life with these curtains.  They’re ideal for dorms, fraternity and sorority houses, as well as off campus apartments.

Use beaded crystal curtains instead of bland curtains or blinds that are part of the “supplied” decor.  And, quite often dorm room closets have no doors, so you can hang beaded crystal curtains in their place.  Or, use beaded crystal curtains to create separation and privacy areas within the room itself.

Pictured is our Crystal Iridescent Diamond Cut Beaded Crystal Curtain.  It measures 3-feet x 12-feet, and can be easily cut to any desired length. (You can get this same curtain in 6-, 9- and 20-foot lengths).  A curtain with a bendable, flexible rod is also available, look for it in our Clearance Sale section.

The iridescent diamond cut crystals are 12mm in width.  The strands are connected to a white rod measuring 3-feet long and 3/4-inch wide, for easy hanging or attaching to walls.

And if you want to really light up the room, check out our 6-foot LED Curtain, complete with 144 white LED’s on clear wire.  This electric, plug-in set of curtain string lights looks great by itself, and even better when paired with one of our beaded crystal curtains.  LED’s produce little heat and last thousands of hours.

Beaded crystal curtains are just a few of our items perfect for college room decorating.  Our safe, flameless, battery operated candles are the ideal alternative to dangerous, live flame candles.  Ditto battery operated LED string lights.  Dorm rooms are notorious for having few electrical outlets, and those have to be shared.  Using battery operated candles and string lights eliminates that problem.

Think ahead – we have holiday candles and lights on sale now, in the Clearance Sale section.


Luminara Battery Candles Dance And Flicker

Luminara battery candles dance and flicker just like a live flame, thanks to their patented flame effect technology.  Luminara battery candles utilize a unique lighting system that creates a “dancing flame” so real you’ll swear it’s alive!  This is accomplished with an internal LED light source, which shines upward to the wick through electromagnets.  The electromagnets cause the light (flame) to dance and flicker.

Our selection of Luminara battery candles includes pillars and candle lanterns.  Choose from indoor flameless, battery operated candles made of real wax, or outdoor flameless candles made of plastic, to resist heat, cold, wind and rain.

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Scented candles – such as sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, sea breeze, floral spice, forest and more – or unscented candles come in combinations with and without timers and even remote control.

Here’s our Luminara flameless candle in ivory color and floral spice scent.  Measuring 4-inches in diameter x 5-inches tall, this candle features a handy remote control and five-hour timer.

The candle has about  240 hours of run time on 2 “D” batteries.

These remote control candles also come in 7- and 9-inch heights.

Luminara battery candles made for indoor use – real wax – come in lush, distinctive colors.  All come with 5-hour timer, and offer the convenience of an optional remote control.  Choose from colors like burgundy, sage, sky blue, pink, green, dark brown, blue, lavender, ivory.  Scented and unscented.

And if you’re looking for candle lanterns, Luminara battery candles – plastic outdoor type – come installed in your choice of size and style candle lanterns.

Place Luminara candle lanterns on decks and porches, or use their attached hanger to hang in trees and hooks.  Metal construction and plastic outdoor candle add up to hours of trouble-free use.  Luminara candle lanterns look great indoors, too.

Luminara battery candles – the flameless candle with the dancing flame!

Owl Home Decor Is A Hoot Year Round

Brown Feathered Owls

Brown Feathered Owls

Owl home decor isn’t just for the holidays – place our colorful owls throughout your home as unique decorating accessories.

Almost everybody loves birds, and we have captivating owls in several styles and colors.

These little guys – our Brown Feathered Owls – measure 5-inches high and come in sets of two.

Or, select white sisal feathered owls, also a set of two, measuring 7.5-inches high.  Perfect for hanging from trees and branches.

And then there’s our absolutely adorable set of two fluffy white owls, 5.5-inches high.

And finally, we offer a set of two black and white spotted perched faux fur owls, 6-inches tall.

You can create an entire Owl Home Decor by adding our moss and birch items, which include various types of ribbon, as well as flameless, battery operated candles.

For example, our 4-inch wide x 6-foot long Nature’s Blend Moss Garland – try it as a table runner – makes a perfect companion piece for any of our feathered friends.

Our birch bark flameless candles are made from real wax.  Available in tapers and pillars, nestle a pair of owls alongside for a charming scene.

Or, take our 4-foot long natural birch branches and attach owls to their twigs.

Deco Poly Mesh can be used to make colorful wreathes, and placing any of these miniature owls in the wreath is a nice finishing touch.

Owls have captivated the imagination and continue to be a source of pleasure for children and adults.  Perhaps it’s their appearance, which to some looks just like a little person, or perhaps it’s their popularity as characters in cartoons and books.

You can be a wise owl, too – create Owl Home Decor of your own design by starting with any of our owl decorations, and embellish with our numerous rustic accessories.

Flameless Wax Candles: The Melting Look Without The Mess!

Battery operated, flameless wax candles provide the melting look – without the mess.

Our melting look, flameless wax candles, are available in a variety of pillar sizes and colors.  You can select from several different manufacturers, all with their own distinctive style and features.

Heavy Drip Melting Wax Look Flameless Candle

Heavy Drip Melting Wax Look Flameless Candle

Here’s one of our Remote Ready, Amazing Flameless flameless wax candles. These “heavy drip” candles are made from real wax, extra thick drips.  They provide the look of luxury candles that have burned for hours, yet this one comes ready to display right out of the box!  Its LED light source flickers just like a real flame.

This ivory and tan colored candle features a honeysuckle scent,  is 3-inches in diameter and 6-inches tall (also available in 3 x 4, 4 x 8 and 6 x 10-inch sizes).

It’s remote ready (remote sold separately), or simply turn on/off manually.  A triple timer lets you set these flameless wax candles  for 4, 6 and 8 hour run times.  Requires 4 AA batteries.

If you’re an event or wedding planner looking for flameless wax candles with the melting look –  and need an economical, durable candle – check out our Raz Resin Pillar Candle.

This battery operated, flameless candle is made of plastic resin, so is easy to keep clean even when used in high traffic locations.  Your choice of Apple Green or Yellow color,  3 x 6-inch size.

This melting look candle has a replaceable, silicone tipped, amber flickering light for its wick.  Authentic looking wax drips down its sides.  Perfect for restaurants, events and homes.  Unscented.  Requires 2 AA batteries.  Look for this battery powered candle on our Clearance Sale page.

While most flameless wax candles with melted wax appearance are offered in pillar shapes and sizes, we also have some taper sized flameless wax candles with the melted look.  You’ll find what you need on the Battery Operated Candles website, under Melting Look candles.


Battery Operated Paper Lantern Lights

12 LED Lantern Light

12 LED Lantern Light

Paper Lanterns with lights are popular year round, and we have really unique Battery Operated Paper Lantern Lights for your next event.

Our Battery Operated Paper Lantern Lights feature 12 super-bright white LED’s in one handy unit.  Small and compact – 1.6-inches x 3.6-inches – these battery operated paper lantern lights run on 3 AAA batteries.  Use just one per paper lantern, no matter how large the lantern – the glow is amazing!

Battery operated paper lantern lights are convenient and portable.  No electric wires, so you can place them anywhere.  And since they’re removable, you can use them when and where you want.

To install, simply hang the light from paper lantern’s upper framework.  The 12 bright LED’s distribute light evenly throughout the lantern, creating a pleasing effect.

The light has a conveniently located On/Off switch.

And where would you get a white paper lantern?  We offer white paper lanterns in 12-inch and 8-inch diameters.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor parties.

And if you prefer a paper lantern with lights already installed, we have a complete supply of battery, electric and solar powered lantern string lights, as well as Victoria Lynn Battery Operated Paper Lanterns.

Measuring 8-inches x 8-inches, our set of two Victoria Lynn lanterns feature a lovely ribbed design, and are suitable for hanging or resting on tables.

And Soji solar lanterns and string lights come in a variety of lengths and shapes, to light up any outside area – decks, patios, gardens, yards, walks, porches, more.

Soji lanterns are available in single, or multiples on a string, arrangements.  Made of heavy duty nylon and silk like materials, these colorful weather resistant lanterns are a charming addition to outdoor decor both day and night.  Select from globe, square, accordion, box and tear drop shapes.

Our battery operated paper lantern lights are an easy and fun complement to parties and celebrations.  And, you can use the removable, bright LED light to enhance other decorations as well – use to light floral arrangements and to draw attention to photos and paintings.



Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Beautiful, real Boxwood that has been preserved for years to come – our Preserved Boxwood Topiary in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes.

Our mini Preserved Boxwood Topiary is the perfect decoration for table settings, as card holders, and for placement in nooks and bookshelves throughout your home.  Bring the outside in – Preserved Boxwood Topiary brings the garden inside, year-round.

Our Preserved Boxwood Topiary design is a natural evergreen, treated to preserve the plant’s beauty.  For long lasting results, mist once a month and don’t place in direct sunlight.

So what’s a topiary and why Boxwood?

Topiary is the practice of “training” live plants by shearing and clipping their foliage to form, and maintain, clearly defined shapes.  The plants used in topiary are typically evergreen, with small leaves and needles, and very dense foliage.  Entire gardens and huge shapes and scutptures can be created  – remember the movie Edward Scissorhands?

While many types of evergreens can be used, Boxwood is a favorite.

The wood in Boxwood is smooth and firm, with strength and uniformity.  Throughout history it has been used to make small ornaments, boxes, utensils, musical instruments and even larger devices.

As a plant, Boxwood is very slow growing.  Consequently, it is ideal for framing garden spaces – paths, entryways, doorways,  – and when used for topiary, the shape acts as lovely ornamentation in the garden.  No doubt its slow growth enhances the appeal for topiary design.

Our 6-inch Preserved Boxwood Topiary is a lovely addition to wedding tables.  Pair it with our silk pomander balls – variety of colors available – or with one of our David Tutera vellum wine glass shades.  Looks great when combined with our natural burlap table runner and white lace ribbon.

You’ll find plenty of design ideas on the Battery Operated Candles website, under our Wedding and Event Planning category.


Scented Flameless Candles For College Dorms

In our continuing series of Saturday Suggestions for college dorm rooms, at the top of the list should be Scented Flameless Candles.

Scented Flameless Candles create atmosphere and provide a very real benefit:  helping to cover up stinky laundry and stale food smells!

Scented candles might also help with stress, provide a relaxing study atmosphere, and even help along a little dorm romance.

Battery operated, scented flameless candles are the the safe alternative to candles with a live flame.  You won’t find many – if any – colleges that allow live flame candles in dorms, fraternity and sorority houses.  Through the years there have been sad stories of fires caused by unattended candles, and in addition to safety issues, why put up with the mess of wax, smoke and soot?

We have the scented flameless candles in sizes, shapes and colors to fit any taste, and in so many scents we can’t list them all here, but for example:  Vanilla, floral, cinnamon, sandalwood, hazlenut, mint, coconut, caramel, sea breeze, forest, citrus, honeysuckle, pomegranate, citrus sage, mixed berries, spice, bayberry… on and on.

Pecan Color Scented Flameless Candle

Pecan Color Scented Flameless Candle

Here’s our scented flameless candle in mottled texture, pecan color and Mandarin Spice scent.

This pillar style battery operated candle measures 3-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  It’s made of real wax and features super bright LED’s.  This versatile candle has 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer functions.  And, it has an optional (sold separately) remote for total ease of use.

In a more feminine style, try out our carved pink candles, with mixed berries scent.  A lovely curved, hurricane style flameless candle, with embossed swirls on the real wax candle.  3.5-inches diameter and 4-inches tall.

Sold as a set of two, these battery operated candles have a 5-hour timer.  They flicker and glow just like a real candle.

Scented flameless candles and college dorm rooms – order today – the new semester is just around the corner.


Solar Tiki Torches On Sale Now!

Solar Powered Tiki Torch

Solar Powered Tiki Torch

We’ve got the perfect alternative to smelly,oil-burning tiki torches – our Solar Tiki Torches – and they’re on sale now!

These wicker Solar Tiki Torches easily adjust to 39-inch and 59-inch heights with supplied extension poles.  They’re ideal for any outdoor setting – decks, patios, gardens, lining sidewalks and pool areas.

Their solar collector – place in sunlight for four to five hours daily – charges the torch’s rechargeable batteries (supplied) for hours of evening enjoyment.  The Solar Tiki Torch automatically turns on at dusk, casting a lovely, flickering glow.

Our Wicker Solar Tiki Torches are not only a green environmental alternative, they’re a safe alternative to dangerous live flame torches that can tip and start fires.  No fumes, no soot!

They come complete with everything you need – photo-cell with automatic on/off, rechargeable batteries, easy assembly and set-up.

Solar lighting is a convenient and economical way to light your patio, deck, garden, pool area and other outdoor locations.  With efficient solar collectors and rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to fuss with electric cords and outdoor outlets.  Solar panels with light sensors add the automatic convenience of “on” at dusk, and “off” at dawn.

You’ll find plenty of solar choices on the Battery Operated Candles website listed in the Deck- Patio – Outdoor category.

Soji Solar Lanterns are bright and colorful, and come in battery operated, solar, string lights or as individual festival lanterns.  They accordion open, collect sunlight all day, then turn themselves on at dusk to cast a beautiful glow all night long.

A stunning addition to the Soji line is our set of two Soji Starburst Solar Lanterns.  Measuring 6-inches wide and 4-inches high, these silver metallic lanterns feature a white LED inside.  They’re designed to sit on top of tables or hang from hooks (stainless steel hanging handle included).

Check out our Solar Tiki Torches – on sale now! – and all our solar lighting choices.