Just In! New Luminara Candles

We’re always adding new styles of flameless, battery operated candles to our already large inventory, and these new Luminara Candles are sure to please.

You know Luminara Candles – the flameless candles with the dancing flame so realistic you’d swear it’s real.  Luminara Candles utilize an internal LED that shines upward through electromagnets, making the light flicker and dance like a live flame as it reaches the candle’s exposed wick.

Pictured is Luminara’s Tiger Print Flameless Candle.  Measuring 3.5-inches diameter x 5-inches tall, this unscented Luminara Candle is orange, ivory and black in color.

Luminara Flameless Candle With Tiger Print

Luminara Flameless Candle With Tiger Print

Other animal prints available include Chetta and Zebra prints – fun!

All three candles have a five-hour timer, are remote ready (sold separately) and run on two D batteries.

Luminara Damask Candles come in luxurious blue, with white Damask carvings and an amber LED glow – enchanting!

Damask features patterns that are often geometric or botanical in theme.  Though originating with fabric, the term has expanded to include the design incorporated on other items, including famed swords made of Damascus Steel.  Today, Damask is associated with luxury, and our Luminara Damask Candles are that and more.

And if you like paisley, we have carved Luminara Candles in caramel and ivory sure to please.

Or, take a look at Luminara Candles with embedded peppermints and sea shells around their bases.  These flameless candles are ivory in color, real wax, and come with five hour timers and optional remotes.  3.5-inches x 5-inches in size.

Luminara Candles come in a variety of colors and sizes to satisfy any decorating requirement.  Indoor and outdoor battery powered candles offered, including candle lanterns in many sizes and styles.  Luminara outdoor candles are weather resistant to withstand summer heat and winter cold.

Check out all the new Luminara Candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Color Changing Halloween Decorations For Fright And Delight

Color Changing Hand And Ball

Color Changing Hand And Ball

Color Changing Halloween Decorations add a frightfully delightful touch to your scary decor.  We have the battery operated candles and LED decorations to make your house or party the spookiest around… all October long.

Here’s our 3-inch Hand Holding Color Changing Wax Ball.  Watch as it cycles through 7 colors… its ghoulish green hand with long black fingernails holds the real wax ball with color changing light inside.  Runs on two CR2032 batteries, easily replaceable.

More color changing Halloween Decorations:  Try out our Color Changing Battery Operated LED Eyeballs!  This six-piece lightset measures 5.8-feet long, with color-changing LED eyeballs.  You can set the LED’s for multi functions like fade and blinking.  Battery operated string lights run on 3 AA batteries (included).

And color changing Halloween decorations wouldn’t be complete without our LED Color Changing Skull!  Measuing 2.5 x 3.5-inches, this skull cycles through red, green, yellow, purple, blue, orange and even pink.

Color changing LED ghosts are cute and fun.  Sold in sets of two, the ghosts start out white, then cycle through five colors.  3.5-inches tall.  Great as table decorations or place on your mantel or book shelves.

In addition to color changing Halloween decorations, we have plenty of battery operated, flameless candles for spooky decor indoor and outdoors.  Flameless candles are the safe alternative around children and pets.  Place a battery powered tea light or votive size flameless candle inside carved pumpkins and they’ll stay lit even in the breeziest Halloween night.  Color changing, flickering and solid glow tea lights and votives create creepy effects inside pumpkins.  Hang battery powered pumpkins or dancing skull string lights inside or outside .

Battery operated pillar style candles come in black and orange, with spiders and witches decorating the real wax candle with LED flickering wicks.  Some come with optional scary sound effects.

Color changing Halloween decorations are in stock and ready to ship now!


Crystal Votive Holders (For Tea Lights, Too!)

Acrylic Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Acrylic Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Add a little bling to your table centerpiece, with Crystal Votive Holders (most fit tea lights, too!).

Here’s our Silver Candle Holder with acrylic crystals.  Crystal Votive Holders let the interior candlelight create an enchanting glow.  And of course we’re talking about battery operated, flameless candles – the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.

Our crystal votive holders can accommodate both votive size and tea light battery operated candles.

The silver and acrylic crystal (2-inch beads) candle holder at the left measures 13.5-inches tall with a top diameter of 4.5-inches and 4.75-inches at the base.  It’s just the right size for any table or centerpiece.  Place the votive or tea light flameless candle at the top of the holder, and the acrylic pendants rest on top the base.

More crystal votive holders include the stylish 8.5-inch votive and tea light holder.  Resting securely on prongs, the holder can hold up to 1.5-inch diameter tea lights or votives.  Silver plated with clear, acrylic crystals.  The crystals surround the holder in an elegant design – perfect for wedding and anniversary tables.

Or how about hand-made, hanging crystal votive holders?  We offer a hanging votive holder, 6-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter, with lovely hand strung crystals.  Sold in sets of four, each just a little different in design.

After you’ve selected your crystal votive holders, next up is one of our battery operated, flameless tea lights or votive size candles.  You can choose from plain white candles, to tea lights and votives in colors, as well as LED flames that change color, flicker or produce a steady glow.  Throw in remote controls and timers and you’ve got the ultimate in convenience.

Wedding and event planners love our selection, and with discount and quantity pricing, whether you’re a professional or do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find great values and choices on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Feather Trees For Home and Events

Luxurious Feather Trees are one of the most unique decorations you’ll find, for your home or special event.  Picture feather trees with their soft, supple feathers gently blowing in the breeze from air conditioning or heating units, or, from a fan placed at the base of the tree.

7-Foot Feather Tree

7-Foot Feather Tree

From eye-catching 7-foot tall feather trees, to table-top models, we have the styles and colors to fit your decor.

Pictured is one of our 7-foot tall Feather Trees, and yes it really is pink!   This is the feather tree featured in several national magazines – it’s handcrafted for a beautiful and lasting impression.

Set up is easy.  The lightweight tree has a collapsible stand, and tiered pieces.  The bottom of the tree measures 26-inches wide and the base of the stgand is 16-inches in diameter.

These feather trees are also available in white, chocolate, apple, green and black colors.

Table top feather trees come in 27 and 36-inch heights.  You can choose from a variety of colors and feather styles.

After you’ve selected your feather tree, next up is adding a little extra decoration.

Why not add some of our easy-to-use battery string lights, or perhaps a battery operated garland.  You can easily back-light these feather trees using some of our portable floral and event lights.

Feather Trees are a charming change of pace for Christmas and other holiday trees, and they are the ultimate decoration for Sweet Sixteen parties, high school dances, wedding receptions and anniversaries, not to mention charity events.

A pink feather tree is not only a beautiful symbol for cancer awareness, one large tree or a number of table top trees start out the evening as decorations and can end up as fantastic auction items.

You’ll find all our feather trees listed on the Battery Operated Candles website in the Wedding and Events category.

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Battery operated candles are already the smart alternative to live flames, and Remote Control Flameless Candles are like the icing on the cake.

Votive Size Remote Control Flameless Candles

Votive Size Remote Control Flameless Candles

Remote Control Flameless Candles are convenient and economical.  Whether you’re a homeowner and want to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of remote control flameless candles, or are an event planner with candles to light on mulltiple tables, remote control flameless candles are for you.

Remote Control Flameless Candles are available in tea light, votive, pillar and taper sizes and shapes.

Here’s our set of three Votive Size Remote Control Flameless Candles.  This set of three candles features remote control flickering LED’s, all controlled from a single remote.  If you prefer, a manual On/Off switch is located on the candles.  The remote control works up to 30 feet away.  Candles measure 1.5-inches x 3.5-inches.

For wedding receptions, anniversaries and other events with many tables to decorate, our Remote Control Flameless Tea lights are the perfect solution.  These battery powered 1.25-inch diameter tea lights are waterproof and submersible.  Sold as a set of ten, they come with batteries, which are easily replaceable after about 50 hours of running time.  You’ll appreciate the bright white LED bulbs, which allow placement inside votive holders, in water-filled vases, and in floral arrangements.  Single remote control included – wow your guests by turing on all the flameless tea lights simultaneously!

Or, take a look at our 17-inch Remote Control Candle Lantern.  For indoor and outdoor use, this distressed antique white iron candle lantern holds a 4.5-inch weather resistant candle, made of resin.  You can place this candle lanten in hard-to-reach places, and use the supplied remote control for easy On/Off.

And of course we have pillar style remote control flameless candles in sizes, colors and groupings to fit your requirements.  Choose from commercial grade battery operated candles for your restaurant or special event…  or select lovely melted wax look flameless candles, perfect for perching on the highest shelf of your bookcase.

Lighted Trees For All Seasons

Lighted trees create ambiance and charm no matter the season.  Whether your application is outdoor (patio, pool, deck, garden), on a porch or sun room, or for indoor decor, lighted trees add cheer and brightness.

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted Tree With Changing Colors

Lighted trees are ideal for special events like wedding receptions, anniversary parties and high school dances, as well as permanent decorations in restaurants and offices.

Take a look at our Color Changing Lighted Trees:  This Silver Blossom tree features 90 LED’s and adjustable height.

Turn on this tree and watch its 90 bright LED’s cycle through seven colors.  It can be used indoors or outdoors – use these lighted trees in full blossom to light up your yard, porch, patio and anywhere in your home, shop, restaurant or office.  The branches are bendable to fit any design scheme.

You can adjust the tree to 62 and 75-inch heights by using the base stand, and 60-inches and 73-inches when using the garden stake.

Our Color Changing Silver Blossom lighted trees come with AC adapter and 30-foot cord.

If single color lighted trees are more to your liking, our Warm White LED Parkview Elm is absolutely spectacular.  This 7.5-foot tall tree features 512 LED’s, and clear, soft acrylic leaves.  The trunk is brown.

You can use this tree indoors and outdoors.  It has a 16.4-foot lead to a low voltage transformer, which is included.

More lighted trees include cherry trees with a variety of LED’s, colors and heights.

We have lighted bonsai trees to delight everyone – our 18-inch bonsai is the perfect addition to college dorm rooms!

Willow trees and lighted willow branches are lovely additions to existing floral arrangements and as stand-alone decorations, inside and outside.

Most of our lighted trees are electric plug-in style, and we also offer some battery operated lighted branches for the ultimate in flexible installation.

You’ll find all our lighted trees on the Battery Operated Candles website.



Battery Tea Lights Wholesale Pricing!

If you need a large quantity of battery tea lights, we’ve got them, along with wholesale pricing that will make you smile.

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Color Changing Battery Tea Lights

Featured now are our Color Changing Battery Tea Lights, offered in wholesale bulk packaging:  36 blister packs each with four color changing battery tea lights – total 144 pieces.

Everlasting  BatteryTea Lights have a flame shaped LED bulb, which flickers and rotates through seven fun colors. Comes in standard tealight size – 1.5 x 2 inches – and features vivid color changes such as blue, green, red and yellow.

These battery tea lights have a powerful flicker, which creates a wonderful effect as the LED’s sequence through their colors.

Battery Tea Lights are the safe, convenient alternative to live flames.  The LED bulb has no smoke or flame so it’s safe near decorations and kids.  Cool to the touch.

Our top-quality battery tea lights feature a sturdy three leg platform, for perfect placement even in difficult spots. One click on/off switch and long-lasting lithium batteries yield over 72 hours of continuous use. And, LED bulbs last about twelve times longer than standard bulbs with very low battery consumption.

Also offered at wholesale prices are our white battery tea lights, with beautiful yellow/orange LED flame.  Packaged the same as our color changing tea lights, these tea lights are 1.5 x 2-inches and are powered by a supplied lithium battery.  Replacement batteries are always available from us, at economical discount prices.  Read about our replacement batteries by clicking on the link.

Our battery tea lights, with waxless LED wicks, can be used with votive holders, or placed in floral arrangements and other decorations.  Ideal for catering halls, outdoor concerts (won’t blow out), church socials, weddings, high school dances and more!  Halloween is just around the corner, and these battery tea lights are perfect for pumpkins and other decorations.  Tired of using a live flame candle in your pumpkin and having the wind blow it out?  That won’t happen with our battery tea lights!  Order today.

Lighted Garlands Are Fun And Bright

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Garlands aren’t just for the Winter Holidays.  You can use these fun lighted displays to brighten your home, office restaurant or store year round.

For example, our 9-foot Harvest Lighted Garlands are just in time for Fall and Thanksgiving.  With 50 lights, maple leaves, corn and pumpkins, these lighted garlands are a delightful addition to your decor.

You can use these electric plug-in string light garlands indoors or outdoors.  Their wam glow welcomes family and guests alike.  Connect up to three sets end-to-end for a larger display, ideal for lining a fence, porch rail, stairway or outlining your front doorway.

Each set of lighted garlands comes with two extra bulbs and one extra fuse.

And if you love forsythias, our six-foot yellow forsythia lighted garlands are for you.   Ideal for year-round decorating, the yellow forsythia garland with 96 yellow lights with clear bulbs is absolutely stunning.  Adapter included.

See more colorful forsythia on our Facebook page!

Battery operated lighted garlands lets you place them wherever you want.  They’re the perfect centerpiece accessory, look lovely on mantels and bookshelves, even brightly light up doors and entryways.

Our battery operated willow garlands are popular year-round.  60 warm white LED’s on a 6-foot cord, with 20-inch lead wire.    A six hour timer allows easy on/off.  Requires 3 AA batteries.

Lighted garlands with silver wire are the perfect complement to wedding table centerpieces and Holiday tables.  60 warm white LED’s on a six foot silver wire, complete with 6-hour timer.

After you’ve selected your lighted garlands, consider adding them to a wreath you make with Deco Poly Mesh.  Deco Poly Mesh is the weatherproof, indoor/outdoor fabric that is fun to use to create wreaths, wrap vases and floral arrangements, make holiday and sports decorations of all sizes and shapes.  By starting with a Poly Deco Mesh work form, you can easily make a colorful wreath and top it off with lighted garlands!

You’ll find everything you need on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Flameless Window Candles – Safe And Inviting

Flameless Window Candles are a safe and charming way to illuminate windows.  Our battery operated and electric flameless window candles are the common sense alternative to live flames, letting you avoid dangerous situations with curtains and drapes, and the mess with smoke and wax.

Warm White Pewter Flameless Window Candles

Warm White Pewter Flameless Window Candles

Take a look at our battery operated three-tier flameless window candles.  Offered in warm white pewter, the candle’s warm white LED’s produce an enchanting glow that flickers just like a real candle.  A dusk-to-dawn light sensor turns the candles on/off automatically.  Three D size batteries provide about 70 days – 12 hours per day – of operation.

The two outer candles measure 9.5 inches tall, while the center candle measures 10.25-inches.   Base dimensions are 2 inches deep by 9 inches wide.  White color candles.

A three-way switch allows On/Off, flicker and steady on.  A window sill mounting clip is included to hold the Pewter Colored Base on the sill.

You can also select flameless window candles as single and double candles (with holders) in pewter, brass, silver, gold and bronze bases of various designs.  Choose from candles that flicker, are steady on, with and without timers.

Halloween decorating suggestion:  This year add flameless window candles to your ghoulish decor!  Check out our single and three-tier flameless window candles, complete with spider and webbing.  Featuring a black base and orange candles, the LED’s produce just the right Halloween glow.  Requires two C batteries.  Automatic light sensor for dawn-to-dusk operation, plus On/Off, flicker and steady-on.

Flameless window candles are the perfect choice for homes, offices, restaurants and offices.  They’re ideal for places that restrict the use of live flames – some churches, most schools, retirement and nursing homes.  What a lovely, safe way to provide some holiday – and year-round – cheer to a shut-in or loved one in a skilled care facility.

If you prefer electric plug-in flameless window candles, we have them, too.  You’ll find all our flameless window candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Wedding Table Decorations To Dazzle Your Guests

Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier

Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier

After the wedding, it’s all about the reception.  And there’s nothing like creative Wedding Table Decorations to dazzle your guests!  From the cake table, to head table, to tables for your guests – we have wedding table decorations large and small, glitzy, trendy and timeless.

At the right is our 30-inch Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier.  Beautiful and elegant, its iridescent acrylic crystals rest on a sturdy base.  12-inches in diameter.

Versatility:  Place this chandlelier on its base and use as a beautiful centerpiece, or hang it if preferred. Illuminate with our hanging battery operated light kit, sold separately.

And would you like a mini-tree for your wedding table decorations?  Go for gold, with our 4-foot All Gold Tree With Decorative Pot.   With numerous branches, all bendable, you can shape this tree into any design you want

Decorate the tree with acrylic crystal garlands, LED string lights and even crystal iridescent diamond cut curtains which you can cut and shape to desired size.

Our selection of LED tea lights – standard and submersible – are perfect for dropping among floral arrangements, and votives and complementary votive holders create an elegangt glow.  Free-standing candelabra are perfect for flameless, batttery operated pillar and taper size candles – so many choices!

For a look at complete wedding table deocorations,  click on this link to our Pinterest page.  We have plenty of wedding table decorations on display, using this year’s popular designs, including natural burlap.

Our natural burlap comes in bolts, rolls and ribbon sizes, in natural burlap colors as well as colors like red, green and ivory.  Select entire table runners, table toppers, skirts, ribbon for chair backs – the list goes on and on.

Battery Operated Candles can be your entire do-it-yourself wedding supplier.  Whether you’re a professional planner, or a bride on a budget, we have the items to set your event apart from the rest, and at prices you’ll appreciate.

Our wedding table decorations are a great place to start!