Outdoor Flameless Candles

Outdoor Flameless Candle With Three Wicks

Outdoor Flameless Candle With Three Wicks

Thumb your nose at the elements – year round! – by using Outdoor Flameless Candles.

Battery operated, Outdoor Flameless Candles are specifically designed for outdoor use.  Waterproof resin and plastic shells won’t melt in hot sun or crack in cold weather; interior batteries and LED lighting stay moisture-free.  And they won’t blow out in the wind!

Pictured is our Outdoor Weatherproof 3 Wick Candle.  This flameless pillar measures 4.25-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  It features three amber colored wicks from its LED light source.  Set switch to On/Off, flicker or full on.

The candle can be turned on manually, or use the handy timer for 6 hour operation.  Runs on Two “D” batteries.

If you like this type of wick design, we have similar, single wick outdoor flameless candles in 4-, 5- and 6-inch heights, all ivory color.

But that’s just for starters –

We regularly add outdoor flameless candles from various manufacturers just as soon as they become available.  Sold singly and as sets, you’ll find battery operated, outdoor flameless candles in simple white, and lively colors like red, blue, green, orange and purple.  Select candles with basic On/Off functions, or candles with timers and remote controls.

Outdoor Flameless Candles are equally at home on patios, decks, pool side, boat docks, for use in candle lanterns and wall sconces… and of course, you can use them indoors, too.

From tea lights, to votives and pillars, volume pricing assures a great price, whether you’re buying one candle or a dozen.  Summer’s nowhere near over – add some Outdoor Flameless Candles to your next outdoor event. When the sun goes down, these candles create a charming glow that lasts for hours.