Mini Submersible LED Lights

Mini Submersible LED Lights By David Tutera

Mini Submersible LED Lights By David Tutera

If you want to add a real wow factor to centerpieces and floral arrangements, try out Mini Submersible LED Lights.

Here are our David Tutera Gold Wired 20 LED Submersible Warm White Lights. Part of David Tutera’s Bridal Collection, these warm white lights are perfect for floral arrangements, centerpieces, wedding and anniversary decorations.

This battery powered strand of lights – 6-feet long – is completely submersible.  However, the small battery pack is not waterproof, so needs to be placed outside water, easily hidden in other decorations.

The 20 warm white LED’s are interspersed along flexible gold wire.  With its 3 AAA batteries, you’ll enjoy 30 hours of run time.

We have a full range of mini submersible LED lights, so you’re sure to find the length and style you want.  If you want mini submersible LED lights with a convenient timer function, we offer a 36 LED strand, 9-feet long, with warm white LED’s.

Or, select a shorter strand of 12 LED’s with silver wire, also battery operated.

If you’re just looking for mini LED string lights, we have you covered.  Various lengths and number of lights, from Rice Lights (tiny, rice shaped) to specialty patterns to holiday lighting.  Lights on garlands make lovely table decorations!

Mini submersible LED lights and regular battery operated mini string lights are a festive and easy way to add sparkle and fun to your next celebration.  In white, warm white and colored LED bulbs, you’ll appreciate their long life and charming glow.