Metal Candle Lanterns

Metal Mesh Candle Lanterns

Metal Mesh Candle Lanterns

Take a look at our set of two Large Scale Iron And Mesh Metal Candle Lanterns!  You can use these metal candle lanterns with, or without, their stands.

These large scale metal candle lanterns measure 36- and 45-inches tall.  They feature mesh sides accented by the metal work.

Additional dimensions:

Tall lantern’s cage is 31-inches tall, and the  stand is 15-inches tall, with  tray 12-inches x 12-inches.

The small lantern cage measures 23-inches, the stand 13-inches and the tray 9.5-inches x 9.5-inches.

Candles sold separately.  Due to their large size, any of our larger pillar battery operated candles make a good match.

Our large mesh metal candle lanterns look fantastic on decks, patios and pool side.  Place them in your garden or flower beds.

At the other end of the spectrum is our set of three  Ivory Colored Metal Candle Lanterns –   11-, 16- and 21-inches tall (5-, 7-, 9-inch widths).  Crafted of metal and glass, these metal candle lanterns are perfect for tabletops, cabinets, mantels, book shelves and ledges.  Use them indoors or outdoors.  With their built-in hangers, you can attach to shepherd’s hook or hang from trees and arbors.

Their glass hinged doors open/close easily, for installation of an appropriately sized flameless, battery powered candle.  For outdoor applications, we suggest one of our weatherproof outdoor candles.

If you’re looking for Old World charm, peruse our Manchester, Sheffield and Cheshire metal candle lanterns.  These beautifully designed lanterns make use of weathered metals, beveled glass and unique cutouts to create an unforgettable look. Simply open the hinged door on any of these lanterns and insert a battery operated tea light, votive or pillar candle.

Durable Metal Candle Lanterns, when combined with a safe, flameless candle, provide years of trouble-free enjoyment.  Large or small, simple or ornate, we have a style that’s sure to please.