Luminara Flameless Candles: Battery Operated Candles With The Dancing Flame

Seductive!  Mesmerizing!

Luminara Dancing Flame Candles
Luminara Dancing Flame Candles

We are pleased to announce the addition of Luminara flameless candles to our family of Battery Operated Candles.

Known as the candle with the dancing flame, Luminara battery operated candles use patented, flame effect technology that makes the LED flame seem almost alive, dancing and moving atop the candle.  You won’t believe your eyes, and you’ll have a hard time telling the difference between Luminara and the real thing!

How does Luminara do it?  A  combination of miniature electromagnetics and internal LED lights are built into the candle.

Luminara Dancing Flame candles are offered a variety of styles and colors.

Select scented or unscented!  Scents include sandalwod, cinnamon, vanilla, sea breeze, forest and floral spice.

Our line of Luminara Flameless Dancing Flame Candles also come with timers – some with remote controls –  so you can set your candles to go on and off automatically.